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Super Bowl Ads: The MAD Mix Top Picks

February 10, 2017

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest stage for advertisers, and every year those who are and aren’t in the advertising industry find themselves discussing the commercials. This is the time that we all become experts. The MAD Mix group wants to share with you our top 4 favorite ads this year and what made them special. Check out the list below:


Mr. Clean gets Dirty

D: Mr. Clean, a brand of cleaning products, took the Super Bowl by storm this year for the first time with their ‘Cleaner of your dreams’ ad. The :30 spot turns the brand mascot into a cleaning sex symbol that a woman is fantasizing about. It’s very hard to resist smiling after seeing an ad like this, and in my opinion this is why they hit a home-run. The best part? The follow up on social media! What some of you may not know is that the Mr. Clean Twitter page is written in the POV of the brand mascot himself, and throughout the Super Bowl he let his personality show through commenting on other ads. An ad can be the funniest thing in the world but the true supporting factor is the tactics that provide support. Mr. Clean is one of the brands that executed this perfectly.


Honda Yearbook

B: This years Super Bowl had a lot of interesting advertisements that in my opinion were either fun and playful or were politically motivated (i.e Lumber 84). One of my favourites was the Honda Yearbook. As an individual who has grown up driving a Honda and remembering myself graduating from high school and continuing on to post secondary education was a bit of a throw back for me. The celebrities that were depicted as younger versions in their year book with the intention of motivating and pushing people reach for their dreams.  The simplicity and the positivity that ad presented was enjoyable which is why it was one of my favourites.


Audi “Daughter”

M: For some reason, in 2017 there are still hefty criticisms for gender-themed ads. I’m a marketer, I work in advertising, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m an activist. As someone who is passionate about equal rights for all, this spot really stuck out. When I think of Super Bowl ads, I think of something that’s funny, fast, and sometimes wacky. This one was different. This one had a message bigger than advertising. This Audi spot is about the pay gap, and the inequality that exists among women. The spot discusses these issues and question the “equality” that we preach on a daily basis. While this spot was controversial for some reason, I think the message is very legitimate. I’m glad a brand like Audi stepped up and decided to go where not a lot of advertisers like to go. Check out the spot below:

Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey”

K: The Kia Niro commercial with Melissa McCarthy is one of my top ads for the 2017 super bowl because it was light hearted and amusing. The commercial starts off with Melissa being called to help the whales, the trees, the ice caps and the rhinos. As she tries to help each of them out, she ends up in situations where she gets tossed, dropped, buried and speared. While watching the commercial you aren’t sure where it’s going, but at the end when the voiceover says “It’s hard to be an eco warrior, but it’s easier to drive like one” while showing Melissa driving a Kia Niro hybrid, it all makes sense. It was a great way to touch on the environmental topic in a light-hearted way. The humor in all her adventures was humours to watch. Kia made the right decision choosing Melissa McCarthy to star in the commercial.


Those are our top picks for this year’s Super Bowl. Let us know if we missed your favourite in the comments below or get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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