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Adidas Jumps Over Jordan Brand for the Number Two Spot

October 24, 2017

Last month, it was reported that Adidas has officially passed the Nike owned Jordan brand as the #2 most popular athletic shoe brand in the U.S, with the #1 spot belonging to Nike. So why should you care? This is a pure example of just how far a proper product can take you. Throughout my whole life when the thought of sneakers came up it was pretty much Jordan and Nike up on a cliff and all of the others (Puma, Adidas, Sketchers, Converse, etc) so far down they barely made the conversation. I have vivid memories of the first days of school where everyone sported a fresh pair of Nike’s or Jordan’s. Whether it was basketball shoes, running shoes, or a casual pair, Nike was the shoe on everyone’s mind. Until now.

Although Nike still has the #1 spot, Adidas was able to make a name for themselves and disrupt the footwear market in 2017. In the first quarter of 2017, the brand pulled in $6.4 Billion which is an 18.9% increase compared to the previous year. What helped drive this growth? Sneakers such as the Superstar (photo below), the NMD Runner, the Tubular Shadow, the Alpha Bounce, and the Stan Smith. It’s certainly worth noting that last year for the first time in over a decade, Nike did not have the highest selling sneaker in the U.S. This spot belonged to the classic Adidas Superstar. One of the first steps in the Adidas takeover.

On top of simply great products that capitalize on the current sneaker trends, Adidas has also leveraged celebrity partnerships such as their highly successful Air Yeezy line of shoes with Kanye West. Often seen as the reason why Adidas is currently #2, although this isn’t exactly the case. I think if anything Kanye West has elevated the overall perception of the brand, which is difficult to attribute to direct sales figures. However, the brand has seen a bigger push with their classic Superstar and Stan Smith shoes.

Although Adidas still has a long way to go before taking over the #1 spot in North America, it is still quite impressive to see how fast they’ve grown considering Nike is like the Coca Cola of the footwear market. This meaning it’s a brand that is widely recognized as the leader in their category that is also seen as the brand that will forever reign supreme. The exciting part about two companies going head to head is that the products they deliver will simply get better. The engineering behind the shoes will be elevated, the marketing campaigns attached with every shoe release will be on point, and the brand’s will continue to push the culture forward. If I’m speaking from personal experiences, my last few shoe purchases have all been Adidas and it might just be a result of seeing them around more often.

What do you guys think? Could you see Adidas taking passing Nike in the near future?



Dakarai is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing, and is currently employed as an account coordinator for an ad agency in Toronto. When he’s not at the office, he’s most likely trying out a new restaurant, browsing AdWeek, or binge watching something on Netflix. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (April 29 – May 5)

May 5, 2017

Written By: Malick, Dakarai, and Kathleen

As advertisers gear up for summer, you can expect a lot of action in the coming months. Not to worry, as usual The MAD Mix has you covered for the hottest trends, ads, and more. Check out the latest in the advertising and marketing world in our weekly recap below:



M: If you follow this platform regularly, you’ll know that Nike is a favourite of ours. From quality production to delivering a solid product, they seem to do no wrong in their advertising. In their latest endeavour, Nike has spent time creating one of the most innovative running shoes they’ve created to date. The purpose? Tomorrow, Nike and people form all around the world will attempt to break the two-hour marathon running record. The shoe that they’ve designed has so much technology invested in it that they want to encourage people to do that feat using their new shoe titled “The Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%”. This marathon is all apart of Nike’s constant desire to push the limits of human athleticism time and time again, and if there’s any shoe to do it, it’s this one. Check out the spot they’ve created for it below. Anyone else want to give it a go?


Spotify Awkward Family Moments

K: We all have a song that is attached to a moment or event that happened in our life. Whenever you hear the song it reminds you of that specific time that you will probably never forget. It can either make you happy or sad whenever you hear it. Spotify needed a way to promote their family plan, so what better way than to tie it with your emotions? Spotify decided to play on that but relate it to family moments, more specifically awkward family moments. Some people might find them too sexual but I think it is funny especially the second one. Check out the two videos below.

The Sunny Co Bikini Giveaway

D: If you live in the U.S, chances are your Instagram feed was absolutely covered with the same picture of a model in a red bikini. For those of you that are completely lost right now, a swimsuit company by the name of Sunny Co decided to announce a 24-hour giveaway on Instagram a couple of days ago. The now deleted post asked consumers to repost the picture of a model wearing the bikini and tag the brand in order to receive the usual $65 swimsuit for the price of only shipping and handling.

If you can’t already predict what happens next, tens of thousands of people reposted the image, and this ultimately revealed the lack of preparation behind the whole promotion. Following this, Sunny Co decided it would be a great idea to update the conditions of the deal on their website and included a note that stated the company “[reserved] the right to cap the promotion if they deem necessary.”. As you can imagine, they got torn a part on social media and hopefully this serves as a lesson for brands. The whole thing comes off as very “fyre fest-ish”. In the sense of complete unprepared bait and switch tactics or plain negligence. From unknown to hated in 24 hours. But hey, at least people know their name now right? Check out some of the best meme’s below.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here where we gave our thoughts on the latest Pepsi ad. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (January 14 – January 20)

January 20, 2017

Written by Dakarai & Malick

TGIF! We made it through another crazy week in the speedy world of advertising & marketing, but as usual, The MAD Mix has you covered for the hottest ads in this weekly recap. Check out some of our favourite ads, trends, and more below.


Kyrie 3: Improv

M: Ok I’m back at it again with the Nike ads, but I couldn’t pass this one up. This spot promotes NBA champion Kyrie Irving’s new line of kicks, the Kyrie 3’s with a musical twist. The ad begins with a drum solo that provokes Irving to ball handle to the rhythm. Who’s on the kit? None other than Questlove from The Roots. The two square off in a drum solo/dribbling battle that highlights the agility and duration that the new shoes can give you. Not only is this wildly entertaining for both music and basketball fans, but it’s just a wicked idea. Nike never disappoints, check out the spot below.

A YouTuber Takes a New Approach to ‘Don’t Text and Drive’

D: We see them all the time. The emotionally driven PSA’s following the tragedy of a texting and driving incident. Some go for the shock factor, and some will go for the emotional side of things. The question is, do they really work at the end of the day? In my experience, the amount of people I still see text and drive is astonishing. The reason why a lot of these ads don’t seem to have a lasting effect is for the sole reason that they are simply ads. Ashley Waxman Bakshi, a popular beauty YouTube star worked with Or Yarok (the Association for Safer Driving in Israel), to set up a staged video that appeared as if it was live. Her viewers got to see her driving in her car, reach for her phone to text and collide with an incoming vehicle. How do you make the issue of texting and driving feel more real? This is exactly the sort of stuff we need to be seeing more. Check out the video below.

McDonald’s Bacon Big Mac Awareness

M: In the last week or so, I’ve seen McDonald’s ads pop up that question whether or not their famous Big Mac is considered a Big Mac if it has bacon on it. While this seems like a pretty strange proposition to me as to why a burger would be under a different title if it adds another layer of meat, this question has sparked a bit of debate on the internet. Does the name change? Or does it not? I love these kind of campaigns because while it seems so trivial, it tampers with people’s views on a cultural icon and sparks a discussion. Wait…did I just call a Big Mac a cultural icon? Anyways, if it’s not evident enough, the spot below had an open comment section earlier this week when it was posted, but now comments are disabled. Maybe too much negative backlash? Who knows. Check out the spot below and let us know if you think adding bacon to it changes the name.

KFC Gets in the All-Star Spirit

D: As NBA all-star weekend is only a few weeks away, brands are beginning to step into the conversation with their all-star themed campaigns. KFC, one of the NBA’s many partners has launched a new campaign centred around using the al-star game to bring families together. In the TV spots, people are encouraged to download the QSR’s “KFC All-Star” augmented reality app. This is also accompanied by a social video that can be found below. You simply scan the top of the KFC bucket, and you can then use it as a virtual basketball net. There is also an option for those that don’t have the bucket, but let’s just be honest…that’s not as fun. GO out there, buy your buckets, and enjoy! Check out a video below of one of the ads from early this month. Also be sure to check out this article where you can find the new ads.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 22 – October 28)

October 28, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai


R.I.P Vine


M: Best known for its explosion onto the social media scene in 2013, Twitter officially announced vine as “extinct” this week. When the 6 second phenomena started out, Vine was one of the most innovative social media platforms out there. Now, if you can honestly point me in the direction of someone who still actively uses Vine I’d probably give you 20 bucks. Vine was an interesting concept, but remember a few years ago when Instagram announced that they would be featuring video content-similar to Vine? Well it finally caught up. Plus with the development of both Instagram and Snapchat, it was bound to happen. There was simply just no place for the content anymore. To honour Vine, here is a compilation of my favourite Viner: King Bach.

Taco Bell and Airbnb partner together

D: If you would have told me that Taco Bell and Airbnb would partner together, I would probably look at you like you’re crazy. When you read the headline it truly makes you wonder what could possibly come out of these two very different brands working together. The answer, “Steakcation”. Taco Bell Canada gave one lucky Canadian and their friends the chance to spend one night in a new Taco Bell location through a promotion with Airbnb. The lucky winner was treated to their own Taco Bell butler, branded robes, and other fun products courtesy of Taco Bell. The brand put together a fun video of the event with an amazing additional prize at the end, check it out below!

Steph Curry and Under Armour: Make That Old

D: If you couldn’t already tell, Malick and I are definitely basketball fans. “Make that Old” is a new spot from Under Armour that features the one and only Steph Curry to promote his new shoe, the Curry 3. The ad features young fans in their own locations celebrating the unanimous MVP’s various achievements, mentioning that they are now “old news”. The focus is the future, meaning the upcoming NBA season that began on Wednesday. The words “I Will.” appear at the end of the video as you see a close up of Steph sporting the new shoes. If this doesn’t get you pumped for the upcoming season, I don’t know what to tell you. The spot does a great job addressing what happened in the previous season, and showing the mindset that Steph and anyone who wears his shoes has: when you’re down, get up and try again.

Nike/LeBron James: Came Out of Nowhere

M: The NBA season is back in action as of this week and if you tuned in on Tuesday’s opener you probably saw a handful of awesome NBA themed ads. One that stood out to me features the greatest of all time: LeBron James. The ad tips its hat to James who was born and raised in Akron, Ohio showing that he wasn’t supposed to be the kind of player he has become. The best part about this ad is that it features a voice over of King James while showing ordinary players shooting hoops-those who “weren’t supposed to be there”. The thing I love about this ad is that it celebrates those who are defying all odds to perfect their craft-like James. With the concept created by Wieden + Kennedy, the Came Out of Nowhere campaign will run for the first two weeks of the season featuring other NBA superstars as well. The best part about this ad is that it pays homage to arguably one of the greatest blocks in NBA history, check it out at the end.

Apple Launches their New Macbook

D: If you were on the Internet yesterday, you’ve probably caught wind of the new Macbook Pro. Apple held an event where they revealed the new laptop, changes to Apple TV, and other updates to their product list. If you could already guess..the “wonderful” people of Twitter had something to say about it. To put it simply, the new Macbook Pro is now slimmer than ever before, it also now has a  digital “Touch Pad” that runs the length of the keyboard, and apparently the display is 67% brighter. Impressed? To check out a full list of improvements, check this article out. Now whether this new Macbook was the second coming of Jesus himself, the Twitterverse will always have something downright hilarious to say. Check out a few great tweets about the event below.

Clearly the problem with watching an event live

We’ll have to revisit this when it inevitably happens

But remember it’s also thinner..


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: Rio 2016 Olympics Edition

July 29, 2016
Weekly Recap - The MAD MIx

With the 2016 Summer Olympics right around the corner, it was only right that we shine a light on the amazing ads that have been released these last few months promoting the big event. For this week’s Weekly Recap, we combine our favourite Olympic ads so far to make The Mad Mix top five list.

Without further ado, check out some of our favourites below!


Gatorade Presents: The Boy Who Learned to Fly

D: Gatorade put together a short film (5 minutes), that essentially tells the story of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. The animated story is so well produced, with visuals alone that keep you entertained. The story begins with a young Usain Bolt being told he’s going to be late for school, and it takes you through him running as fast as he can in order to prove her wrong and get there on time. The story follows Usain Bolt through the 2002 Olympics where he shocked the world, and ends with him running another race, with the voice over “will Usain Bolt strike again?”. Followed by the Gatorade logo of course. I think what this ad does so well is showing the trails and tribulations of Olympic athletes, and how much pressure there truly is to actually win. Check out the short film below.


Samsung: The Anthem

D: There was no better time for this Samsung ad to come out then now, in a time when the world seems rather divided and scary to say the least. Samsung shines light on the unity of the Summer Games, and how it brings the world together. The ad starts with a young girl holding the new Galaxy s7, and singing the national anthem of Boswana, with the text on the screen saying “One world, one anthem. Throughout the ad there are several national anthems being sung to the same music, and by different nations. For example, the anthem of the UK is being sung by children in South Korea, and this theme is carried on throughout the ad. it’s a great spot because it promotes the unity of the olympics, as well as the Samsung brand for being “A proud sponsor of a world without barriers.


Visa: Carpool

D: Visa has been a proud sponsor of the summer games for 30 years, and what better way to celebrate than with a series of ads that demonstrate the many ways in which you can now pay with Visa. The ad follows 15 athletes from around the world performing the sports they are known for in a journey to get to Rio. In the midst of all this, Visa has managed to show off their payment methods in an incredible way that doesn’t take away from what’s going on itself. From simply buying gas, to buying a handful of items at the store with the Visa mobile payment option. The accessibility for Visa at the Summer Games just further enforces the slogan, “Everywhere you want to be”. It also doesn’t hurt that the commercial is narrated by God himself, Morgan Freeman.


P&G: Thank You, Mom-Strong

M: This one is definitely pulling at the heart strings for me. Behind every great athlete is a supporting cast. Someone who will support you, guide you, and be the person who will always believe in your abilities. This advertisement focuses on just that. P&G released this ad to emphasise that mother’s are a huge part of the support that goes into athletics. While this isn’t their first series of ads appreciating all the mommas out there, this one definitely hits home for any athlete who’s got their #1 fan supporting them in their journey. Check this one out, and bring some tissue.


Nike: Tomorrow Starts Now

M: When I think of Nike, I think of a certain type of swag that’s hard to replicate. While this ad is very minimalistic, the soundscapes are what make it unique. No music. Just the sounds of athelticism captured in a one minute time frame. This ad doesn’t focus on anything flashy, rather, it focuses on every part of what the olympics mean to people: strength, training, athletics, determination, and the work it takes to achieve greatness. With cameos from international athletes (I see you Anderson Varejao), quick shots, and the variance from loud cheering crowds to sudden silence, this ad captures what Nike is all about. They never disappoint in my books.

These are some of our favourite Olympic spots of the year that we wanted to share just in time for the Summer Games. If there are any that you truly loved and wanted to share, feel free to leave us a comment below. Also, be sure to check out our last Weekly Recap, the Canada Day edition, and like us on Facebook here.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 18 – June 24)

June 24, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.

Bentley uses NASA technology to take a 53-billion-pixel image

D: The luxury car brand took a seemingly normal photo of the Golden Gate Bridge for their site, encouraging users to zoom in. Once you zoom, you go from the once panoramic image of the bridge, all the way to the imprint of the Bentley logo on the seat of the new Bentley Mulsanne. Bentley used this image to show their “attention to detail”. The image uses 53 billion pixels which is 53,000 megapixels (the iPhone 6 takes 12 megapixel images). If printed out, a picture this big would be the same size as a football field, for comparison.

Panoramic image of the Golden State Bridge

Panoramic image of the Golden State Bridge


After zooming at 50%, you being to see the Bentley Mulsanne

After zooming at 50%, you being to see the Bentley Mulsanne


At 100% Zoom you hit the stitching on the passenger seat

At 100% Zoom you hit the stitching on the passenger seat

Instagram Reaches 500 Million Monthly Users

M: Instagram has easily become my favourite social media platform since I got it last year-and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. It’s been confirmed that Instagram has gained over 100 million users in the last 9 months alone to bring the total above 500 million! To scale, it has gained about 200 million users in the last year and a half. This is amongst the various changes made to the platform this year, including a new logo, change in interface, and general algorithm. Keep the selfies and food pics coming!Bottle With Popping Cork on Apple


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.53.05 PM


Independence Day Uses Google Maps to Simulate an Alien Invasion

D: Now I’m not usually one to go too crazy over film promotion, but this really caught my eye. My friend shared a website with me that is an interactive tool to promote the new Independence Day 2 movie that releases in theatres today (June 24)! The website prompts you to enter your address in the given field, and after doing so it will show a simulation of an alien invasion in your neighbourhood. Personally, I didn’t even know there was an Independence Day 2 movie coming out, so this was a great way to put it on people’s radar in an exciting way. Check out the site here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.32.27 PM

Screengrab of the Home Page

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.41.42 PM

Screengrab using the White House

2016 NBA Finals is the Most Watched Finals of the Century


M: Back with the 2016 NBA finals. I can say that it was one of the best finals I’ve ever seen, but that has been solidified through the fact that according to Ad Week, it was one of the most watched games in NBA finals history SINCE the Michael Jordan era, surpassing the 30 million viewer mark. That’s huge. In this epic match up, it’s only appropriate that the man who was a part of this viewership spike, is also the same man who made a promise to bring the championship back to Cleveland: LeBron James. Just another comparison between him and MJ I guess…

Rhapsody Rebrands Itself as Napster

D: Rhapsody and Napster, two names you probably haven’t heard since grade school are making a comeback..sort of. In this world music streaming giants such as Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL, it looks as though Rhapsody wants a piece of the pie. The company recently announced that it will now take on the name of Napster, since they acquired Napster itself in 2011. The change of the name is clearly to appeal to those that once loved the platform..#Throwback. The question is, is it too late to be doing this? Check out a teaser of the change below.


Nike Salute’s the Cavaliers in “Worth the Wait”

M: This is the ad that I was waiting for. There’s no doubt that the NBA Finals was absolutely unreal, as mentioned earlier with the Finals hitting over 30 million viewers for the first time since the 90’s. In light of the celebration, Nike released a 60-second spot online that aired directly after the grand finale. The ad, “Worth the Wait” shows the deep emotion for new and longtime Cavs fans that finally get to witness their city winning the big championship. The ad features everything from a security guard watching the game while at work, a girl watching while riding the bus, and families watching together. Nike captures the nerves that the game brought to fans around the world (especially in Ohio) as it came right down to the final seconds. The Cleveland Cavaliers finally did it. Check it out below.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know! Check out our recap of last week’s best, and be sure to like us on Facebook here.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 4 – June 10)

June 10, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


David Ortiz Takes a Swing in JetBlue’s Farewell Ad

M: To all our baseball fans out there, its no news that super-star slugger David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox is retiring this year. Sponsor JetBlue stars Ortiz in this commercial that showcases his talents in a different territory: kids birthday parties. The ad features Big Papi literally ruining some Pinatas with a baseball bat while the kids watch on and enjoy all the candy spilling out. Happy Retirement David Ortiz! Check out the video below.


Budweiser Sets to Launch Non-Alcoholic Beer in Canada First

D: Maybe you checked out our Weekly Recap two weeks ago where we spoke about Budweiser erntering the non-alcoholic beer market, or maybe you didn’t (won’t hold it against you). Anyway, it’s official, “America’s” beer will launch “Prohibition”, the non-alcoholic Budweiser in Canada first. “There’s a great opportunity for us to learn in Canada,” said Kyle Norrington, vice-president, marketing for Labatt (which markets the Budweiser beer brand in Canada). The campaign to promote the beer will be fully integrated, starting with an experiential component, and then being followed by print, TV, out-of-home as well as social and digital components. Stay tuned!


Cristiano Ronaldo and a Teenager Switch Places in a New Nike Ad

M: This ad is Nike doing what Nike does best-humor with pizazz and flash. The ad features global football (soccer) superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, but doesn’t stop at that. The nearly 6 minute commercial features a bunch of awesome cameos that I won’t spoil. The concept of the commercial is all about Ronaldo “switching” bodies with a 16 year old until he achieves greatness (much like Ronaldo has himself). Nike never disappoints. Check out the 6 minute video below.


Google Is Now the World’s Most Valuable Company

D: This just in, Apple has been dethroned! Millward Brown and WPP release a list of the 100 top global brands, and I’m pretty sure it comes to no surprise that Google is capable, and has topped the list this year. Google’s value is listed at $229 billion, while Apple is a mere BILLION short at just $228 billion (don’t you hate when that happens?). Google controls $60 Billion in ad spend in the U.S. alone, so it only makes sense.

google logo

MTV’s Elect This Campaign

M: Its no surprise that the upcoming US election seems to be quite the fandango. Will Trump *link trump article* be the next President? Will American feel the Bern (doubtful)? Even as Canadians, we’re living in a pivotal time, and MTV is getting involved. In their recent campaign titled Elect This, MTV is encouraging millennials to get out there and vote. Having a strong connection to youth culture, I think this campaign is a great way to get the younger generation out there to actually make a difference in this critical election.  MTV does a great job of connecting to young people to politics and issues that will affect them the most. Who knows? Youth voting could have a huge impact on the outcome later this year.


Snapchat Gets a Makeover

D: As you all probably know by now, Snapchat recently updated, adding a few changes and slightly new look. If you’re like most people, you probably never even noticed the “Discover” ads on Snapchat. Now, they’re made pretty hard to ignore with this new update. When users now open their app, instead of seeing a small Buzzfeed logo in the “Discover” section, they will see a much bigger image that shows a preview of content Buzzfeed and the other Discover Brands have to offer. Does this mean you are going to click them now? Probably not, but are you more inclined to? Absolutely.


snapchat discover


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!


Consumed by Culture – Marketing the Hype

March 12, 2016

Guest Article By:  Martin Fortunato

Back in high school I considered myself to have the freshest pair of creps on my feet at any given moment. I remember having stacks of sneaker boxes from the floor to the roof of my room and thinking nothing of it, as if I were just some dude who could wear a different pair of shoes every day of the week. Unlike most people, figuring out my outfit for the day started with the shoes and worked its way up. This eventually led to another passion – but that’s a different story.

As far as sneaker culture goes, Air Jordans set the groundwork for what we know today and has become the benchmark of what every company strives for. Every Saturday Nike releases a new pair of Jordans to retail stores across North America and every Saturday these shoes would eventually sell out. Sometimes it would take days for the sneakers to sell out and other times it could take less than an hour. Being able to push this much product at such a rate is a clear sign of why Nike holds such a big piece of the market share in its industry. So how do marketers capitalize on such a product? The answer is in the name derived from the man himself and built from the exact specifications of the best NBA player to ever play the game. Now I’m no basketball aficionado but when someone asks me who the greatest basketball player of all time is I instantly think of Michael Jordan. I also didn’t grow up in his era but I can only imagine what its like seeing your idol breaking records in a pair of sneakers that the world has never seen before.

Selling off of hype is certainly one way to get product off of shelves and the hype is built up in many ways. It could be derived from the limited quantities being produced, the celebrity co-sign, or the even just the stories behind the shoe.

At this time marketing the sneakers were much simpler because the sneaker culture was much more niche. Marketers would attach the sneakers to an athlete and watch the fans follow. Lets fast forward to today, hopping off of their 30th model of the shoe, Air Jordans are still releasing and still selling every Saturday.

air yeezys

Air Yeezy 2 Collection

Nowadays its not just the athletes who play their roles as influencers. Brands have reached out to all artists and other public figures to drive sales and increase brand presence. There are a ton of influencers out there who are co-signed to a lot of different brands but the most influential is undoubtedly Kanye West. While he was signed with Nike he helped design the Nike Air Yeezy 1 and 2 that literally skyrocketed the brand to even higher heights. But it wasn’t until the period around Watch the Throne, where Kanye shook the sneaker world with the Air Yeezy 2 (and his music), that I started to realize the momentum that sneakers had taken. It was the sneaker that bested all other sneakers with its luxe materials including snakeskin, glow in the dark soles, and gold aglets. At this time sneaker culture and everything associated with it took an unprecedented leap.

Overlooking all the drama, Kanye West is now signed with Adidas and is still creating sneakers. His most recent and sought after creations include the Yeezy 750 and 350 Boost which are made with a taste of luxury via its premium suedes and designer cues. Along with other artists and designers such as Pharrell, Pusha T, Raf Simons, and Rick Owens, he is credited to increasing the presence of the brand in North America and aiding with the jump in sales.

Kanye with fans

Kanye with fans during a Yeezy release

Remember when I said that hype is built up in many ways? Well these factors can actually be marketed together to create the pinnacle of consumer desire. As polarizing as he is, Kanye West has grown to play such a big part in sneaker culture because he is an influencer who brings ground-breaking levels of hype. His sneakers are highly limited and highly coveted in the market and not only does he attract new adopters to the community but he also brings his vast fan following of his music. There is something about owning a limited sneaker designed by one of the most influential people of our time that makes it so sought after. Sneakers are now becoming an extension of status and are being marketed to the masses as essential. Companies noticed this early on and have been capitalizing on it ever since.

A second year student in International Business at Humber College, Martin Fortunato has got a knack for fashion, sports, and pop culture. With ambitions to work in international trade, Martin is planning ahead and hopes to run his own clothing boutique. You can follow Martin here on Instagram