Subaru: Looking Forward

June 9, 2017

Guest Article By: Warren Leslie


Why the Subaru Impreza? Don’t you wish your car model was equipped with the Eyesight active safety system, and driver assist technology. “Preventive” is the key word here. Now my question to you is, would you own it?

Welcome to the age of driver assist vehicles. The 2017 Subaru Impreza in the eyes of many has made its stamp in the automotive industry. The Sedans crash prevention tested with Eyesight is one of a kind. If you’re wondering how bold can bold be? Well, Subaru had a subtle call to action that immediately caught my attention, and I would assume resonated with viewers who came across the Subaru commercial. In the advertisement, the voice over calmly claims that nobody beats the Subaru Impreza “Not Toyota Corolla, Not Honda Civic, Not Ford Focus”. A statement as such, claiming that their top competitors don’t have the arsenal to be considered one of the safest and most reliable vehicles in the market. I couldn’t get a hold of either manufacturer for any further questions.

I’m not your automotive journalist that writes detailed reviews about the rear-end backside design or dull headlights (not Audi-esque enough). What I can give you is an unbiased non-expert opinion on the car itself. The 2017 Impreza lacks that “I want you right now” appeal, I think we all want that I want you right now vehicle. I’m beginning to reminisce about my once clean cut Mazda 3, if only it had its own Eyesight active safety system.

The ad features a couple who get into a car accident in which they retract the steps that lead to the collision. An intense introduction that legitimizes the ads goal.


Who Cares about the Subaru Eyesight commercial?

Consumer psychology is important when determining the social barrier that is existent. I think we often consider cars to resemble our personalities, and brands tend to mold their image to build their personalities in the mind of the consumer. Social status and individual values have played a definitive role into what vehicles are now being purchased. Which brings me to ask, what do consumers want now?

Marketing Capabilities

Subaru managed to create value for society at large, which is a focal point for any sector, in this case the automotive industry. Subaru is communicating that information to customers, by executing the engage customers everywhere or go nowhere principle. The advertisement is a notable example of indirect marketing, in which it resonates with Generation Z ‘s down the list to Baby Boomers. These generations are in the buyers market, whom have previously owned a vehicle, currently own a vehicle or contemplating on purchasing a vehicle. Subaru touches upon a social issue that revolves around today’s society, which is the “distracted driver”. Consumer reports states that A distracted driver may fail to see up to 50% of the available information in the driving environment. You may look but not actually “see” what is happening. Distracted driver can pertain to anything, whether it is your cellphone, radio, looking behind your seat, glaring out the window, drunk driving, the list goes on. Another interesting stat by Consumer reports also stated that “Nearly 3 out of 4 Canadian drivers admit to driving distracted. You are 23 times more likely to crash if you text while driving”.

Social Media

Briefly discussing YouTube, videos have emerged where individuals have provided brand advocacy for the product. MackeyFamAdventures uploaded a video where they live tested the Subaru Eyesight active safety system. Testing its rate of collision impact in terms of km/hr to distance. On each occasion, the Subaru Impreza managed to self brake during each test run. Advocacy-Reliability-Safety at its best.

The Ad isn’t your typical my car is better than your car but better yet, what can our vehicle do for you. Isn’t that what matters, to serve the buyer, retain the customer, and keep the longevity of brand purchases. That is what makes the advertisement even better, Subaru instilled thought behind the creation!

On a lasting note, remember this isn’t a self driving vehicle. We’ve heard the mishaps with the Google self-drive car collisions (unintentionally). I could just imagine myself asking a Google self driving car dozens of questions, and begin to reason, is my vehicle a self driving car, does it have Wi-Fi and is it still a search engine? #covefe


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