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Beyoncé and Lemonade

April 26, 2016

She’s the master of the surprise album. She’s powerful. She’s a master of marketing. To no surprise, this article is all about Beyoncé herself. With her sixth studio album titled “Lemonade” released out of nowhere last weekend, I felt it was appropriate to talk about the Queen herself.  The album is full of broken relationships and ultimately a testament to the strength and perseverance of black women. While although I think Beyoncé fans would love anything that she put out, Lemonade is just a testament to how well her marketing department knows how to operate.

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Lemonade originally became available on Tidal which is a music streaming service owned by her husband none other than Jay-Z. Conveniently, her album became available as soon as her HBO special ended on 10pm on Saturday. For those who are unfamiliar with Tidal, Jay-Z acquired the Swedish music streaming service Aspiro, and rebranded it as Tidal with several other dominant artists last year. One of their biggest marketing strategies is the exclusivity it provides. If it’s on Tidal, then that’s how you get it (cough cough, Kanye West). However, her album was uploaded to iTunes on April 25th.giphy (3)

According to, when her album was released on Saturday, google searches involving the words “tidal” and “music” rose above to over 150%. That is definitely indicative of the kind of power Beyoncé has. Projections for its sales are expected to sell approximately up to 600,000 units this week alone.

Back to the album, it has started a lot of controversy in many other ways. Beyoncé discusses cheating in relationships within the album that has broken the internet. Without mentioning his name, Jay-Z has been under fire recently. Lyrics hint at the fact that Jay-Z possibly cheated on the Queen with Rachel Roy, a fashion designer that has been rumoured to be involved with the Brooklyn super star over the years. But that may be one of the most magnetic traits about the album. The internet is full of conspiracy theories discusses the possibilities of their future. Is this some sort of PR stunt to promote the album? Who knows? Is it legitimate? No clue. But what I do know is that the media (most notably tabloid magazines) have been inadvertently promoting her album, her music, and herself exponentially over the last few days since Lemonade’s release.


Beyoncé is arguably one of the most powerful women in the world, if not the most powerful women in the music industry. The timing of its release was unknown, but perfect. The lyrics behind her music imply, but don’t tell.  The amount of articles, theories, and bits of information that have been written about Beyoncé is just indicative of her control over us. All hail the queen.


Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a minor in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Malick is a senior at Humber College and is looking forward to how he can leave his mark upon the marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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