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#Canada150 – A Time for Celebration and a Lot of Ads

January 10, 2017

#Canada150 – A hashtag that you will begin seeing quite often if not already this year. Brands, citizens, and the Government of Canada will all be using this hashtag alongside others to show their pride as we approach Canada’s 150th anniversary on July 1st, 2017. This creates a great opportunity for some brands to get in the conversation and ride on the “Canadian pride train” and be a part of something truly special.

Canadians are going to feel more patriotic than ever this year, and quite surprisingly in a study published on strategy online, “two-thirds of Canadians were open to receiving advertising from brands about the anniversary”. It will be a crowded space for brands to say the least! One thing to remember when it comes to brands hopping into a conversation is “are they being authentic?”.  Does the brand belong there? Do we want to hear how Taco-Bell is celebrating #Canada150? Probably not. In the same strategy online article, they published the top 10 brands that Canadians expect to do the best job in celebrating the anniversary, based on an IMT report. Check them out below:

  1. Tim Hortons (18%)
  2. Canadian Tire (12%)
  3. Hudson’s Bay Co. (12%)
  4. Coca-Cola (8%)
  5. Molson (6%)
  6. Roots (5%)
  7. Bell (5%)
  8. CBC (4%)
  9. McDonald’s (4%)
  10. Nike (4%)

We will likely start seeing more ads come out as July 1st approaches. However, brands such as President’s Choice and RBC have already gotten started.

PC launched #EatTogether on January 1st. A 90 second TV spot that promotes the diversity and unity behind being a Canadian. It’s emotionally driven and it provides an introduction for their campaign that we are sure to see more of throughout the year. The challenge is to not only define what it “means to be Canadian”, but to do it in a unique and different way than the dozens of other major brands trying to find a seat at the table. My prediction is that there will be a few stand-out campaigns and a large amount of forgettable spots that were created for the sole purpose of riding on #Canada150’s coat-tails.

The official logo for Canada 150

With all of these brands sure to get involved, it begs the question whether or not we will become tired of all the anniversary promotion. With each brand coming up with a new snazzy hashtag, anniversary fatigue might just become a reality. Of course, this is all speculation since the biggest brands have yet to unveil their campaigns. However, it’s something to think about for now.

What are some of the brands that you expect to celebrate #Canada150 the best? Leave a comment below or drop a comment on our FB post!

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