Malick Ba

Uber Elevate

November 14, 2017

Yeah one sec my Uber to Los Angeles is here…sweet but not quite. In the last couple of weeks, Uber announced their pilot project (no pun intended), Uber Elevate. Essentially it is an Uber flight service that can take you from point A to point B in a quarter of the time. Their new project doesn’t have a disclosed start date, but their website details all of the relevant info one might have about this service. Cost, safety, emissions, and vertical infrastructure are major factors, but this could be a huge shift in the commercial flight industry.

Ok, taking an Uber flight service seems like it would be an insane cost to carry. But isn’t any commercial flight service? I’m assuming that the primary purpose of Uber Elevate would be to transport citizens who live outside of larger cities to make their trip much quicker. From first hand experience, I could see this doing very well in cities like Toronto. With people commuting from all over the GTA and Ontario in general, I could see this service being put to use. This service would allow people to travel to and from their places across the GTA and Ontario while also not feeling an intense burden of travel. Of course, the costs associated with taking this regularly wouldn’t be low, but think about how this would change the landscape and general real estate market? The cost of living in Toronto is ridiculous, so if Uber set up an “affordable” monthly fee for those commuting outside of the city that could drastically shift the housing market in larger, more expensive cities.

Switching gears a bit, what I’m learning from this is that no industry is safe. We’ve seen the uberization of the taxi industry, the hotel industry, and now commercial flight. Moral of the story is that innovation is I what can be sink or swim for a lot of business. Companies should always be looking into the latest technology and consumer trends. Uber just started with a simple taxi service. Now look. They capitalized on an incredible opportunity to merge customer service with mobile technology. Taxi companies couldn’t adapt because they chose not to be innovative. While Uber Elevate may not necessarily take you across a country (yet), this would be a groundbreaking way for a more accessible way of travel for those living in larger cities or commuting. The future is looking sky high.

Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. As an alumni of both the University of Ottawa and Humber College, Malick specializes in communications, advertising, and marketing. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency in downtown Toronto and is looking forward to how he can further leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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