Mattresses Buying Method Rethought – Casper and Endy Sleep

November 18, 2016

Guest Article By: Jocelyn Tran


2 hipster start-ups are trying their best to get rid of the lousy mattress- buying and create a refreshing cool image for the process.

Casper, a New York based online mattress retailer, is not the first retailer to offer this online shopping method, but has now become the most talked-about and the most prominent. The company has received a huge investment from some world-known names: Leonardo Di Caprio, Adam Levine and Tobey Maguire and now they’re heading toward us, their Northern friends.

Casper’s success comes from the fact that they have tapped into the gaps that no mattress retailers have done before. Everyone agrees that buying mattress is a frustrating and most-avoided shopping experience. Having conducted a survey into the Canadian market in May, the retailer figured out Canadian consumers suffer the same problem as American consumers. People have been tired of the typically boring experience when shopping at Sleep Country, having a salesperson giving all the unnecessary information and the ads with people being interviewed on beds that doesn’t help at all.


Casper came and ready to offer a cool, interesting, inexpensive and less-exhausting mattress buying experience. And to optimize the marketing and advertising campaign to their Canadian prospects, Casper has done a good job in having their banner ads on TTC subway trains, the largest transportation system in Canada. If you’re a regular TTC commuter, you would probably have come across Casper banner ads with funny and witty illustrators, emphasizing on the brand’s image and message “The Perfect Mattress For Everyone”.

Here are some brilliant designs that will make you laugh really hard and feel connected to what the brand is bringing. These banner ads were installed on several TTC subway trains that run on the Bloor-University line (Line 1), with the aim to reach the most of their target audience. With the free 100-night trial, and $50 off with the purchase using “TTC” code.





However, Casper has to encounter ENDY Sleep, a Canadian start-up who is doing the same business as them yet they are selling and delivering mattresses at a lower price. ENDY mattresses are high-quality manufactured, convenient online choosing and paying process and carefully shipped to your door. According to the 2 co-founders of ENDY Sleep, they are making something that is considered the most boring and time-consuming thing into something the consumers will enjoy doing. While as Casper is using funny images to convey their message, ENDY Sleep is using their previous customers’ comments and reviews on their services to attract new customers. It can’t be denied that the word-of-mouth is being utilized cleverly in this case. Moreover, ENDY’s mattresses are produced in Canada and by Canadians, so it resonates more with the Canadian consumers.

Below is one of the best banner ads in TTC subway stations, featuring the company’s solid message and commitment.


Casper is looking into expanding their business into other categories of bedding products such as pillows, sheets, blankets, etc. And ENDY is not staying still. They are planning for an integrated marketing campaign with the combination of print ads, television and events in Canada’s major cities to generate buzz and get people engaged in their products. Not so sure how the 2 companies’ new ad campaigns are going to turn out, but it’s sure to be worth seeing.


Jocelyn Tran is a second- year student from Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber. After the journey of learning and practicing, Jocelyn is looking forward to becoming a Copywriter who writes witty, creative and valuable product copies. She’s also keen on doing food blogging and a foodie who are not afraid of trying new dishes. Meet her on her Facebook, Instagram, or check out her blog.

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