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Modern Essentials: H&M’s New Campaign Is Worth Talking About

October 18, 2016

Anyone that knows me well, knows I’m a pretty big fan of H&M clothing, but now I can add that I’m a fan of their advertising as well. The clothing brand enlisted David Beckham and Kevin Hart as the stars and centrepieces for their “Modern Essentials” campaign. David Beckham and Kevin Hart, two of the most recognizable men on the planet to say the least. Modern Essentials is a follow up to last year’s campaign that also included both stars, which you can check out below.

Now this time around, H&M put together the hilarious short film, “The Road Trip”, starring the unlikely pair. You may be wondering, “what’s so special about this campaign?”. Well in my opinion the brand hit a home-run with it’s messaging, and has mastered their selection in terms of brand ambassadors. Don’t believe me? Check out the short film below.

Here are a couple takeaways I have from this campaign:

The Selection of David Beckham and Kevin Hart

The great part about this campaign is that it would not work with just anyone. It is tailored for both Kevin Hart and David Beckham with little room for replacements from a branding perspective. These are two men with completely different personalities and images. You think of David Beckham, and the idea of men wanting to be him, and women wanting to be with him comes to mind. He’s quite simply a sex symbol that is confident in everything he does, or at least appears to be. Now you look at Kevin Hart. He’s a funny, quirky guy that also radiates confidence..not so much the sex symbol but that’s okay. Two completely different body types, personalities, images, and everything you can think of in between. This very idea is something that the brand caters to well and it’s a unique property. If you can think of other clothing brands that can stand behind this idea and messaging, I would love to know, because I’m stumped. Other clothing brands can’t bring the same promise that H&M can; that two completely different looking people can wear the same outfit and both look great.


Sales Promotions Done Right

H&M Modern Essentials TinderTo bring things back to my first ever article for The MAD Mix about Tinder, H&M leveraged the platform to offer a sales promotion for men. Throughout late September and early October, men using the app in North America may have come across the “H&M Man” Tinder account featuring David and Kevin respectively. Now, of course I “swiped right” because I love watching the ways that brands are using the platform, and it’s usually great screenshot material. I was then sent the following message (image to the right) telling me that I can get 30% off 1 men’s item at H&M just by showing the Tinder message to the cashier. Great part about this is that it actually worked! How to make someone love your brand 101.

At the end of the day, you can see yourself in both of these men, and that is something that H&M took into effect when they were choosing representatives for the campaign. Either that or they chose at random and got extremely lucky, but I’m leaning towards the former. There is quite often this idea that a celebrity can sell anything, and I couldn’t disagree more. When you see certain brand + celebrity partnerships the first thing to think about is “why?”. Does their personality align with the brand in anyway? If the answer is no, the relationship probably didn’t work. I’d love to know your thoughts on the campaign, shoot us a comment below!


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