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Weekly Recap: November 18 – November 24

November 24, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Malick, Dakarai, and Nick

Apple gets in the holiday spirit with “Sway”.

D: The brand recently debuted their 90 second holiday commercial, “Sway”. It tells the classic story of boy meets girl, love at first sight, and all that jazz while also shedding light on a product benefit. The story follows a woman walking the cold and snowy streets. She stops to play the music on her phone and we see that she is sporting the Apple AirPods (wireless earbuds). While dancing to the tunes like she’s in her own world she bumps into a man that catches her eye. The woman takes one of her earbuds out and places it in his ear, and they begin dancing together like they’ve known each other for an eternity. It’s a great feel good spot in time for the holiday’s which does a great job demonstrating the AirPods. I mean, you never know when you’ll need to lend your soulmate an earbud, right?

M: At the end of the day, this ad is supposed to sell headphones, but makes a strong case for effective storytelling in advertising. I get certain brands try to be as tactical as possible and drive hard hitting messages, but this kind of emotional advertising breaks through so much clutter that exists this time of year. The importance of emotional advertising is underrated. It’s easy to always want to push sales especially considering this time of year when the goal is to make as much moola as possible. Honestly, this is one of my favourite Holiday spots of the year. Check it out below:


Sports Experts puts Montréal residents to the test

D: Did you know that 85% of people in Montréal choose the escalator over the stairs in their Metro transit? Okay, maybe that’s not surprising at all. However, Canadian sports retailer, Sports Experts capitalized on this problem by installing a digital activation in the steepest Metro subway station. The activation scans your body heat and is able to detect if you walked up the 200 stairs or if you simply took the escalator to the top. “The Thermal Discount” gave those brave enough to take the stairs discounts to Sports Experts based on the amount they sweat. This of course prompted many people to run up and down the stairs in hopes that they could increase their discount. At the end of the day, it’s a fun interactive idea that gets people in your store. I can confidently say that I would have tried this way too many times.

Amazon Gets Physical on Black Friday

N: Retail behemoth Amazon made its mark pioneering online retail.  They disrupted the idea that stores need an actual storefront.  And they’re disrupting the storefront again – pulling a 180 at the same time.

Their ‘Home of Black Friday’ pop-up in London could be the next step in the evolution of a store.  Because it’s less a store than it is an experience – admittedly an overused marketing trope, but it rings true.  And Amazon takes that idea into hyperdrive with their “store”.

The big one is QR codes, allowing consumers to scan and visit the product page while simultaneously inspecting the actual product – a true integration of the physical and digital shopping experiences.  Orders can then be delivered at home or in-store (within two hours).  Amazon also offers master classes, tastings, small business workshops, and product tutorials.  Designed to feel like a house, people can browse thematically while engaging with products in a natural setting – an idea borrowed from the likes of Ikea.

This may just feel like a pop-up, but don’t be surprised if this starts a trend for physical stores.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (November 5 – November 11)

November 11, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Dakarai

Snapchat releases Spectacles in a unique way

Spectacles Billboard

Not too long ago, we spoke about the introduction of Spectacles from Snapchat. Essentially ‘Spectacles’ are glasses that you can wear and record/post snap pictures and videos with. Launching today, the wearable tech will be made available via bot-like vending machines. If this sounds a bit weird, it’s because it is. These unusual machines will be in sleep mode until someone walks by and essentially wakes it up via motion sensors. The hope is that the person will stop and interact with the bot to find that it is actually selling a $130 pair of Snapchat lenses (Spectacles). Now where will these bots be found? You can ‘find a bot’ at, Prepare to see a boatload of snapchats in the coming months of your friends locating and interacting with these machines. If you ask me, this is a brilliant move from Snap Inc. Well done. Below is a teaser video for the bot.

Instagram Stories steps outside of Snapchat’s shadow with new features

When Instagram Stories came out, everyone (myself included) saw the clear instagram-storiesrip off of the already established Snapchat. Months later, they have made some changes to the platform that Snapchat has yet to explore. For starters, you are now able to insert links into your Instagram Stories. This is extremely helpful for the brands using the platform, as it will replace the process of creating a shortened link and writing it over your story in hopes that your viewers take it upon themselves to jump on their browser and type in the site name.

You can also now use Boomerang in your stories. For those that don’t know, Boomerang allows you to create one second looped videos. The last addition is the ability to tag people in your stories. This is where Instagram and Snapchat completely differ. Instagram is all about discovery and finding new people, so this fits perfectly with their brand. With Snapchat, it’s frankly more private and exclusively seen by just your friends. This is most likely why Snapchat hasn’t bothered with this feature. Don’t forget to follow me @dakturner.

GoPro launches their first TV ad for global campaign

“Don’t stop what you’re doing, to capture what you’re doing” is a voiceover that perfectly described GoPro’s new 30 second ad. The brand shows moments we are all familiar with: holding your phone and taking a video of things from your kid going down a slide, a beautiful view, or a friend jumping off a cliff. GoPro then switches things up and shows that you can be involved in the action while still capturing it through using a GoPro. You can play with your kid, jump off the waterfall, run with fireworks, and more all while capturing the moment at the same time with a GoPro. This ad speaks well to the adventurous brand image that they have has established. This is not a camera for taking a video of a sunset. This is a camera for riding a jet ski on a beautiful day while capturing the sunset. Check out the video below.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 22 – October 28)

October 28, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai


R.I.P Vine


M: Best known for its explosion onto the social media scene in 2013, Twitter officially announced vine as “extinct” this week. When the 6 second phenomena started out, Vine was one of the most innovative social media platforms out there. Now, if you can honestly point me in the direction of someone who still actively uses Vine I’d probably give you 20 bucks. Vine was an interesting concept, but remember a few years ago when Instagram announced that they would be featuring video content-similar to Vine? Well it finally caught up. Plus with the development of both Instagram and Snapchat, it was bound to happen. There was simply just no place for the content anymore. To honour Vine, here is a compilation of my favourite Viner: King Bach.

Taco Bell and Airbnb partner together

D: If you would have told me that Taco Bell and Airbnb would partner together, I would probably look at you like you’re crazy. When you read the headline it truly makes you wonder what could possibly come out of these two very different brands working together. The answer, “Steakcation”. Taco Bell Canada gave one lucky Canadian and their friends the chance to spend one night in a new Taco Bell location through a promotion with Airbnb. The lucky winner was treated to their own Taco Bell butler, branded robes, and other fun products courtesy of Taco Bell. The brand put together a fun video of the event with an amazing additional prize at the end, check it out below!

Steph Curry and Under Armour: Make That Old

D: If you couldn’t already tell, Malick and I are definitely basketball fans. “Make that Old” is a new spot from Under Armour that features the one and only Steph Curry to promote his new shoe, the Curry 3. The ad features young fans in their own locations celebrating the unanimous MVP’s various achievements, mentioning that they are now “old news”. The focus is the future, meaning the upcoming NBA season that began on Wednesday. The words “I Will.” appear at the end of the video as you see a close up of Steph sporting the new shoes. If this doesn’t get you pumped for the upcoming season, I don’t know what to tell you. The spot does a great job addressing what happened in the previous season, and showing the mindset that Steph and anyone who wears his shoes has: when you’re down, get up and try again.

Nike/LeBron James: Came Out of Nowhere

M: The NBA season is back in action as of this week and if you tuned in on Tuesday’s opener you probably saw a handful of awesome NBA themed ads. One that stood out to me features the greatest of all time: LeBron James. The ad tips its hat to James who was born and raised in Akron, Ohio showing that he wasn’t supposed to be the kind of player he has become. The best part about this ad is that it features a voice over of King James while showing ordinary players shooting hoops-those who “weren’t supposed to be there”. The thing I love about this ad is that it celebrates those who are defying all odds to perfect their craft-like James. With the concept created by Wieden + Kennedy, the Came Out of Nowhere campaign will run for the first two weeks of the season featuring other NBA superstars as well. The best part about this ad is that it pays homage to arguably one of the greatest blocks in NBA history, check it out at the end.

Apple Launches their New Macbook

D: If you were on the Internet yesterday, you’ve probably caught wind of the new Macbook Pro. Apple held an event where they revealed the new laptop, changes to Apple TV, and other updates to their product list. If you could already guess..the “wonderful” people of Twitter had something to say about it. To put it simply, the new Macbook Pro is now slimmer than ever before, it also now has a  digital “Touch Pad” that runs the length of the keyboard, and apparently the display is 67% brighter. Impressed? To check out a full list of improvements, check this article out. Now whether this new Macbook was the second coming of Jesus himself, the Twitterverse will always have something downright hilarious to say. Check out a few great tweets about the event below.

Clearly the problem with watching an event live

We’ll have to revisit this when it inevitably happens

But remember it’s also thinner..


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 1 – October 7)

October 7, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai.


Dollar Shave Club Releases New Campaign

D: The Dollar Shave Club is one of those miracle brands to say the least. They exploded in terms of visibility and sales after releasing a low budget YouTube commercial called “Our Blades Are F***ing Great“. 4 years later, the video now has over 23 million views. To continue with the success of the brand, they do a great job poking fun at others. In their latest three spots, they are quite clearly mocking Axe and Old Spice shower gel. The first ad, “Massive Hero” shows a product with red packaging that is definitely supposed to look like Old Spice, to which a bodybuilder bursts through the couple looking at the product and flexes in front of him. I’m definitely not doing it justice, check out the spot below!

Hopsy Home Tap



M: As the craft beer market in Canada continues to grow at a rapid pace, this new device will be a game changer. Designed by Krups, the Hopsy HomeTap allows craft beer lovers to enjoy a draft-quality pour right into their own household. It dispenses draft beer from Hopsy’s two-litre containers that stay fresh for about two weeks. While it will only be available in 2017, the Hopsy HomeTap is sure to bring a new take on the craft beer industry by bringing the experience into the household.

A Coffee Shop in Toronto Charges Women more than Men

D: These are the type of stuff I like. The headlines that you read and instantly get pissed off until you watch the video and realize the actual meaning. It’s safe to say I fall for click bait a lot! A coffee shop in Toronto changed their prices for the day in a quite funny video that is meant to shine light on the “Pink Tax”. Essentially this is the fact that women pay more for certain goods than men. The idea that women earn less and pay more. Obviously there are several different factors that come in to play when it comes to the reasoning behind higher prices of goods for women, but it still makes for a great video. Check out some of the reactions below, and the site that explains more about The Pink Tax and how you can get involved.


Tomb Raider Matomb-raider-photokes it Snow in New York

D: Experiential advertising done right! To promote the launch of the new Tomb Raider game, the brand staged a 2,000 pound Jeep dangling from a 64 3D billboard in Times Square. Over the course of the next four weeks the billlboard will be pumping out fake snow which is sure to draw in anybody walking by. It captures the climate of the game well as Lara Croft is always going through insane adventures in all sorts of weather conditions. Now if I had a ps4, this would probably motivate me enough to at the very least test out a demo of the game. Executions like this push buttons and force consumer conversations. I don’t know a single person in my network that wouldn’t want to Snapchat this billboard.



Kit-Kat: Chance the (W)rapper

M: Any Chance fans in the building tonight? Kit-Kat teamed up with Chance The Rapper for their Halloween themed wrappers. The Chicago hip-hop star is shown shopping in a local grocery store in his Halloween costume when suddenly he hears his voice coming from a Kit-Kat bar. His face is then shown on the wrapper in which he sings the classic “Gimme a Break” Kit-Kat jingle. The significance of this is that it’s the jingle’s 30th birthday, and who better to serenade the classic jingle than Chance The Wrapper? Check out the spot below:


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here as well. Happy Thanksgiving!


Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (September 3 – September 9)

September 9, 2016

With how fast the marketing & advertising world operates, its always good to keep up with the latest trends, ads, and innovations-which is what we’re here to do. Check out our weekly recap below.

Kijiji Goes on a Campus Tour

In an effort to reach millenials, Kijiji has set out to bring an experiential event to 5 college/university campuses in Toronto, Canada. What’s the experiential event you ask? A giant ball-pit filled with 65,000 balls and packed with prizes to go home with. Four students at a time can dive into the pit, and they are given 30 seconds to find whatever they can. This is basically a dream come true and a great way to kick off the school year. One thing to ask is, what does this have to do with Kijiji? Through the research, Kijiji found that for millenials, “finding a good deal for them can be a source of pride and empowerment,”. Having them literally find prizes through an unexpected ball-pit is a cool way to execute that message. However, I don’t think this message is clear at first glance.


Does Equis Reveals the New “Most Interesting Man in the World”

Earlier this year, the brand announced the departure of their iconic “Most Interesting Man in the World” for a decade, Jonathan Goldsmith. On Wednesday, through a 30 second YouTube spot, the brand revealed the new face of the brand, Augustin Legrand. At the end of the video, we see Augustin looking at Jonathan on TV, in which the bartender asks him, “Think anyone will ever be as interesting as him?”. Check out the video below for his response. Great teaser spot, and I’m sure there will lots more to come


Apple Recaps their Launch in “Don’t Blink”

Let me start off by just saying, “Wow”. Apple has done it yet again. After holding their iPhone 7 Launch Event, they decided to sum up all the details of the new phone, as well as the new Apple Watch in a fun and engaging 107 second video. Now what’s so special about the video? Well you’ll have to see for yourself but I found it to be a truly pleasing video that makes you want to learn more about the iPhone 7. Although the jokes and the memes took over the internet at lightning speed, regarding the removal of the headphone jack, I think the way they introduced this removal was fascinating. In the video it mentions that they wanted to “reinvent something that had not been touched in 100 years”. Nicely done.Check out the video below.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed one? Let us know! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (May 27th – June 3rd)

June 3, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


Shaq Goes Undercover for Lyft

M: Realistically, who wouldn’t love to get a Lyft from Shaq? Ride-sharing mobile app Lyft teams up with the big Artistotle to surprise riders in Atlanta. While he was disguised, I think it’s pretty obvious that riders knew right away that they were getting picked up by the ex-Laker superstar. Production company Alldayeveryday posted the sequence of videos on Youtube on Wednesday and already has over 1.6M views. Check it out below.


Instagram Announces More New Features

D: Instagram has been going through quite the amount of changes recently, and it’s pretty interesting to watch the once simply photo sharing platform turn into a whole other beast. Instagram anInstagram analyticsnounced that in the next few months they will be providing detailed analytics and promotional tools, that will aid businesses that use Instagram. As of now, essentially every account is the same, and that’s bound to change. Business profiles will be able to see further information than just how many likes, and comments their posts have received. Instagram starting to sound a little like Facebook now? Stay tuned.



Coors Light Uses 360 Degree Videos in a New Series of Ads

D: Virtual Reality..all the craze right now. Coors Light released a series of ads that put you in the outdoor sport action! From surfing, to Kayaking, to Mountain Biking, you can experience the thrill from home through the 360 degree videos on YouTube. The campaign lives off of providing an experience for the user, and it does a fantastic job tying it in with the brand in the end. After hitting a tough wave, there’s a cold beer waiting for you and your friends onshore. Check out one of the videos below:


Bud Light Partners with Ellen For New Spot Supporting Pride Month

M: First and foremost: Happy Pride month! In this ad, Budweiser teams up with talk-show superstar Ellen in a new ad in support of gay marriage. The ad features Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer, both of which who have been apart of the Bud Light Party campaign earlier this year. Starring two of the most relevant comedians, its hard not to see this advertisement do well-but having Ellen on board just takes it to another level. With over 60 million followers on Twitter, this is definitely a hit. Great cause, great celebrities, great marketing…what’s not to like? Check out the video below:

European Airline Seeking to Change the Way You Travel

D: In interesting tech news, we have the EasyJet #SneakAirs. If you’ve ever arrived in a new country, and got lost (everyone), this product is for you. European airline EasyJet is currently developing shoes that help you arrive to a chosen destination in a new city. Simply by buzzing twice for a wrong turn, buzzing on the left foot to turn left, the right foot to turn right and so on. The trainers work in connection with Google Maps. This is definitely a product to continue watching, and we will post any updates we find. Check out a video of the shoes below:


Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Users

M: Remember my article on how Twitter was getting phased out?Well maybe I was onto something. Snapchat has reportedly surpassed Twitter daily users reaching over 150 million. In an age of instant media transferring, I could see this coming. With all of the changes that Snapchat *link “how snapchat snapped back”* has gone through within the last year mixed with the combination of mobile application usage, its not hard to believe that Snapchat has become one of the largest social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.42.02 PM


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (February 28th-March 4th)

March 5, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.



The 88th Annual Academy Awards

#OscarsSoWhite was the butt of the joke throughout the Oscars Sunday night. With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars, you would think that the viewers would increase, right? Wrong. Viewership decreased by 8 percent compared to the previous year. 34.4 million viewers tuned in, and the average cost for commercials ran at $2M.

It will be interesting to see what sort of changes the Oscars decides to make for next year. Even with #OscarsSoWhite taking over social media, the Academy Awards still hit its lowest reach amongst 18-49 year olds in 20 years. Needless to say, I caught the re-run online. Congrats, Leo.


The business oriented social network giant LinkedIn released it’s first tv spot during Sunday night’s Academy Awards. The commercial runs with the idea of being prepared for jobs you didn’t know were available. We can’t all be qualified to be astronauts, but the ad does a great job proving a point. Check it out below!


Reebok does experiential marketing correctly with their digital ad that unlocks a free pair of sneakers if you run past it fast enough in Stockholm, Sweden. Just reading that sentence, you begin to create a visual of people looking strange in public sprinting past a digital board outside. This ad creates public interest and creates an interaction with the brand by challenging the public, at this point what more could you ask for? Check out a video of the stunt below


Apple finally joined Twitter (Not counting Apple Music)! In a world where not having a company Twitter account in 2016 seems insane, Apple was obviously able to pull it off. They recently started their Twitter account @AppleSupport which does just that, providing customer support and tips/tracks for Apple products. With just under 140k followers in under two days, it goes without saying that Apple will have no issue when it comes to a presence on Twitter. It will be interesting to see what Apple chooses to do with this new and direct voice in the future.


A pizzeria in the U.K. used runners to deliver pizza. Great headline off the bat, now let me explain. Sodo, a U.K. pizzeria teamed up with a local running club to bring Pizzas to homes with nothing but their two feet. Customers could track their delivery runners through a live Periscope stream and even communicate messages. As a result of this one-day campaign, Sodo sold out of pizzas in just three hours, with the proceeds going to “Run Dsodo-runner-hed-2016em Crew”, a local running charity

A great one-day campaign like this would be enough for me to suddenly want to order a pizza I didn’t need, and I don’t usually cave in that easy. Do you think this is something that could work in North America with a larger pizza brand, or not? Check out a video of the stunt here.



These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!