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Weekly Recap: December 16 – December 22

December 22, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Dakarai

Snapchat Introduces Context Cards

In the latest of innovation battles between Snapchat and Instagram, we have a new feature that is actually incredibly useful. Context Cards takes adding a location to your snapchat to a whole other level. Let’s say you’re eating at a new restaurant. You take the classic picture of your food cause you’re a millennial, and proceed to swipe until you find the location filter of the restaurant. Share it with your friends, and BAM, you’re finished. Now, Snapchat has improved that experience by allowing you to click those location tags, read reviews courtesy of OpenTable, take an Uber ride to that exact location, or perform another action that’s specific to the business. An example in the video below demonstrates a user clicking a location tag for a hotel their friend is staying in, and being prompted to book a room. Truly a cool feature that opens a whole world of opportunities for businesses and consumers.


Skittles Opens The Holiday Pawn Shop for the Last Time.

For the past three years, the brand has set up shop at 277 Queen st west during the holidays to offer an alternative to your unwanted gifts. The Holiday Pawn Shop is open from Dec 26-29 and will allow you to trade in any items in exchange for Skittles. If you’re from Toronto, chances are you’ve heard of this in the last few years. Well another piece of news is that 2017 marks the last year it will be open. Laura Amantea, marketing director at Wrigley Canada said the following: “Our whole job is to delight our fans with the unexpected, and the Pawn Shop is beginning to become a tradition for people in Toronto. It’s time for us to start planning the next unexpected surprise.”.

I almost can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next year. One thing to note is whatever the new idea is, it has some huge shoes to fill. Can’t make it to the pawn shop? Check out what your item would be worth online here:


Apple Admits to Slowing Down Older Phones

Yikes…The technology giant stated on Wednesday that it has algorithms in place to keep your phone running at optimal performance. Part of this process requires slowing down older phones as they are running with older batteries and couldn’t keep up with newer updates. The problem? It’s not sitting too well with the general public because they feel cheated and lied to. It’s an issue that people have been complaining about on social media for the last couple of years, that was never taken seriously. With the information we now know, it proves that there was some merit to these previous complaints. Think this could be the chink in the armour for Apple or will everyone forget about it before 2018?



That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: November 18 – November 24

November 24, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Malick, Dakarai, and Nick

Apple gets in the holiday spirit with “Sway”.

D: The brand recently debuted their 90 second holiday commercial, “Sway”. It tells the classic story of boy meets girl, love at first sight, and all that jazz while also shedding light on a product benefit. The story follows a woman walking the cold and snowy streets. She stops to play the music on her phone and we see that she is sporting the Apple AirPods (wireless earbuds). While dancing to the tunes like she’s in her own world she bumps into a man that catches her eye. The woman takes one of her earbuds out and places it in his ear, and they begin dancing together like they’ve known each other for an eternity. It’s a great feel good spot in time for the holiday’s which does a great job demonstrating the AirPods. I mean, you never know when you’ll need to lend your soulmate an earbud, right?

M: At the end of the day, this ad is supposed to sell headphones, but makes a strong case for effective storytelling in advertising. I get certain brands try to be as tactical as possible and drive hard hitting messages, but this kind of emotional advertising breaks through so much clutter that exists this time of year. The importance of emotional advertising is underrated. It’s easy to always want to push sales especially considering this time of year when the goal is to make as much moola as possible. Honestly, this is one of my favourite Holiday spots of the year. Check it out below:


Sports Experts puts Montréal residents to the test

D: Did you know that 85% of people in Montréal choose the escalator over the stairs in their Metro transit? Okay, maybe that’s not surprising at all. However, Canadian sports retailer, Sports Experts capitalized on this problem by installing a digital activation in the steepest Metro subway station. The activation scans your body heat and is able to detect if you walked up the 200 stairs or if you simply took the escalator to the top. “The Thermal Discount” gave those brave enough to take the stairs discounts to Sports Experts based on the amount they sweat. This of course prompted many people to run up and down the stairs in hopes that they could increase their discount. At the end of the day, it’s a fun interactive idea that gets people in your store. I can confidently say that I would have tried this way too many times.

Amazon Gets Physical on Black Friday

N: Retail behemoth Amazon made its mark pioneering online retail.  They disrupted the idea that stores need an actual storefront.  And they’re disrupting the storefront again – pulling a 180 at the same time.

Their ‘Home of Black Friday’ pop-up in London could be the next step in the evolution of a store.  Because it’s less a store than it is an experience – admittedly an overused marketing trope, but it rings true.  And Amazon takes that idea into hyperdrive with their “store”.

The big one is QR codes, allowing consumers to scan and visit the product page while simultaneously inspecting the actual product – a true integration of the physical and digital shopping experiences.  Orders can then be delivered at home or in-store (within two hours).  Amazon also offers master classes, tastings, small business workshops, and product tutorials.  Designed to feel like a house, people can browse thematically while engaging with products in a natural setting – an idea borrowed from the likes of Ikea.

This may just feel like a pop-up, but don’t be surprised if this starts a trend for physical stores.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (September 9 – September 15)

September 15, 2017

In the world of advertising and marketing, a lot can happen in a week-not to worry, we have you covered. Check out some of the biggest trends, ads, and stories that have been happened this week in our recap below!

Written by: Malick and Dak


Lululemon Releases Their First Male Focused Campaign

D: Lululemon, the brand rightfully associated with woman’s yoga pants is starting to shine light on the fact that they also have men’s clothing with their new campaign. I for one can admit I realized this for the first time a few months ago, and I’m sure there are tons of other men that still think it’s only a women’s brand. Their new campaign “Strength to Be” questions the status quo of what it means to be a man and “manly”. This reinforces the idea that a man can be much more than simply their physical strength. Each video ad features a different athlete, public figure, or musician telling a story about how they’ve overcome adversity with internal strength and self-awareness. One of the examples is Orlando Cruz, who was the first boxer to come out publicly while still fighting. He describes the fear he had initially and what it took for him to make that announcement. Check out a couple of the spots below.

Australian Lamb

M: Literally what did I just watch? Recently, an Australian lamb company had released one of the most bizarre commercials I’ve seen in a while. The spot depicts several religious figures including Jesus, Zeus, Moses and more, gathered around a table sharing a meal with who seems to be an ordinary woman. The spot opens with the “gods” saying how much they love the food with a response from the woman saying “Well that’s a relief. It’s a nightmare catering to you lot with all your dietary requirement.” Littered with even more terrible religious jokes, this spot has received a number of complaints from people offended about the misrepresentation of their god and religion in an oversimplified way. I thought this had to be one of the strangest ideas for an ad in a while. Knowing that a number of people hold their religious beliefs very close to them, I don’t see how this made it through any sort of approval process. Not only is it kind of offensive, but it’s just doesn’t deliver. I’ll leave it to you to judge, check out the spot below:

Apple releases “Dear Apple”, a short film

D: Coming hot off the Apple event earlier this week where the brand announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X comes a short film centred around the Apple Watch. “Dear Apple” details not only the functional benefits of the tech but also dives into the emotional benefits. The concept of the film follows real customers narrating real letters they’ve sent in to Apple thanking them for a particular situation. The majority of the stories are surrounding the health benefits of the watch as it will give you key statistics that can help with your workout. One of the stories featured in the film is of a man that was severely injured in a car accident that left his car flipped on its side. He details how he was able to use the “SOS” feature on the Apple Watch to get help. Brilliant idea for the film!


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here where we gave our thoughts on the latest Pepsi ad. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Malick Ba

The Relationship Between Consumerism and Christmas

November 22, 2016

The day after Halloween, I woke up and decided to grab a coffee from my local Starbucks and noticed a subtle difference in their menu. What seemed like overnight, they switched their classic fall feature beverage-the pumpkin spice latte- with holiday inspired drinks and cups. I love the holidays, but I ask this question every year: why so early? Why November? Can’t businesses wait until December before their Christmas promotions roll out? While it was a small change, ultimately it got me thinking about Christmas time, huge dinners, and most importantly: buying gifts.


I feel like Christmas is a special time-a time for sharing, peace, and prosperity. While big businesses like Starbucks look like they are trying to get you into the Christmas spirit, the point of their promotions is all positioning. In the advertising & marketing world, positioning is a term that describes the consumers understanding of a brand from their point of view. The strategy in positioning at Christmas time shows that by promoting early and getting consumers into the Christmas mindset, when it comes down to finding the best sale, or product to buy, chances are they’ll remember the stores that were hitting them back in early November.


There is no doubt that Christmas is a huge time for business-arguably the biggest and most important time of year for sales. My experience at Starbucks really shows that massive corporations are always looking to capitalize at this time of year for as long as possible. Think about it: November 1st hits and its out with Halloween and in with Christmas in an instant. It’s not just Starbucks either. Visit your local mall and I guarantee that the Christmas “theme” is in full effect. It’s hard to argue that consumerism is a massive part of Christmas time. What the most successful businesses like Starbucks, Best Buy, or Apple (just to give a few examples) have done year after year is paired Christmas time with spending money in the mind of the consumer. From my perspective, visiting malls or electronics stores scouting for the best deals has almost become more of a tradition for me than what the holidays are actually supposed to be about.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays but when I can’t even finish my pumpkin spice latte before the Starbucks barista puts on a holiday outfit, maybe it’s a bit too early. I understand that the idea of positioning is to get me in the mood for Christmas which means spending more money, but it’s the same thing every year. The concept of materialism will always exist at Christmas time, but maybe it’s time to dial things back a bit and focus on what the holidays are really about: spending time with your family’s and not just spending money. Oh, and whoever said it was the most wonderful time of the year clearly hasn’t spent 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot at the mall…

Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a minor in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency in Toronto and is looking forward to how he can leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Battle of the Streaming Services: Apple Music vs Spotify

November 4, 2016

Guest Article By: Laura Hong


The rapid growth of streaming services has dramatically changed the way consumers, consume music.  In the last decade, streaming services have grown exponentially to the point where multiple streaming services not only exist-but flourish. The two most recognizable in 2016? Apple and Spotify.

With its 8th year in market, Swedish based Spotify, boasts 30MM active subscribers.  In comparison, Apple Music’s debut in 2015 has garnered 13MM subscribers since its emergence into the music streaming industry. This presented the question to me: How do they differ? On the surface, Apple Music and Spotify provide similar services.



Both apps are relatively easy to use, priced similarly at $9.99 per month and widely available on mobile and desktop devices. In short, both play music on demand from a large catalog of songs and make recommendations based on listening your history. Both services offer the ability to create and share playlists of any kind and able to play music even when there’s no service or Wi-Fi around. Quick disclaimer: I do admit, I am a huge Apple fan and love their line of products, from the iPhone, to the iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV!

As a big Apple user, personally I was really surprised with Apple Music’s UI functionality.  It’s very easy to get “lost” in the service, the UI is not a “natural” digital experience. Just recently, I’ve cancelled my apple music subscriptions and flipped over to the Spotify.

Here’s the main reason why;


In typical Apple form, visually the Apple music app looks beautiful-but the same can’t be said about its navigation.  For a company that is all about a minimalist layout, I found it pretty surprising as to how confusing it was. It was not intuitive and hard to navigate.

Non-user friendly interface

What really bothers me the most about Apple Music is that everything seems more complex. Each task requires going to another section of the app to do so- it just takes more effort from me to get to play what I want to listen to. I find that in order for Apple Music to be more successful, they needed to simplify and streamline the app much more. This made me realize all the content in the world matters little if you don’t enjoy actually using the application.

Spotify on the other hand, has a strong all around showing and simple yet engaging user interface. It provides effective content, great aesthetic, and most importantly it’s simple to use. You can’t really go wrong with Spotify, especially if all you want is a solid no- fuss music streaming experience without a lot of complications and menus tacked on. I really felt like Spotify struck that perfect balance between streamlined user interface (UI) and fun without compromising user experience.

The fact is, the way we consume music is changing more than ever. Music streaming services are here to stay, and this is just the beginning.




Laura Hong is currently enrolled in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber College. Besides her interest in the tech world, Laura is a huge dog lover, health nut and loves scuba diving.

Dakarai Turner

Unlikely Pairs: What The Walking Dead and Apple Have in Common

November 1, 2016

The Walking Dead, what started as a comic book series is now a 7 season running strong show viewed and loved by millions. Apple, a technology company that was founded 40 years ago, and is still known to this day for leading in innovation. So at first glance, do these things have anything in common? If I have anything to say about it, they do.

Let me just state from now, if you haven’t seen the season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead yet, this will contain spoilers!



I’m always trying to stay in touch with the latest news from Apple for the sake of being in the loop, and it goes without saying that they do an excellent job creating hype, and selling new ideas. By selling new ideas, I mean that the brand excels in creating a need for their consumers. The way they present their products has created an unparalleled level of hype for pretty much the last decade.

Now where does The Walking Dead come in? While finally getting around to watching the season 7 premiere, my jaw was dropped for the full hour. I had heard people talk about how crazy the episode was, but in all honesty I never thought it would live up to the hype. A day later (October 27th), I found myself streaming Apple’s Special Event to see what the latest would be, and my takeaway at the end was “hey this was sort of like The Walking Dead”. Below are 3 similarities between Apple Events and the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Getting rid of the things you love

2016 – The year we lost both Glen and the headphone jack. In the most brutal way possible, Glen one of the main characters and a fan favourite was killed. It was one of those moments that you almost didn’t know the correct way to feel. There was a mix of emotions from shock, disbelief, and then finally acceptance, followed by venting on social media. Glen was an honest character that was loved by all, which brings me to the headphone jack and USB ports we’ve been accustomed to our whole lives being killed off in the same year. In September, the tech giant revealed that the iPhone 7 would not have a headphone jack and the world lost their mind. On top of this, the new Macbook Pro’s will not have a built in standard USB port, so tough luck using the sticks you already own.


The post-conversation

This is simply a result of the massive audience that both The Walking Dead and Apple have, but there is always a discussion afterwards. There is literally a television series dedicated to talking about the latest episode, called The Talking Dead. However, I want to focus on the conversation from the public. The season premiere and Apple’s most recent events were both trending on Twitter and Facebook and some great memes were born.

the walking dead season premiere

the walking dead season premiere

Setting up the future

Sometimes getting rid of certain elements helps set up the future. With The Walking Dead, it goes without saying that by starting the season off in such a dramatic way, it sets up an inevitable roller coaster season that is bound to keep fans on their toes. At the same time, with the removal of the headphone jack, whether you like it or not it goes with Apple’s brand image of “leading in innovation”. By removing the headphone jack, it will increase the trial of Bluetooth headphones. Coincidentally, Apple happens to own the leading Bluetooth company, Beats. Checkmate, Apple.

Now at this point you’re either saying that I’m reaching for the stars or that I have a point. Nevertheless, these were three things that stuck out to me when thinking of both Apple’s events and The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. If you have any other similarities in mind, I’d love to hear them. Drop us a comment below!


Dakarai is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing, and is currently employed as an account coordinator for an ad agency in Toronto. When he’s not at the office, he’s most likely trying out a new restaurant, browsing AdWeek, or binge watching something on Netflix. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 22 – October 28)

October 28, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai


R.I.P Vine


M: Best known for its explosion onto the social media scene in 2013, Twitter officially announced vine as “extinct” this week. When the 6 second phenomena started out, Vine was one of the most innovative social media platforms out there. Now, if you can honestly point me in the direction of someone who still actively uses Vine I’d probably give you 20 bucks. Vine was an interesting concept, but remember a few years ago when Instagram announced that they would be featuring video content-similar to Vine? Well it finally caught up. Plus with the development of both Instagram and Snapchat, it was bound to happen. There was simply just no place for the content anymore. To honour Vine, here is a compilation of my favourite Viner: King Bach.

Taco Bell and Airbnb partner together

D: If you would have told me that Taco Bell and Airbnb would partner together, I would probably look at you like you’re crazy. When you read the headline it truly makes you wonder what could possibly come out of these two very different brands working together. The answer, “Steakcation”. Taco Bell Canada gave one lucky Canadian and their friends the chance to spend one night in a new Taco Bell location through a promotion with Airbnb. The lucky winner was treated to their own Taco Bell butler, branded robes, and other fun products courtesy of Taco Bell. The brand put together a fun video of the event with an amazing additional prize at the end, check it out below!

Steph Curry and Under Armour: Make That Old

D: If you couldn’t already tell, Malick and I are definitely basketball fans. “Make that Old” is a new spot from Under Armour that features the one and only Steph Curry to promote his new shoe, the Curry 3. The ad features young fans in their own locations celebrating the unanimous MVP’s various achievements, mentioning that they are now “old news”. The focus is the future, meaning the upcoming NBA season that began on Wednesday. The words “I Will.” appear at the end of the video as you see a close up of Steph sporting the new shoes. If this doesn’t get you pumped for the upcoming season, I don’t know what to tell you. The spot does a great job addressing what happened in the previous season, and showing the mindset that Steph and anyone who wears his shoes has: when you’re down, get up and try again.

Nike/LeBron James: Came Out of Nowhere

M: The NBA season is back in action as of this week and if you tuned in on Tuesday’s opener you probably saw a handful of awesome NBA themed ads. One that stood out to me features the greatest of all time: LeBron James. The ad tips its hat to James who was born and raised in Akron, Ohio showing that he wasn’t supposed to be the kind of player he has become. The best part about this ad is that it features a voice over of King James while showing ordinary players shooting hoops-those who “weren’t supposed to be there”. The thing I love about this ad is that it celebrates those who are defying all odds to perfect their craft-like James. With the concept created by Wieden + Kennedy, the Came Out of Nowhere campaign will run for the first two weeks of the season featuring other NBA superstars as well. The best part about this ad is that it pays homage to arguably one of the greatest blocks in NBA history, check it out at the end.

Apple Launches their New Macbook

D: If you were on the Internet yesterday, you’ve probably caught wind of the new Macbook Pro. Apple held an event where they revealed the new laptop, changes to Apple TV, and other updates to their product list. If you could already guess..the “wonderful” people of Twitter had something to say about it. To put it simply, the new Macbook Pro is now slimmer than ever before, it also now has a  digital “Touch Pad” that runs the length of the keyboard, and apparently the display is 67% brighter. Impressed? To check out a full list of improvements, check this article out. Now whether this new Macbook was the second coming of Jesus himself, the Twitterverse will always have something downright hilarious to say. Check out a few great tweets about the event below.

Clearly the problem with watching an event live

We’ll have to revisit this when it inevitably happens

But remember it’s also thinner..


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

Malick Ba

Innovation, Apple, and the iPhone 7

September 13, 2016

With the iPhone 7 set to debut in-market in a few days, I thought it would be appropriate to not only talk about the release of the phone but more importantly how its been talked about. I’ve seen the specs, I’ve seen the cameras, and I’ve seen the lack of a headphone jack (which doesn’t really bother me to be quite honest). Even with these new upgrades and gadgets the new phone comes with, I feel like its lacking the one true component that Apple has basically been founded on: Innovation.


Now I know that there is no replacement for Steve Jobs. He combined his passion for technology with an innovative mind which led Apple to become one of the most successful global brands of all time. When he unfortunately passed away, Apple picked Tim Cook to be their front man-their new Steve Jobs. I know it is an unfair expectation for anyone to fill those shoes, but since Jobs’ passing Apple’s lack of innovation hasn’t really been surprising. But it hasn’t been terrible.


The iPhone 5 was the first Apple phone to come out in the Tim Cook era, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. With new features added and a sleek design, it was notable that this version wasn’t a failure. Ultimately, it was a good start. Disappointment arose with the release of the iPhone 6. Yes it’s an unreal phone with a bigger screen and a better camera, but what was it more than that? The 6+ was basically just a bigger version of that if I’m not mistaken. What can we expect from the iPhone 7? More of the same kind of upgrades.

I read an article today titled iPhone 7 Analysis: Apple’s Cocky Vision of the Future that made me think a little bit. Cocky? Apple is supposed to be known for being innovative, futuristic, inclusive, and friendly. Was the word “cocky” ever used to describe Apple products in the Jobs era? Maybe that’s unfair of me to ask. Regardless, the article breaks down the iPhone 7’s features with headings like “The Same Design On The Outside”, and “Where’s The Home Key”, which aren’t necessarily showing any sort of positives in this situation.


I don’t want to subject Cook’s ability to be a good CEO, and I also don’t want to subject his success to the release of iPhones and iPhones only. But there’s a statement to be made here. Steve Job was Apple. The way he envisioned the company and brought ideas to life was fantastic. I think with the release of the iPhone 7 and the comments made thus far about it don’t necessarily indicate the same ideologies that would have been communicated in the Jobs era. However, I think we (and by we I mean I) need to realize that Apple is in a new era. One for the better? Time will have to tell, but I think Tim Cook will have his own legacy to carve.

Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a minor in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency and is looking forward to how he can leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (September 3 – September 9)

September 9, 2016

With how fast the marketing & advertising world operates, its always good to keep up with the latest trends, ads, and innovations-which is what we’re here to do. Check out our weekly recap below.

Kijiji Goes on a Campus Tour

In an effort to reach millenials, Kijiji has set out to bring an experiential event to 5 college/university campuses in Toronto, Canada. What’s the experiential event you ask? A giant ball-pit filled with 65,000 balls and packed with prizes to go home with. Four students at a time can dive into the pit, and they are given 30 seconds to find whatever they can. This is basically a dream come true and a great way to kick off the school year. One thing to ask is, what does this have to do with Kijiji? Through the research, Kijiji found that for millenials, “finding a good deal for them can be a source of pride and empowerment,”. Having them literally find prizes through an unexpected ball-pit is a cool way to execute that message. However, I don’t think this message is clear at first glance.


Does Equis Reveals the New “Most Interesting Man in the World”

Earlier this year, the brand announced the departure of their iconic “Most Interesting Man in the World” for a decade, Jonathan Goldsmith. On Wednesday, through a 30 second YouTube spot, the brand revealed the new face of the brand, Augustin Legrand. At the end of the video, we see Augustin looking at Jonathan on TV, in which the bartender asks him, “Think anyone will ever be as interesting as him?”. Check out the video below for his response. Great teaser spot, and I’m sure there will lots more to come


Apple Recaps their Launch in “Don’t Blink”

Let me start off by just saying, “Wow”. Apple has done it yet again. After holding their iPhone 7 Launch Event, they decided to sum up all the details of the new phone, as well as the new Apple Watch in a fun and engaging 107 second video. Now what’s so special about the video? Well you’ll have to see for yourself but I found it to be a truly pleasing video that makes you want to learn more about the iPhone 7. Although the jokes and the memes took over the internet at lightning speed, regarding the removal of the headphone jack, I think the way they introduced this removal was fascinating. In the video it mentions that they wanted to “reinvent something that had not been touched in 100 years”. Nicely done.Check out the video below.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed one? Let us know! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 11 – June 17)

June 17, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

Earlier this week it was announced that Microsoft has acquired the professional network LinkedIn for a staggering $26.2 Billion. If you’re like me you had to read that number over, because it definitely doesn’t seem like LinkedIn is worth that much. Actually, with the deal being $196 per share, Microsoft is paying a 50% premium. They must have something truly special planned to integrate LinkedIn with their existing office platform. Let’s hope this erases the memory of  Microsoft buying Skype in 2011 for $8.5 Billion. Still waiting for that one to take off! Both Microsoft’s CEO and LinkedIn’s CEO discuss the deal in the video below, check it out.


Apple demo’s new features at WWDC

If you haven’t read my article about WWDC, I’ll give you sometime to do so and come back. Apple uses WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) every year to announce new changes to existing and completely new platforms/devices. Last year they announced Apple Music, and this year they announced 3x larger emoji’s. I’m sure you can tell what my feelings were towards this years event, but nonetheless a lot of new things will be touching Apple devices this fall. If you want to check out the full list of announcements, check out this article.



This Company Will Give You a Free Bike If You Turn into an Ad

A London company by the name of Buzzbike is giving people free bikes, in exchange for them essentially being a cycling billboard for brands. They are trying to create a buzz for the brands they work with, with bikes..hence the name. There are a few restrictions to be able to have this free bike. One of them being that the user must commit to cycling a minimum of 12 days a month, and park their bike on the street for maximum exposure. It is still in its early stages, but if it ever comes to Toronto, there will definitely be a MAD Mix one!


McDonald’s Brings the Peace with Anti-Violence Ad

It’s no secret that an event such as the Euro Cup inspires a lot of passion in people and pride. With this comes aggression in some cases, and things have been getting quite ugly between fans. The most recent example being the clash between England and Russian fans. McDonald’s France saw the opportunity to promote non-violence, and getting along with the other nations in the Euro Cup. The ads pair together two countries into one to show unity and “Come As You Are”. Check out a few examples below!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.33.36 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.33.44 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.34.05 AM


Anti-Racism Campaign Hits Toronto

The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) and the City of Toronto partnered together to create an anti-racism campaign. This campaign comes as a response and in the wake of the backlash that Syrian refugees are still facing, since arriving in December. As well as the number of crimes against the Muslim community, earlier in the year. The campaign is intended to shine light on the ignorance behind various stereotypes. Check out an example of a bus shelter ad below.

Gatorade Releases New Olympic Spot

If you didn’t already know, the Olympics are amongst us, and they are kind of a big deal. Gatorade enlisted Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, and Paul George in their new ad “Never Lose the Love”. The ad shows a younger version of each athlete pushing and motivating them to reach their true potential. Whether it’s Serena not wanting to get out of bed for practice, or Paul George needing the motivation to hit his last set when working out. It’s a great spot that shows what Gatorade is all about. Check it out below.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Dakarai Turner

Sometimes It’s Not Worth The Wait – Why Apple’s WWDC Left Me Unsatisfied

June 14, 2016

With yesterday’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), it seems only fitting to talk about Apple. For those of you that don’t know, WWDC is an annual event where for the last 33 years Apple has been introducing new changes and products to the tech community. Previously an event that only interested the “geeks”, but now streamed by those such as myself that just want to stay updated with the latest. Whether you’re a die hard Apple lover or hater, there has to be some sort of respect for what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Now I am no tech genius (someone tell my mom this), but i’d love to share with you some of my favourite takeaways from watching this years event from the comfort of my desk at work.

You can now delete pre-installed apps

You know that “Stocks” app that you’ll never use, or that iBooks app you haven’t opened yet? Say no more, you can now deleteios-10-delete-apps-970-80 them all. This seems like such a basic function that should have been done a long time ago, but hey it’s Apple. The fact that I am even excited about this says a lot about Apple as a company, and the way they operate. It’s basically like they will give you an unfinished product, that they can just keep slightly updating with cooler things to keep you coming back. Apple understands how long they need to make people wait to truly “wow” them.


Siri will be available on Mac

siri on macI think I’ve used Siri maybe 3 times in my whole life. I don’t know what the numbers are for use, but I’m sure they will rise with this new addition. You’ll be able to ask Siri to open files on your desktop/laptop, do some quick math, and even switch between apps. Apple also announced that Siri will now be open to developers. Let’s just imagine ordering an Uber from Siri. I’m sold!

Voicemail transcription

It’s a busy world out there, sorting through voicemails just to get rid of the notification gets time consuming. With the newly added voicemail transcription, it will display on your device a text version of what’s in your voicemail. This is one of those ideas that sound great in theory, until you realize people record voicemails in the most unclear fashion, almost as if it’s on purpose. Reading these transcripts should provide quite the entertaining screenshots posted on Twitter.

For a 2-hour long conference, you would think it would provide a bigger list of excellent takeaways beyond deleting apps, and voicemail transcription, but in my opinion Apple truly missed the mark. Instead of interesting upgrades to iMessage, Apple announced bigger emoji’s, the ability to draw a message, and an emoji predictor. As if we needed anymore emoji related news in 2016. All I thought was just absolute clutter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.09.16 AM

All in all it just felt like there was no real “wow” factor throughout WWDC. There were moments where they would introduce something, and all I would be thinking is “this should have been done 2 conferences ago”.

At the end of the day it seemed as though people were generally satisfied with the conference, as is usually the case with WWDC. It will be interesting to see any new developments and announcements from Apple in the coming months. If you’ve checked it out, let me know your thoughts. Overall, were you impressed with the conference?

To check out all of the features announced at WWDC, check out this article.


Dakarai Turner is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing. Armed with strategic thinking, people skills, and a cheeky smile, he is ready to get his career started in client relations for an advertising agency in Toronto. In his free time he will most likely be eating, browsing AdWeek, or studying Donald Draper. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about him.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 4 – June 10)

June 10, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


David Ortiz Takes a Swing in JetBlue’s Farewell Ad

M: To all our baseball fans out there, its no news that super-star slugger David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is retiring this year. Sponsor JetBlue stars Ortiz in this commercial that showcases his talents in a different territory: kids birthday parties. The ad features Big Papi literally ruining some Pinatas with a baseball bat while the kids watch on and enjoy all the candy spilling out. Happy Retirement David Ortiz! Check out the video below.


Budweiser Sets to Launch Non-Alcoholic Beer in Canada First

D: Maybe you checked out our Weekly Recap two weeks ago where we spoke about Budweiser erntering the non-alcoholic beer market, or maybe you didn’t (won’t hold it against you). Anyway, it’s official, “America’s” beer will launch “Prohibition”, the non-alcoholic Budweiser in Canada first. “There’s a great opportunity for us to learn in Canada,” said Kyle Norrington, vice-president, marketing for Labatt (which markets the Budweiser beer brand in Canada). The campaign to promote the beer will be fully integrated, starting with an experiential component, and then being followed by print, TV, out-of-home as well as social and digital components. Stay tuned!


Cristiano Ronaldo and a Teenager Switch Places in a New Nike Ad

M: This ad is Nike doing what Nike does best-humor with pizazz and flash. The ad features global football (soccer) superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but doesn’t stop at that. The nearly 6 minute commercial features a bunch of awesome cameos that I won’t spoil. The concept of the commercial is all about Ronaldo “switching” bodies with a 16 year old until he achieves greatness (much like Ronaldo has himself). Nike never disappoints. Check out the 6 minute video below.


Google Is Now the World’s Most Valuable Company

D: This just in, Apple has been dethroned! Millward Brown and WPP release a list of the 100 top global brands, and I’m pretty sure it comes to no surprise that Google is capable, and has topped the list this year. Google’s value is listed at $229 billion, while Apple is a mere BILLION short at just $228 billion (don’t you hate when that happens?). Google controls $60 Billion in ad spend in the U.S. alone, so it only makes sense.

google logo

MTV’s Elect This Campaign

M: Its no surprise that the upcoming US election seems to be quite the fandango. Will Trump *link trump article* be the next President? Will American feel the Bern (doubtful)? Even as Canadians, we’re living in a pivotal time, and MTV is getting involved. In their recent campaign titled Elect This, MTV is encouraging millennials to get out there and vote. Having a strong connection to youth culture, I think this campaign is a great way to get the younger generation out there to actually make a difference in this critical election.  MTV does a great job of connecting to young people to politics and issues that will affect them the most. Who knows? Youth voting could have a huge impact on the outcome later this year.


Snapchat Gets a Makeover

D: As you all probably know by now, Snapchat recently updated, adding a few changes and slightly new look. If you’re like most people, you probably never even noticed the “Discover” ads on Snapchat. Now, they’re made pretty hard to ignore with this new update. When users now open their app, instead of seeing a small Buzzfeed logo in the “Discover” section, they will see a much bigger image that shows a preview of content Buzzfeed and the other Discover Brands have to offer. Does this mean you are going to click them now? Probably not, but are you more inclined to? Absolutely.


snapchat discover


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (April 30th – May 6th)

May 6, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.



Microsoft released “The Edge”, and the U2 Comparisons Begin

If you’re one of the 3 loyal Internet Explorer users in 2016, you’ll be happy to hear that Microsoft has announced the name of their new browser, “Microsoft Edge”. Rumours of it’s release came last month, which went with the name “Project Spartan” at the time. Last week, at the Microsoft Build Conference, they announced “Microsoft Edge” to the public, and in typical public fashion, people took this opportunity to make funny comparisons to the new name with the guitarist for U2, also named “The Edge”. Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it? Check out some of the tweets below, and just know that this is why we can’t have nice things.



Apple Releases a New Ad Celebrating Mother’s Day

Seems like we have Apple in the mix (get it?) every week, but how could you not? On Sunday, they released a 30-second spot in support of the upcoming Mother’s Day. It’s a fun and cute way to not only provide a Mother’s Day spot, but display the clarity of the iPhone camera, in case we weren’t already aware. The spot features shots of mothers and their children all around the world, all shot from iPhone’s. Now don’t you want to just call your mom on your iPhone and tell her you love her right now? Check out the 30-second spot below, and keep tissues handy.



A NY Agency Uses Billboard Ads to Celebrate Mothers Day

mother-mothers-day-hed-a-2016Mother New York, a creative agency has launched an outdoor campaign around New York this week that reminds the public of the special day, in a quite funny way. “I didn’t go nine months without Chardonnay for you to hate your job. Love, Mother” appears on one of the billboards with an image of a mother, and this theme carries through for the other spots. Another sign appears in front of a pile of garbage bags with the tagline, “Don’t expect me to pick this up. Love, Mother”. It’s one of those heartwarming while still funny campaigns that will cause busy New Yorkers to just take a moment. Whether people know who the agency Mother is or not after this, this is something that they felt was right.



Sprint Gets Creative in Making a “Don’t Text and Drive Sculpture”

This past April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and in support of that, Sprint created a powerful sculpture using a wrecked car in Miami, Florida. “The Last Emoji” uses the parts from the wrecked car, and shapes it into an emoji with its tongue out, which fits the title perfectly, and is well executed. This could very well be someones last message before ultimately crashing their car, and is why the issues such as distracted driving need to be addressed. Currently, Florida does not list texting and driving as a primary offence, and this opportunity was used to make commuters aware. Floridians are encouraged to post a selfie with the emoji and post on social media, using the hashtag #SprintDriveSafe. Check out a picture of the sculpture below.




Hilary Clinton Releases Ad Against Donald Trump

Oh American politics…one of our best sources for entertainment (sad isn’t it?). With the election coming up in the fall, Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton is doing her best to make sure American’s don’t vote for our favourite Republican opposition: Donald Trump. Her latest campaign advertisement features clips of republican party candidates blasting Donald Trump. This video cleverly captures uses members of the republican party’s own statements against themselves, which doesn’t help their case to win this election. Hillary Clinton is no saint herself, but this was a great way to expose the problems that the republicans are facing going into the election. Anything to get to the top right?



Snapchat Partners with Taco Bell for Cinco De Mayo

Daaaammmnnn Snapchat. Back at again with the filters. On Thursday, Taco Bell and snapchat teamed up together to add a “taco” filter because of Cinco de Mayo. The filter literally turns your head into a taco whilst pouring hot sauce over you. Great effort by Taco Bell as the snapchat filters have seen immense success since their emergence, but I don’t know about this one. While yes, it is an excellent way to gain brand exposure, this doesn’t seem like something that will necessarily stick within the consumers mind. Good for a laugh, but that’s about it for me.

snapchat taco



Intel Uses Drones to Light Up the Sky

See? Drones aren’t always bad. As a result of the Federal Aviation Administration’s loosening of aviation laws regarding drones, Intel thought of a cool way to take advantage of that. This advertisement features over 100 drones controlled by a single operator displaying an incredible light show in the Palm Springs desert. In our opinion, this was a cool way to show the lighter side of drones, and their ultimate capabilities for entertainment and innovation. This could be a breach into an entirely new entertainment channel in years to come.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (April 3th-April 9th)

April 8, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.


Apple Launches New Campaign Starring an Austic Teenager Named Dillan

“Dillan’s Voice” a new campaign from Apple that follow a 16 year old non-verbal autistic child, that was launched over the weekend just in time for World Autism Day. The series of videos demonstrates a short glimpse into the life of Dillan and the struggles he faces communicating with his loved ones. The Apple iPad is Dillan’s way of letting you know how he feels. On it, he writes the following that is used as a voiceover:

All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people But they couldn’t understand because I had no way to communicate.

I get to experience the world in a very unique way. I could see the wind, hear the flowers. I can see incredible emotions flowing from those I love.

So many people can’t understand that I have a mind. All they can see is a person who is not in control. But now you can hear me. The iPad helps me to see not only my words but to hold onto my thoughts.

Having a voice has changed everything in my life. No more isolation. I can finally speak with the people that love me. I can say what I think and let them know I love them too.


Coca-Cola Remasters Iconic Hilltop Ad from 1971

If you love advertising and you haven’t seen the famous “Hilltop” ad, I don’t know what to tell you. It used Coca Cola to bring the world together for a brief moment. It didn’t matter what race you were, or gender. A bottle of coke was something that everyone could share and enjoy. Am I reaching a bit? Maybe, but nonetheless the “Hilltop” ad from 1971 is seen by many in the industry as iconic. Coca Cola released the remastered version of the ad Monday afternoon. Check it out below.


Gap Has Apologized for This GapKids Ad, but Did It Need To?

What is wrong with this picture? This one is tricky. This ad from GapKids blew up on Twitter that had claims of what is deemed passive racism from some viewers. What caused so much controversy is that the black girl was viewed as less superior because she was under the white girl. Some viewers saw that as the black girl being used as an arm rest for the white girl. While this has been a concern for some, was it appropriate for the Gap to apologize for the act?



Taylor Swift Boosts Drake’s Sales in new Apple Music Ad

Last week on April Fool’s day, Apple Music released a 60-second hilarious ad on Instagram and Facebook. The 60-second spot features Taylor Swift listening to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman”, while running on a treadmill that she evidently falls off of. Picture that in your head and tell me that doesn’t already sound funny. Great thing about the ad is it shot up Drake’s iTune sales by 431% globally. Maybe it’s the fact that Taylor has 72.6 million followers on Instagram, maybe the song is just that good. You be the judge, and check out the ad below.



Domino’s Debuts Zero-Click Ordering in Latest Effort to Make Your Life Ridiculously Easy

Ridiculously Dangerous? Or Ridiculously convenient? Why not both? This week, the ever so popular Domino’s Pizza released their zero-click app. Basically how it works is that you download the app and link it to a specific Domino’s Pizza location where you have a pre-determined order saved. Once you open the app…boom, your order is in place. This poses a dangerous opportunity for someone to accidentally open the app and the next thing you know there is a delivery man at your door offering you a pizza you didn’t even know you ordered. However, Domino’s gives you a 10 second countdown in case you accidentally open it. If this isn’t the definition of selling convenience, I don’t know what is. Could this be the future of pizza delivery services? Time will tell.


Uber Launches UberPitch, a Service That Connects Entrepreneurs with Investors for the First Time in Toronto.

The new Uber extension UberPitch arrived in Toronto on April 7th. The service allows entrepreneurs to share a free 15-minute Uber ride with one of Canada’s top investors. The ride will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to get their big ideas out there in front of people that can take them to the next step. Dakarai wrote an article about UberPitch on Tuesday, that you can check out here.



Nike Just Made This Remarkable Farewell Ad to Kobe Bryant in China, Where He’s Revered

It’s no surprise that Kobe Bryant is a god amongst men in the Basketball community. Something that some may not know about the Los Angeles Laker’s superstar is that combined with Nike, he’s made a huge effort to reach out to Chinese fans over the past decade. With Kobe’s last few games coming up, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai have created a heartfelt one minute tribute commercial titled: “Don’t Love Me. Hate Me.” The commercial features a provocative style (it’s Kobe, how could you not?), with a philosophy surrounding pushing yourself towards reaching super star status. It’s going to be an emotional period in the NBA when Kobe leaves and this commercial definitely captured what he’s all about. Check it out below:

These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (February 28th-March 4th)

March 5, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.



The 88th Annual Academy Awards

#OscarsSoWhite was the butt of the joke throughout the Oscars Sunday night. With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars, you would think that the viewers would increase, right? Wrong. Viewership decreased by 8 percent compared to the previous year. 34.4 million viewers tuned in, and the average cost for commercials ran at $2M.

It will be interesting to see what sort of changes the Oscars decides to make for next year. Even with #OscarsSoWhite taking over social media, the Academy Awards still hit its lowest reach amongst 18-49 year olds in 20 years. Needless to say, I caught the re-run online. Congrats, Leo.


The business oriented social network giant LinkedIn released it’s first tv spot during Sunday night’s Academy Awards. The commercial runs with the idea of being prepared for jobs you didn’t know were available. We can’t all be qualified to be astronauts, but the ad does a great job proving a point. Check it out below!


Reebok does experiential marketing correctly with their digital ad that unlocks a free pair of sneakers if you run past it fast enough in Stockholm, Sweden. Just reading that sentence, you begin to create a visual of people looking strange in public sprinting past a digital board outside. This ad creates public interest and creates an interaction with the brand by challenging the public, at this point what more could you ask for? Check out a video of the stunt below


Apple finally joined Twitter (Not counting Apple Music)! In a world where not having a company Twitter account in 2016 seems insane, Apple was obviously able to pull it off. They recently started their Twitter account @AppleSupport which does just that, providing customer support and tips/tracks for Apple products. With just under 140k followers in under two days, it goes without saying that Apple will have no issue when it comes to a presence on Twitter. It will be interesting to see what Apple chooses to do with this new and direct voice in the future.


A pizzeria in the U.K. used runners to deliver pizza. Great headline off the bat, now let me explain. Sodo, a U.K. pizzeria teamed up with a local running club to bring Pizzas to homes with nothing but their two feet. Customers could track their delivery runners through a live Periscope stream and even communicate messages. As a result of this one-day campaign, Sodo sold out of pizzas in just three hours, with the proceeds going to “Run Dsodo-runner-hed-2016em Crew”, a local running charity

A great one-day campaign like this would be enough for me to suddenly want to order a pizza I didn’t need, and I don’t usually cave in that easy. Do you think this is something that could work in North America with a larger pizza brand, or not? Check out a video of the stunt here.



These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Dakarai Turner

R.I.P. to the iPhone Headphone Jack

January 12, 2016

In an effort to make the iPhone 7 slimmer, Apple may say goodbye to the headphone jack.


With rumors surrounding the new iPhone 7, it’s being said by numerous sources that the phone will not feature a headphone port, in an effort to make the smartphone slimmer. Now, whether you’re #TeamSansung, #TeamiPhone, or #TeamBlackberry (didn’t leave you out), if true, this news is very important.

People aren’t very happy, Rightfully so?

With a 3.55mm headphone port, it prevents the phone from getting any slimmer than a certain point. Remove it, and we’ll all finally get a slimmer phone, we all want that…right?iphone7

So how will we listen to music? One of the rumors is that the iPhone 7 will use a lightning cable. Essentially the headphones will plug into the lightning port (the port you plug your charger into). This will create a digital connection rather than the standard analog connection for headphones. Yes you read that right. This will prevent users from charging their phones and listening to music at the same time, as well as draining the battery much faster. Not only that, but external headphone manufacturers would need to provide lightning cables with their headphones so that users could use them with their iPhone 7’s. This just seems like so much extra money being spent for something that you never needed in the first place. As funny as it is to joke about Apple being so expensive, they would probably make an adaptor so that you could plug regular external analog headphones into the iPhone 7. This would be an accessory for $50+ of course.

Another option would be Bluetooth wireless headphones, which seems like a better alternative since they are already being used. However, just from a personal standpoint, I have absolutely no problem with wired headphones and the way things are now, and I am sure I’m not in the minority with this opinion.

With over 200,000 people signing a petition for Apple to stop the removal of the headphone jack, it really makes you think if this will hurt the sales of the iPhone 7. Or is this just short-term anger that people will learn to love and simply forget about? I mean, we are talking about APPLE here: the powerhouse company that could sell phones with chargers sold separately if they wanted to.

Apple is taking huge steps in terms of advancing their smartphones. A move so big that if proven effective, Samsung would be sure to use in their new phones in order to compete.

From reading thiApple-logo-profit-554804s article you may have gathered that I strongly dislike Apple. However, it is the complete opposite. I am a happy MacBook and iPhone 5 user. There are so many great things to say about a company like Apple; with a special way to go about marketing, they have convinced us that we need every single one of their products, and the accessories they come with.

One thing to remember is that Apple has yet to officially make a statement on these rumors. For all we know, they could be 100% false. Apple is exactly the type of company that would ignore the poor public perception, and give us (the public) something we didn’t want, but now need.


Dakarai Turner (Dak) is an ambitious professional approaching his final year of the Advertising & Marketing Communications program at Humber College. Over the course of the summer, Dakarai spent his time working as a Communications Intern for the digital and marketing agency thinkCOMPASS, as well as the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals as a Marketing Coordinator. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about him.


Why the Apple Watch is a ‘dud’ thus far?

November 17, 2015

On August 18, 2015, Apple’s newest product, the Apple Watch, was distributed and sold at Apple retail stores worldwide. And along with the product launch was the launch of Apple’s first three-month campaign for the Watch.


Now, looking at the first set of television spots for the Apple Watch, there seems to be a few blatant flaws to the Watch that Apple has exposed (unintentionally, of course) to its audience. These exposed flaws that are presented can be the main reasons why the product has fallen short in sales, and ultimately, why the Apple Watch is a ‘dud’ thus far:



The 1×1 square design doesn’t seem feasible. If you look at the television commercials for the Apple Watch, they each have that recurring theme of a person or couple engaging in a hobby, and then the camera focuses on the Watch (and its 1×1 design) as the “smart watch” keeps track of anything else important to them at that particular time (e.g. recording heart rates, notifying the watch-wearer of any incoming calls or texts messages). While promoting the unique idea of the Apple Watch being an “iPhone or mini-computer wrapped around your wrist,” it doesn’t seem quite feasible that a watch that small has the ‘multi-tasking’ capacity of an iPhone or iPad – both being pieces of Apple technology that are much bigger in size. Also, if you look at the image above, could you honestly picture yourself controlling and monitoring all those apps (or “virtual bubbles”) on your wrist without getting a massive headache? Probably not.




Apple is trying to create a ‘new’ product market, when their ‘old’ product market is still thriving. The six-month span between one iPhone to the newer iPhone is still catching onto consumers, as many Canadian smartphone users are still sold on the idea of upgrading their iPhones to the “newest model” at least once a year – I still have an iPhone 4S, but that’s because it was free with a plan offered by Virgin, so I’m a rarity. As a result, the smartphone market is still in its “maturity stage” (looking at the Product Life Cycle) and has been growing since the first iPhone model entered the Canadian market in 2009.

However, it is likely that in a few years, consumers might grow old and tired of the smartphone concept and might want a new and innovative product to primarily control and monitor their social life. If that ends up being the case, let’s mark 2018 as the ‘year’ for that “new and innovative product” – being the Apple Watch – to launch and take over for the currently-thriving smartphones. With the retail launch and distribution of the Watch, Apple is in 2018 while its consumer market is still in 2015. And for the most part, it’s never ‘bad’ for a company to be thinking and moving forward. However, Canadian smartphone users are still glued to the large screens of their iPhones and Samsung Galaxys (the main competitor for Apple), so why bother pumping air into the Apple car tire when it is still full of air?


Do you think the #AppleWatch is a ‘dud’ or do you think otherwise? Share your opinions in the Comment section on our thread below!


Anthony Pazzano is currently an Advertising and Marketing Communications student at Humber College. He is looking forward to expand his knowledge and experience in the Advertising/Marketing industry, and aspires to work client-side, agency-side, or for a PR firm. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Connect with him on LinkedIn