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“They Fooled Ya Didn’t They” – The MAD Mix Top 5 April Fools Picks

April 4, 2017

The funniest day of the year is April 1st,  April Fools Day. It is the one day of the year that individuals and brands can have a little fun and attempt to pull off fun and harmless pranks. To this day I still enjoy pulling pranks on friends and family and I’ll most likely feel the same way next year and the years after that. However, there were some companies that took to April Fools and had some fun and proving that some consumers are so brand loyal and will believe almost any and everything you post.


#5 – Duolingo’s Emoji Course

Duolingo is an app that provides language learning and for April Fools they decided that they would offer an Emoji class. Most of us know at least one language and Duolingo is trying to make us bi-lingual. Malick Ba from The MAD Mix recently wrote an article on emoji culture, so to anyone who read the article and had trouble understanding if there is a course on Emoji’s, we would recommend learning it.


#4 – McDonald’s – The Micro Mac

McDonald’s has had string of new releases whether it’s the Bacon Big Mac or its new-ish All Day Breakfast. On April 1st, the fast food restaurant revealed ‘the Micro Mac’. With McDonald’s track record and how they like to have new seasonal items all the time, this was believable because it would have been amazing if costumers were given Micro Macs instead of Big Macs as a prank. If this had been real the internet would have exploded.


#3 – Amazon – Petlexa

If “Petlexa” were real, it would be sold out in a second. Amazon is known for being a tech leader in the advances they have made with the real Alexa, Amazon Go so “Petlexa” does not seem completely out of this world and how cool would it be to have a way to communicate with your pets. Let’s be real who seriously wouldn’t want this for this household.


#2 – Pornhub

In a world were privacy is becoming a thing of the past and just a few days after the United States announced that internet providers would not need to ask costumers for consent of releasing information, PornHub went out and did this. They most likely scared each and every single user that day and putting a fear in them like never before.


#1 – Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens hands down in my opinion won April fools for 2017. They went above and beyond in getting their head coach John Harbaugh to conduct a formal interview about their 1-week cruise. They had numerous players partake in a very convincing prank that had fans gushing and wondering how the trip would go.

April Fools does more than just allow for big brands and organization to pull pranks but it allows for them to connect with their fans by showing a sense of humor. This is a prime example of fan engagement that is organic and gives fans the opportunity for more brand engagement than advertisements. It also shows that consumers are brand loyal, that even on April Fools consumers still will believe and trust the brands and organizations. The question becomes who is going to win April Fools 2018. Kudos to the Baltimore Ravens, the Crown is yours.

We would love to know if you agree or disagree and if we missed anything during April Fools.


Bledar is currently in his last semester at Humber College for Advertising and Marketing Communications. He loves all food and has the ability to cook but cannot figure out how to make something twice. Bledar has brief experience through volunteering for 2016’s CAMP conference and Awards show, and he is very excited to bring his journey in the advertising and marketing world. Bledar is just waiting for the opportunity to go to a championship parade in Toronto.

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