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“Where Do I Share My Day?” – The Influx of Social Media Stories

April 11, 2017

In 2017, one of the most difficult challenges anyone under 30 has to face is choosing which platform they want to use to share moments of their day. You have Snapchat where it might be a bit more personal, and is likely something you just want your friends to see. You also have Instagram Stories where you can prepare to get double the views of Snapchat. None of those work for you? Well then you have Messenger Day (pictured below) where you’re probably going to annoy your friends because it is still fairly new. Last but not least (debatable), you have WhatsApp Status in case you want to share your day with your cousins overseas.

A little much..am I right? Facebook, the parent company of both WhatsApp and Instagram has managed to use every possible platform in their arsenal to attempt to steal Snapchat users. It’s starting to feel a little cluttered with Stories features popping out of every possible corner. Over the weekend, I came across the new “Stories memes”.

Y'all takin' this too far 😂 @mememang #WSHH

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Calculators are now lit 😂💯 #WSHH

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An accurate depiction of 2017 and it has only been 4 months. With that being said, I wouldn’t put it past Snapchat to introduce a live feature in the next few months. Could it work for the platform? Absolutely. Going back to the personal nature of Snapchat, this is what prevents certain people from using Instagram Live or even Facebook Live. There are things that you don’t think twice to post on Snapchat, but will be reluctant to post on other social media platforms.

Sharing your day with your friends and the public is typical for a millennial, and this is exactly why social media platforms are trying to capitalize on this behaviour. The problem is that when there are so many different options, it can feel slightly overwhelming and claustrophobic. It’s hard to say if the latest platforms such as Messenger Day will catch on quite like Instagram Stories has, but the possibility shouldn’t be overlooked. Instagram was able to do something that Snapchat couldn’t at the end of the day: provide viewership. Now if you think about it, who can provide more viewers than Facebook?

Whatever your platform of choice is, you likely have your reasons for using it over the others. Now what are those reasons? We’d love to know! Hit us up in the comments section or get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know why you continue to use Snapchat, Instagram Stories, WhatsApp Status, or Messenger Day.


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