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Fashion Nova: A Look Into the Viral Store’s Marketing Tactics

September 12, 2017

Can we just take a moment to talk about Fashion Nova? I almost feel like this brand doesn’t even need a set-up. Why? Because ever since 2016 I’ve seen a post about Fashion Nova jeans or their other clothing just about every day on my Instagram feed. Now I don’t follow the brand, but thanks to the thousands of social media influencers, their messaging will get to me one way or another. However, for those of you that don’t use Instagram, Fashion Nova is an LA based women’s retail company known for their low prices and social media domination.

The CEO of the brand has stated that they use anywhere from 3000-5000 influencers online, and this is where this domination comes from. Is the clothing great? YouTube reviews lead me to believe that the clothing feels relatively cheap and average, however, the crazy thing is I’ve never actually met anyone that has bought their pieces.

So let’s talk about the influencers. Fashion Nova has tapped into the audiences of Kylie Jenner (97M followers), Cardi B (9.5M followers), Amber Rose (16M followers), Nicki Minaj (83M followers), and literally thousands more with anywhere from 1K to 10M followers. The sponsored posts are fairly similar in their tone and content. They are all about letting the public know that Fashion Nova is the cheapest way to look great and to use their personal code for a discount. The brand offers $20 rompers, $30 jeans, and $50 dresses on top of a large amount of other pieces.

Richard Saghian, the founder and CEO commented on their strategy in an interview with Vice: “It’s kind of like this ripple effect. The more people shout us out, the more their fans shout us out. Kind of like a viral Youtube video. We’re a viral store”. Fashion Nova does a great job squandering the web for the latest trends and then reproducing them. In fact, as of this year the clothing brand has over 600 employees and is able to produce 500 new clothing designs each week. The numbers are astonishing and it was all primarily built off of the help of influencers. Why does this work? For the simple reason that you’re likely following the influencer (most of the time an Instagram model) because you like the way they look, dress, and their personality. If they were to promote designer brands with a designer price tag, the chances of you breaking the bank are fairly slim. Now if the influencer such as Cardi B is showing you that she wears $30 jeans on a regular basis, and provides you with the source for her clothing, you’re probably going to try it out. Am I right?

Fashion Nova has to be one of the best current examples of how brands can effectively use influencers on social media. Their network of brand advocates easily reachers over 100M people collectively and with the frequent posts, it has allowed Fashion Nova to truly become a viral store. Whatever that means.


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