The Social Media Disconnect

June 2, 2017

Guest Article By: Darnell Jones


It’s amazing to even think the first email was sent back in 1971. It is even more amazing to try and think of the last time you heard your doorbell ring. Nowadays you just get a text that says “Here” or “Outside”. Millennials are slowly disconnecting from our world today, and it seems our social media accounts have become a top five priority on are everyday to do list.

Social media has created a never ending popularity contest that keeps us constantly interested on what is happening in people’s lives. Or, what all the cool advertising kids are calling it now a day’s, “F.O.M.O “ fear of missing out. Millennials need to be up to date or up to the second on everything that is happening in the social world. Some want to be the center of what everyone is talking about, others just want to start the conversation. Millennials have lost focus on the world in front of them and have geared it towards the one in their hands. Likes, shares, re-tweets, favorites and direct messages seem to be what Millennials find most important. 

Beauty is in the eye of the selfie

Who ever thought a “Like” button could have such an effect on someone. Now, weather that effect is negative or positive, that is all up to the individual themselves. Women seem to be affected on a much larger scale, but don’t let some men fool you, they care about those3 likes just as much as women. The Dove Self Esteem project found that two-thirds of women felt prettier online than in real life and 60% of university students admitted it negatively affects their self confidence (Chemmie Squier). Nancy Colier said it best “ “Likes” are flimsy planks on which to build a house of self-worth and moral structure.” I am sure the big bad wolf’s on social media will have no problem blowing your self-esteem right down. Social media should not determine how we feel about our self’s. We need to build our self worth with bricks of truth, confidence, self-respect and love.

Dinner and a Phone

How many times do you look at your phone a day? The better question might be…when do you look at your phone?  I often find myself looking into space while my friends or date bury themselves into the “social” world. This is just another case of F.O.M.O. We care so much about everyone else’s lives we tend to forget about our own. Some moments need to be remembered maybe even captured, but why shared? They say social media is supposed to be used to share moments but it seems to me that we are competing rather then sharing.

We take pictures of the food we eat, the places we go to and the things we buy just to remind everyone of what we are doing. It’s kind of uncomfortable when you think about it but, it is human nature to actually want to feel acceptance and feel some sort of attention. Millennials make the mistake of looking for these human needs in the social world. The networks that have been created to connect us are slowly disconnecting millennials. Not just from the world around them, but from themselves as well.

I know it seems as if I hate social media. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved the idea of it and what it’s suppose to do for us. It is suppose to help us connect to people that love the same things we do. Social media is supposed to connect us with our friends and share information we are passionate about. Social media does all of this but, it comes with a price. A price of disconnect from the world in front of us. We have become so engaged in celebrities, athletes and our friend’s lives that we sometimes forget about the one in front of us. Millennials check their phones 157 times per day, that’s ten times an hour assuming they get 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night (Michelle Klein). There is no getting rid of social media and media consumption will rise as the years go by. There is room for balance and hopefully millennials can learn to balance both social lives.


Darnell is an aspiring account coordinator with a passion for new and innovative ideas. As a recent graduate of the advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber College he has fallen in love with all aspects of advertisement, and does not limit himself to one role. Darnell is not done learning just yet. He plans on continuing his education in getting his bachelors of creative advertising in the fall. Connect with Darnell on LinkedIn and Instagram

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