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Advertising in 2018

January 2, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we’re in 2018 already. It’s safe to say that 2017 was a huge year for advertising. With more progress in the digital space, advancement of technology, and tons of progressive advertising, we’ve seen things that we’ve never really seen (or done) before. What I find interesting is that it’s easy to look back on the year we’ve had, but difficult to really see how 2018 could continue to keep the ball rolling on the evolution of marketing and advertising. So, rather than looking back, let’s look forward on two big trends that I’m predicting to advance branding and advertising in 2018. Let’s dive right in.

Augmented Reality

AR technology is something that should make a massive splash this year. We’ve gotten tastes of it in recent years with the explosion of Pokemon Go and the Snapchat hot-dog, but I’m still waiting for brands to really take advantage of it in 2018. We’ve seen hints of brilliance from brands like Ikea who have really ventured into how brands can leverage this technology in a way that just makes sense for them. Check out how it works below:

While it is hard for more traditional brands to really dive into such an unknown media because it’s so hard to predict a positive ROI but I really feel like this will be the year of AR. I truly believe that brands who act now and take advantage of this innovative advancement in technology will be the one’s people engage with the most this year.  Can you not see this working well for larger retailers?

 The Death of Banner Ads

Advertising on the internet has changed more in the last 5 years than ever. Would I say that it’s because of breakthrough messaging or engaging creative? Probably not. I’d say that adblocker is probably the biggest reason. A lot of us use adblocker to phase out annoying banner ads or pop-ups that we definitely don’t want to engage with – which is totally fair. Will banner ads or pop-ups be relevant in 3 years? Hopefully not – they aren’t engaging at all. Brands will say that adblocker is damaging sales, or wasting their annual budget, but I think that this is a consumer’s way of saying: “hey, these ads suck, if you’re going to show me something, show me something in a way that’s exciting for me”. This ultimately forces brands to explore other unique ways of targeting consumers on the internet. This is a creative agency’s dream – getting rid of stale, boring, generic ads and challenging their clients to push forward with something new…something different.

So there you have it, two of the big changes I see happening for advertising in 2018. I think the future of digital advertisements are going to challenge brands to accept that change is happening. It’ll be the smart ones to implement key changes and adapt to how technology is advancing.

Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. As an alumni of both the University of Ottawa and Humber College, Malick specializes in communications, advertising, and marketing. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency in downtown Toronto and is looking forward to how he can further leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: December 16 – December 22

December 22, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Dakarai

Snapchat Introduces Context Cards

In the latest of innovation battles between Snapchat and Instagram, we have a new feature that is actually incredibly useful. Context Cards takes adding a location to your snapchat to a whole other level. Let’s say you’re eating at a new restaurant. You take the classic picture of your food cause you’re a millennial, and proceed to swipe until you find the location filter of the restaurant. Share it with your friends, and BAM, you’re finished. Now, Snapchat has improved that experience by allowing you to click those location tags, read reviews courtesy of OpenTable, take an Uber ride to that exact location, or perform another action that’s specific to the business. An example in the video below demonstrates a user clicking a location tag for a hotel their friend is staying in, and being prompted to book a room. Truly a cool feature that opens a whole world of opportunities for businesses and consumers.


Skittles Opens The Holiday Pawn Shop for the Last Time.

For the past three years, the brand has set up shop at 277 Queen st west during the holidays to offer an alternative to your unwanted gifts. The Holiday Pawn Shop is open from Dec 26-29 and will allow you to trade in any items in exchange for Skittles. If you’re from Toronto, chances are you’ve heard of this in the last few years. Well another piece of news is that 2017 marks the last year it will be open. Laura Amantea, marketing director at Wrigley Canada said the following: “Our whole job is to delight our fans with the unexpected, and the Pawn Shop is beginning to become a tradition for people in Toronto. It’s time for us to start planning the next unexpected surprise.”.

I almost can’t wait to see what they’re going to do next year. One thing to note is whatever the new idea is, it has some huge shoes to fill. Can’t make it to the pawn shop? Check out what your item would be worth online here:


Apple Admits to Slowing Down Older Phones

Yikes…The technology giant stated on Wednesday that it has algorithms in place to keep your phone running at optimal performance. Part of this process requires slowing down older phones as they are running with older batteries and couldn’t keep up with newer updates. The problem? It’s not sitting too well with the general public because they feel cheated and lied to. It’s an issue that people have been complaining about on social media for the last couple of years, that was never taken seriously. With the information we now know, it proves that there was some merit to these previous complaints. Think this could be the chink in the armour for Apple or will everyone forget about it before 2018?



That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: November 18 – November 24

November 24, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Malick, Dakarai, and Nick

Apple gets in the holiday spirit with “Sway”.

D: The brand recently debuted their 90 second holiday commercial, “Sway”. It tells the classic story of boy meets girl, love at first sight, and all that jazz while also shedding light on a product benefit. The story follows a woman walking the cold and snowy streets. She stops to play the music on her phone and we see that she is sporting the Apple AirPods (wireless earbuds). While dancing to the tunes like she’s in her own world she bumps into a man that catches her eye. The woman takes one of her earbuds out and places it in his ear, and they begin dancing together like they’ve known each other for an eternity. It’s a great feel good spot in time for the holiday’s which does a great job demonstrating the AirPods. I mean, you never know when you’ll need to lend your soulmate an earbud, right?

M: At the end of the day, this ad is supposed to sell headphones, but makes a strong case for effective storytelling in advertising. I get certain brands try to be as tactical as possible and drive hard hitting messages, but this kind of emotional advertising breaks through so much clutter that exists this time of year. The importance of emotional advertising is underrated. It’s easy to always want to push sales especially considering this time of year when the goal is to make as much moola as possible. Honestly, this is one of my favourite Holiday spots of the year. Check it out below:


Sports Experts puts Montréal residents to the test

D: Did you know that 85% of people in Montréal choose the escalator over the stairs in their Metro transit? Okay, maybe that’s not surprising at all. However, Canadian sports retailer, Sports Experts capitalized on this problem by installing a digital activation in the steepest Metro subway station. The activation scans your body heat and is able to detect if you walked up the 200 stairs or if you simply took the escalator to the top. “The Thermal Discount” gave those brave enough to take the stairs discounts to Sports Experts based on the amount they sweat. This of course prompted many people to run up and down the stairs in hopes that they could increase their discount. At the end of the day, it’s a fun interactive idea that gets people in your store. I can confidently say that I would have tried this way too many times.

Amazon Gets Physical on Black Friday

N: Retail behemoth Amazon made its mark pioneering online retail.  They disrupted the idea that stores need an actual storefront.  And they’re disrupting the storefront again – pulling a 180 at the same time.

Their ‘Home of Black Friday’ pop-up in London could be the next step in the evolution of a store.  Because it’s less a store than it is an experience – admittedly an overused marketing trope, but it rings true.  And Amazon takes that idea into hyperdrive with their “store”.

The big one is QR codes, allowing consumers to scan and visit the product page while simultaneously inspecting the actual product – a true integration of the physical and digital shopping experiences.  Orders can then be delivered at home or in-store (within two hours).  Amazon also offers master classes, tastings, small business workshops, and product tutorials.  Designed to feel like a house, people can browse thematically while engaging with products in a natural setting – an idea borrowed from the likes of Ikea.

This may just feel like a pop-up, but don’t be surprised if this starts a trend for physical stores.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


How Virtual Reality is Important to Startups and Why Most Consumers Are Unaware of it

November 10, 2017

Guest Article By: Jason Vander Griendt


Virtual reality is one of the emergent technologies that is experiencing a fast adoption rate in numerous industries. The entertainment industry was first on the scene. It empowered providers to offer compelling experiences to viewers taking the game to the next level. It’s increasingly finding innovative applications on the business scene. It’s transforming the way businesses interact with customers, market their products and engage talent among numerous other uses.

Besides sectors such as big data and the internet of things, virtual reality is expected to bring in the next big wave of innovation. Let us review some of the advantages of the technology to business.


Training and education

The traditional classroom is slowly becoming extinct especially in the workplace. Employees and students will log in to virtual classes with the mentor guiding the lesson. Businesses can fast-track employee training and offer education that achieves a more significant impact quickly. Think universities, driving schools, the healthcare industry and other hands-on learning scenarios that demand the use of expensive equipment.

Cost savings

Industries such as the real estate market are experiencing an enormous reduction in presales costs. It’s leveraging the technology to provide guided virtual tours of properties. The cost of hosting virtual tours does not come close to the expenditure associated with building model show houses, organizing the open house and stocking up numerous finishes for clients to choose from. Additionally, it is enabling realtors to build stronger value-based relationships with clients.


Virtual reality offers more productive interactions with customers in real time. It gives marketers a superior platform to showcase their products and services to a broader target audience. The technology makes it easy to prototype different products seamlessly without actually building them.

Niche markets

This includes sectors such as interactive games and amusement parks. Virtual reality presents engaging interactions with users. It makes an excellent case for a game design company. Additionally, you can offer virtual reality versions of popular adventure-based activities such as surfing, rafting, and zip lining among numerous others. Similarly, collaborations with breakthrough technologies such as nanotechnology will narrow the gap between real and virtual worlds.

Events and social networks

The virtual scene presents the new real estate to host events. You can interact with other participants, listen to presentations, and walk through various booths at the event. All this from the comfort and convenience of your home. The same concept will extend to your social interactions. Facebook is already experimenting on this with its VR subsidiary, Oculus.

Why are there so few consumers on the virtual reality scene?

First, I’d have to say price points. Gadget manufacturers are racing to provide the best possible experience from their units. This translates to thousands of hours of research and development as well as high-quality components to realize a commercial product. Similarly, there are few consumer applications on the market utilizing the technology to drive adoption. Virtual reality content, as opposed to the infrastructure, will play a prominent role in driving the consumer costs down. Furthermore, the technology is considered socially isolating and lacking a diverse range of choice of ready content.

Virtual reality is here to stay. The technology is expected to get better, cheaper and drive more penetration. As adoption increases, costs will come down. The technology will also find new applications, as more industries get onboard. Experts argue that the line between virtual reality and augmented reality is increasingly getting blurred. This fusion promises more opportunity for businesses and consumers. The attraction point remains its ability to completely immerse you in a virtual world connecting with your senses on motion, sight, touch, smell, taste and experimentally, emotion.



Jason Vander Griendt is the mechanical design engineering expert behind Render 3D Quickly, a company specializing in three-dimensional architectural renderings and visualizations. With years of experience in the field of 3D rendering and animation, Vander Griendt has established a global reputation for the exceptional insight and expertise he has regularly provided to architects, builders, contractors, designers, homeowners, and real estate companies from all over the world.


Dakarai Turner

“I Would Like to Opt Out” – The Boundaries of Market Research

July 25, 2017

“I would like to opt out” – The 6 words that advertisers and marketers do not want to hear. Those 6 words essentially tell you “leave me alone”. As someone that is passionate about marketing and the advancement of both industries, I might not be the best person to speak to when it comes to the question of “how far is too far” in the retrieval of customer information. Now to further explain, this is in reference to tactics marketers use that tracks consumer behaviour and habits.

My take is that I think it’s extremely helpful being served targeted ads based on things I’ve viewed or searched online. For example, I’m currently planning a trip to Montreal and I have been seeing Airbnb ads all over Instagram, and it helps with searching for a place to stay. Most people don’t feel the same way, even though this is a minute example of retrieving data on customers. Marketing is built off insights and research.

What about when an app wants you to opt-in to having your eye movements tracked when you view products? MakeUp is an app that digitally renders makeup products on your face so that you can get a sense of what it will look like before you make the purchase. The app is the result of a partnership between beauty brand Smashbox and ModiFace. You can read more about the eye tracking technology here.

They have revealed that the technology has resulted in a 27 percent increase in overall conversions since it began using it two months ago.

Creepy or not, you be the judge. The way I have always seen retrieving data on customers is that the intentions are appropriate. You get the product that best suits you and the brand gets a boost in sales. Everybody wins, right? Well not necessarily. Most of the arguments I’ve heard in the opposition would say that tracking customer information, habits, and more is an invasion of privacy. It’s definitely a grey area and one that will be consistently pushed further and further as technology advances and other brands want to play around with eye tracking technology for example.

So what does the future look like in this space? Will we slowly become desensitized to brands openly tracking our behavior? Or will consumers band together in support of opting out?


Dakarai is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing, and is currently employed as an account coordinator for an ad agency in Toronto. When he’s not at the office, he’s most likely trying out a new restaurant, browsing AdWeek, or binge watching something on Netflix. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Out of the Home & Into the Sky – The Future of Global Outdoor Advertising

March 18, 2017

Guest Article by Courtney Cullen

It’s 2017 and the opportunities are endless for marketers when it comes to reaching the consumer with strong, impactful brand messaging. As people are spending a larger fraction of their day out of their homes and becoming more mobile, marketers have had to become more creative in finding ways to reach and engage with consumers who are on the go. When used strategically, ‘Out of Home’ advertising can be a powerful and relatively cost effective tool.

‘Be where the consumer works, lives and plays.’ -Brent Barr, Marketing Prof

Today, with the help of advancing technologies the medium boasts more than just billboards and transit posters. We’re seeing growth in city smart technology through the use of digital boards, live data, responsive and personalized ads, and 3D specialization. Digital outdoor advertising has opened new doors allowing brands to further hypertarget within niche markets, and as these opportunities are increasing so is the ad spend. In Canada alone, ad spend is set to increase from an estimate of 760 million Canadian dollars in 2016 to 892 million dollars by 2019. So what’s next for the oh-so-promising OOH ad?

There’s a new player in the game. Lightvert LTD is a start-up U.K based media technology company, making waves and sparking global conversation about the recent development of ‘Echo Technology’. Founded by Daniel Siden, an American engineer and entrepreneur, Lightvert LTD came together with the help of a team composed of some of the world’s leading experts in Laser Imaging Systems, and Reflective Optics. Echo Technology will allow advertisers to project hyper-scale digital ads up to a sizeable 200m in height, that will stretch across the city skyline.

This new augmented technology will allow for marketers to step into the world of the untouched, most desirable areas of the city without the need of a standard billboard, and will be rented for less than half the cost of premium boards. It will capitalize on the power of just light and reflection to cast an image into the eyes of the city goers. After seed-round funding has closed, Lightvert LTD plan on launching and operating these installations throughout areas of Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Advertising sprawl in the city sky, what’s next? OOH advertising sees endless possibilities! Whether we like it or not, it’s a technological era we live in and new developments are constantly in the making. As we spend a great portion of our day outside, and commuting around the city, marketers have recognized the opportunity in taking advantage of these spaces. Companies like the new Lightvert LTD are determined to push the barriers.

I have a feeling that the future for OOH is bright, Echo bright! You heard it here first!


Courtney is currently finishing up her diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications at Humber. She plans on working within a creative agency role, and then starting her own business. She has a creative mind and excels in writing, drawing and photography. She currently takes on the role as copywriter, and loves the brainstorming process.  A quote she lives by is, ‘Art is anything you can get away with’ -Andy Warhol. You can contact her at for any inquires, and follow her on Instagram.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (January 14 – January 20)

January 20, 2017

Written by Dakarai & Malick

TGIF! We made it through another crazy week in the speedy world of advertising & marketing, but as usual, The MAD Mix has you covered for the hottest ads in this weekly recap. Check out some of our favourite ads, trends, and more below.


Kyrie 3: Improv

M: Ok I’m back at it again with the Nike ads, but I couldn’t pass this one up. This spot promotes NBA champion Kyrie Irving’s new line of kicks, the Kyrie 3’s with a musical twist. The ad begins with a drum solo that provokes Irving to ball handle to the rhythm. Who’s on the kit? None other than Questlove from The Roots. The two square off in a drum solo/dribbling battle that highlights the agility and duration that the new shoes can give you. Not only is this wildly entertaining for both music and basketball fans, but it’s just a wicked idea. Nike never disappoints, check out the spot below.

A YouTuber Takes a New Approach to ‘Don’t Text and Drive’

D: We see them all the time. The emotionally driven PSA’s following the tragedy of a texting and driving incident. Some go for the shock factor, and some will go for the emotional side of things. The question is, do they really work at the end of the day? In my experience, the amount of people I still see text and drive is astonishing. The reason why a lot of these ads don’t seem to have a lasting effect is for the sole reason that they are simply ads. Ashley Waxman Bakshi, a popular beauty YouTube star worked with Or Yarok (the Association for Safer Driving in Israel), to set up a staged video that appeared as if it was live. Her viewers got to see her driving in her car, reach for her phone to text and collide with an incoming vehicle. How do you make the issue of texting and driving feel more real? This is exactly the sort of stuff we need to be seeing more. Check out the video below.

McDonald’s Bacon Big Mac Awareness

M: In the last week or so, I’ve seen McDonald’s ads pop up that question whether or not their famous Big Mac is considered a Big Mac if it has bacon on it. While this seems like a pretty strange proposition to me as to why a burger would be under a different title if it adds another layer of meat, this question has sparked a bit of debate on the internet. Does the name change? Or does it not? I love these kind of campaigns because while it seems so trivial, it tampers with people’s views on a cultural icon and sparks a discussion. Wait…did I just call a Big Mac a cultural icon? Anyways, if it’s not evident enough, the spot below had an open comment section earlier this week when it was posted, but now comments are disabled. Maybe too much negative backlash? Who knows. Check out the spot below and let us know if you think adding bacon to it changes the name.

KFC Gets in the All-Star Spirit

D: As NBA all-star weekend is only a few weeks away, brands are beginning to step into the conversation with their all-star themed campaigns. KFC, one of the NBA’s many partners has launched a new campaign centred around using the al-star game to bring families together. In the TV spots, people are encouraged to download the QSR’s “KFC All-Star” augmented reality app. This is also accompanied by a social video that can be found below. You simply scan the top of the KFC bucket, and you can then use it as a virtual basketball net. There is also an option for those that don’t have the bucket, but let’s just be honest…that’s not as fun. GO out there, buy your buckets, and enjoy! Check out a video below of one of the ads from early this month. Also be sure to check out this article where you can find the new ads.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here.

Malick Ba

The 2017 Come Up

January 3, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new. 2016 was a big year for advertising, marketing, and especially technology. We were exposed to some things that no one had every really seen before. But rather than dwelling on what happened last year, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to open a discussion on how some of the trends we saw developing last year can (and will) affect marketers in the new year. So to kick 2017 off with The MAD Mix, here are some big things that you might see over the course of the year.


Virtual Reality

We got a taste of what VR can do in 2016, but I really think we’re less than a year away from seeing how this kind of technology will be incorporated in marketing strategies. VR presents an excellent opportunity to take a brand to the next level of engagement. We’ve seen Sony already incorporate VR into the Play Station 4, and not to mention Samsung with the Gear VR headset. You’re probably thinking: “Malick those things blew up in 2016, how can you say VR isn’t already here?” The thing is, Sony and Samsung are developers of these types of technology so that’s what I see to be expected. What I’m looking for in VR is how big retailers will use it. How will retailers like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, or Starbucks use VR to advertise their product? Virtual stores maybe? I think VR will change the way that we shop online in 2017, just wait for it.

Live Streaming

While sites like and Facebook have offered live streaming services for a few years now, the idea hasn’t really made its mark yet with the average consumer and especially businesses. With the tech world heading towards a more mobile friendly approach, we can expect to see live streaming become much more mainstream. What do I mean by that? Well in November of 2016, Instagram officially launched their live streaming function to anyone who has an account. Instagram has approximately 600 million monthly users, so by the looks of things, we’re due for a load of live streaming content of people’s dogs and dinner.

R.I.P Radio

Ok this one might be a bit of a bold prediction, but hear me out. The reach of radio is nothing to argue. A study by Nielsen shows that broadcast radio reaches over 90% of all age groups. But I have a hard time believing that young people are tuning in the same way our parents are. From my personal experience, the only time I find myself listening to the radio is when I’m in a car, literally. Now I know what some may be thinking: “cars will always exist, so radio will as well”. I don’t necessarily see that as holding true. With mobile streaming technology (and aux cables), becoming more and more prevalent in people’s cars, don’t you think that radio may not be the best advertising choice in the coming years? Even with the development of VR technology and live streaming, we may start to see advertisers move towards a more engaging form of reach than radio. Want to read more about an interesting study on radio numbers? Click here.

2017 is going to present some really interesting trends in technology and advertising. Personally I’m most excited to see how VR pans out. There is some really interesting ways that we’re going to be interacting with media, advertising, and technology in the next 12 months, so buckle up!



Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. As an alumni of both the University of Ottawa and Humber College, Malick specializes in communications, advertising, and marketing. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency in downtown Toronto and is looking forward to how he can further leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (November 18 – November 25)

November 25, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai.


Instagram introduces new updates to Stories

D: Instagram StInstagram liveories, once the Snapchat-clone that is now taking steps towards individuality with a few new updates. Instagram has introduced two new features: Live Video and Disappearing direct photos/videos. Live video is the perfect step in the right direction for Instagram and their Stories platform, as it’s proven successful for both Facebook and Twitter. Some of your followers will receive a notification that you are streaming live, and it will display that you are live over your stories icon. You will likely see this function being used by celebrities, athletes, influencers, and brands. In terms of people in your actual network, one thing I’ve noticed is that none of my friends use Facebook Live. The reason for this is because if you really think about it, what can you be doing that’s so important everyone needs to see it in real time? Now who’s to say that Instagram won’t challenge that way of thinking and make the process of going live more appealing to the every day person that isn’t selling/promoting anything? We’ll have to stay tuned and see.

Instagram stories


Facebook Investigating Means to Exclude Fake News From Platform

M: Ever scroll through your timeline and see an article with a headline that makes you think “there’s no way that’s actually true”? Same here. Over the last year, Facebook has been under the spotlight for allowing fake news articles to be spread around the social media platform. Since the 2016 U.S election, fake articles have been spawning and spread around at a rate so quickly that Mark Zuckerberg himself had made the following statement: 

“Our goal is to connect people with the stories they find most meaningful, and we know people want accurate information. We’ve been working on this problem for a long time, and we take this responsibility seriously. We’ve made significant progress, but there is more work to be done.” (Source-Adweek 2016)

Zuckerberg went onto state that in order to limit the number of fake articles being spread, Facebook will be developing ways to label articles as verified or false. I guess that’s just a friendly reminder that sometimes a quick google search can ease your curiosity. Do your research.


Drake stars in new Apple Music spot

D: Drake, 6 God, Meme King, whatever you want to call him, he’s done it again. In Apple Music’s new ad starring the Canadian rapper, he does what he does best..look goofy and create hilarious content. The :60 second spot “Drake vs. Bench press” follows the rapper working out intensely while listening to his own music with a trainer. The second the trainer leaves, Drake flips through Apple Music, selects Taylor Swift, and what happens next is just one of those things it’s better if you watch. The tagline at the end refers to Apple Music as “distractingly good”, which aligns with the Taylor Swift spot from earlier this year. Check out both of the commercials below.

Digital Coffee

M: Smart phones…smart TVs…smart mugs? That’s right. Tech company Ember has joined forces with Starbucks to deliver its consumers the first internet connected mug that allows users to adjust the temperature of their beverage through the brands smartphone app. With Starbucks having exclusive selling rights, the mugs will be sold at over 100 stores as early as December at a price of $150. While that does seem like it’s a bit much for a mug, think of how you’ll never have to worry about burning your tongue first thing in the morning. Or just a quick reheat making sure that your morning cup of Joe isn’t too cold. I think this is a really unique display of innovation in technology-let’s see if it takes off!

That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

Malick Ba

The 2016 Election vs The Internet

November 8, 2016

This is it. Today is the day we find out who will be the 45th President of the United States. I’ve been following this election for quite some time and have written a few pieces on it thus far-so what better time to wrap up the trilogy than the night of the election? At this point in the game, your mind is probably made up. Clinton? Or Trump? Rather than focusing on the candidates themselves, lets take deeper diver into how the coverage of this election on the internet has made waves. With the adaption of quicker technology, social media, and trends lets take a final look at how this has gotten a larger conversation going about the Presidential race.



There’s no question that with the amount of posts, tweets, and memes (especially), social media has had an enormous impact on this election. While admittedly, Twitter isn’t my go to social media platform, I think its capabilities in reaching a mass audience have proven very effective in this election period. The hashtag #ElectionFinalThoughts trending on Twitter,eleciton-tweet users are able to give their final weigh in on both candidates, their goals, and more with less than 24 hours to go. Users across multiple social media platforms have engaged with this hashtag-some for comedic purposes, some not.



Attracting the young voter can be extremely difficult but I think that with the development of the internet and social media giants like Instagram has made it a lot easier for youth to engage in some kind of political messaging. If you’re on Instagram, memes have almost become a way of communication procmaxresdefault-2ess and are very effective in engaging users on any topic. With any huge event happening in pop culture, news, or sports, you can always expect a plethora of hilarious memes to follow. With an extensive amount of coverage online and offline about this election, memes have gotten social media users actually engaged with what’s going on in the U.S. While no, they aren’t novels or textbooks, but more importantly they allow some sort of shared commentary about the election among users on social media (most notably-young people).


Donald Trump’s Twitter Account:

Ohhhh boy. Now I don’t really want to focus too much on the candidates-rather the impact the internet has had over election coverage, but I could not leave this one off. Donald Trump’s twitter account (and public relations department) completely outside of politics is straight up just bad. Everything I’ve ever been taught about professionalism and presenting yourself accordingly goes against anything that Trump has ever tweeted. His tweets provide an almost comical commentary on really anything that might cross his mind. I think this election has really only solidified Trump’s irrationality and spontaneity online which in turn can be entertaining in the end.352f3d8800000578-3637755-image-m-30_1465752175782

There is no doubt that the internet and social media have developed exponentially since current President Barack Obama’s debut in 2008. There are good parts and bad parts to this. The bad being that it allows for misinterpretation of information. False information travels so quickly on the internet that simply doing a fact check could change your mind on any political candidate. The best part about the internet concerning this election is that it gives everyone a voice. The internet grants the average person to provide commentary and effective communication on this election through the use of blogging, memes, tweets, and more. For all of our American readers-you have a voice, let that be heard through an effective vote. Oh…and one more message before you hit the polls…



Malick Ba is an advertising and marketing specialist currently living in Toronto, Canada. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a minor in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Malick works at an advertising agency in Toronto and is looking forward to how he can leave his mark upon the advertising and marketing world. Follow him on Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.


Battle of the Streaming Services: Apple Music vs Spotify

November 4, 2016

Guest Article By: Laura Hong


The rapid growth of streaming services has dramatically changed the way consumers, consume music.  In the last decade, streaming services have grown exponentially to the point where multiple streaming services not only exist-but flourish. The two most recognizable in 2016? Apple and Spotify.

With its 8th year in market, Swedish based Spotify, boasts 30MM active subscribers.  In comparison, Apple Music’s debut in 2015 has garnered 13MM subscribers since its emergence into the music streaming industry. This presented the question to me: How do they differ? On the surface, Apple Music and Spotify provide similar services.



Both apps are relatively easy to use, priced similarly at $9.99 per month and widely available on mobile and desktop devices. In short, both play music on demand from a large catalog of songs and make recommendations based on listening your history. Both services offer the ability to create and share playlists of any kind and able to play music even when there’s no service or Wi-Fi around. Quick disclaimer: I do admit, I am a huge Apple fan and love their line of products, from the iPhone, to the iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV!

As a big Apple user, personally I was really surprised with Apple Music’s UI functionality.  It’s very easy to get “lost” in the service, the UI is not a “natural” digital experience. Just recently, I’ve cancelled my apple music subscriptions and flipped over to the Spotify.

Here’s the main reason why;


In typical Apple form, visually the Apple music app looks beautiful-but the same can’t be said about its navigation.  For a company that is all about a minimalist layout, I found it pretty surprising as to how confusing it was. It was not intuitive and hard to navigate.

Non-user friendly interface

What really bothers me the most about Apple Music is that everything seems more complex. Each task requires going to another section of the app to do so- it just takes more effort from me to get to play what I want to listen to. I find that in order for Apple Music to be more successful, they needed to simplify and streamline the app much more. This made me realize all the content in the world matters little if you don’t enjoy actually using the application.

Spotify on the other hand, has a strong all around showing and simple yet engaging user interface. It provides effective content, great aesthetic, and most importantly it’s simple to use. You can’t really go wrong with Spotify, especially if all you want is a solid no- fuss music streaming experience without a lot of complications and menus tacked on. I really felt like Spotify struck that perfect balance between streamlined user interface (UI) and fun without compromising user experience.

The fact is, the way we consume music is changing more than ever. Music streaming services are here to stay, and this is just the beginning.




Laura Hong is currently enrolled in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber College. Besides her interest in the tech world, Laura is a huge dog lover, health nut and loves scuba diving.

Dakarai Turner

Unlikely Pairs: What The Walking Dead and Apple Have in Common

November 1, 2016

The Walking Dead, what started as a comic book series is now a 7 season running strong show viewed and loved by millions. Apple, a technology company that was founded 40 years ago, and is still known to this day for leading in innovation. So at first glance, do these things have anything in common? If I have anything to say about it, they do.

Let me just state from now, if you haven’t seen the season 7 premiere of the Walking Dead yet, this will contain spoilers!



I’m always trying to stay in touch with the latest news from Apple for the sake of being in the loop, and it goes without saying that they do an excellent job creating hype, and selling new ideas. By selling new ideas, I mean that the brand excels in creating a need for their consumers. The way they present their products has created an unparalleled level of hype for pretty much the last decade.

Now where does The Walking Dead come in? While finally getting around to watching the season 7 premiere, my jaw was dropped for the full hour. I had heard people talk about how crazy the episode was, but in all honesty I never thought it would live up to the hype. A day later (October 27th), I found myself streaming Apple’s Special Event to see what the latest would be, and my takeaway at the end was “hey this was sort of like The Walking Dead”. Below are 3 similarities between Apple Events and the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Getting rid of the things you love

2016 – The year we lost both Glen and the headphone jack. In the most brutal way possible, Glen one of the main characters and a fan favourite was killed. It was one of those moments that you almost didn’t know the correct way to feel. There was a mix of emotions from shock, disbelief, and then finally acceptance, followed by venting on social media. Glen was an honest character that was loved by all, which brings me to the headphone jack and USB ports we’ve been accustomed to our whole lives being killed off in the same year. In September, the tech giant revealed that the iPhone 7 would not have a headphone jack and the world lost their mind. On top of this, the new Macbook Pro’s will not have a built in standard USB port, so tough luck using the sticks you already own.


The post-conversation

This is simply a result of the massive audience that both The Walking Dead and Apple have, but there is always a discussion afterwards. There is literally a television series dedicated to talking about the latest episode, called The Talking Dead. However, I want to focus on the conversation from the public. The season premiere and Apple’s most recent events were both trending on Twitter and Facebook and some great memes were born.

the walking dead season premiere

the walking dead season premiere

Setting up the future

Sometimes getting rid of certain elements helps set up the future. With The Walking Dead, it goes without saying that by starting the season off in such a dramatic way, it sets up an inevitable roller coaster season that is bound to keep fans on their toes. At the same time, with the removal of the headphone jack, whether you like it or not it goes with Apple’s brand image of “leading in innovation”. By removing the headphone jack, it will increase the trial of Bluetooth headphones. Coincidentally, Apple happens to own the leading Bluetooth company, Beats. Checkmate, Apple.

Now at this point you’re either saying that I’m reaching for the stars or that I have a point. Nevertheless, these were three things that stuck out to me when thinking of both Apple’s events and The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. If you have any other similarities in mind, I’d love to hear them. Drop us a comment below!


Dakarai is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing, and is currently employed as an account coordinator for an ad agency in Toronto. When he’s not at the office, he’s most likely trying out a new restaurant, browsing AdWeek, or binge watching something on Netflix. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap: September 17 – September 23

September 23, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.

Written by Malick and Dakarai.



M: Politics, politics, politics. As everyone knows, the United States of America is going through possibly one of the most critical elections of all time. Clinton or Trump? The choice is pretty obvious to me. A vote against Trump isn’t wasted. To address the youth voting issue, Google launched its #voteIRL campaign in hopes of bumping those numbers up. The video below shows big YouTube players like Hannah Hart, Kingsley, and Hank Green with a message to try and get people out to the polls. I realize that I’ve made a number of political posts on here, but I think this is great. No matter who you vote for, everyone should exercise their right to vote, and Google is doing its part. Check it out:

Apple Releases a Pair of iPhone 7 Commercials

D: During the Emmy’s on Sunday, Apple released two visually stunning spots promoting features of the iPhone 7. The first one is a 60 second spot titled “Midnight” and it focuses on the water proof features of the new phone, as well as the low lit camera. It goes without saying that it was shot at night, and just overall the imagery is visually stunning. The second spot, “Morning Ride” focuses solely on the water resistant capabilities following a cyclist on his morning ride in the rain. With the soaking wet conditions it really makes you wonder just how water proof the phone actually is. Prediction, the next ad will feature someone singing in the shower while holding their phone. Check out both ads below.

Virtual Reality Technology-A Study


M: Virtual reality is becoming a thing, and we’re on board. A recent Nielson of approximately 8000 consumers shows that over 24% over those consumers have expressed serious interest in using or purchasing a VR product within the next year. 20% however showed that while they weren’t necessarily interested in buying it, they’ve expressed interest just after learning a little bit about it. Coming from someone who loves the newest technology (even if I’m too broke to get it), I can’t see how someone wouldn’t want to at least try a VR product. In my opinion, we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg with VR technologies, and as they become more mainstream, it’ll be interesting to see how bigger brands can adopt it into their marketing strategies in the next decade or so.

Twitter is Going to Live-stream the Presidential Debates

D: Earlier this summer I mentioned that Twitter is going to start focusing on live-streaming, as it’s something that is perfect for the platform, and provides them with an opportunity to escape their stalled growth. Twitter has seen success with the live-steaming of sports, and by stepping in to the political debate, it will ensure that they cover just about as many people as possible. Between sports and politics, you have a pretty great reach in terms of people interested. Are they the only one’s doing it? Obviously not since Facebook will also be streaming the debates. However, Twitter is making the streams available for even non users, so this can be a great way to attract new people.

twitter live stream

Facebook Messenger Gets an Upgrade

D: I’m sure we all knot the feeling of large Facebook group chats where it’s basically impossible to come up with a decision. Whether it’s which restaurant to go to or which club you’re hitting up that night, there’s usually an issue getting everyone on board, or maybe that’s just my friends. Messenger will be testing out an update shortly in the U.S. that brings voting polls to your group chats. You simply type in a question with some possible responses, and members of the group chat can vote on which ones they want.

Facebook Messenger Update


On top of this, another feature they are adding is a tool that uses machine learning to remind your friends to pay you back! Just type “Malick, you owe me $50”, and if they click “Pay Now” it will allow them to type their banking info to proceed with the payment. Needless to say I will be avoiding this if it comes to Canada


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here as well. Happy Friday.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (July 20 – August 5)

August 5, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


Instagram Introduces “Instagram Stories”

D: Earlier this week, the social media giant Instagram revealed their newest feature, Instagram Stories. You know the whole idea of Snapchat stories right? Pictures/Videos that last only 24 hours, with the ability to put text over over them, and add filters. Yeah, that is basically Instagram Stories. Moments after announcing this new feature, the memes began to roll in, as expected. Either Instagram thought people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of it being the same as Snapchat, or they are playing for the long-run, hoping they can evolve their Stories feature in a better way. Regardless, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite memes that have surfaced these past couple of days.

 IKEA Releases “Let’s Relax”

IKEA’s latest campaign is intended to remind us of the simple things in life, sharing time with one another cooking, eating, and being together. The brand released a short video that pokes fun at the “Photo First” foodies out there. In 2016, practically everyone knows someone that can’t eat a meal without taking a picture of it and sharing it first. IKEA decided to show just how ridiculous that idea is, using an 18th century setting. This is the first video to start the campaign, as there will surely be more that follows. Although the video is shot well, and is rather funny, is there really anything wrong with taking a picture of your food before you eat? Check out the video below.

Suicide Squad Opens Up Shop in Toronto

D: With the blockbuster movie arriving in theatres today (August 5th), a pop up fan experience came to Toronto to get the public in the super villain mood. Warner Bros. Pictures brought the fictional prison from the movie to the Downtown streets of Toronto, where fans could walk through a recreation of the jail cell of one of the movies characters played by Will Smith, named Deadshoot. They are also able to view props from the movie, and smash vases and bottles in a recreation of Harley Quinn’s “Smash Cell”. Basically a dream come true for any Suicide Squad fan. Check out Malick’s article about the promotion behind the movie here.

The Revenge: Pokemon Go-Basel Tourismus

M: Tired of Pokemon yet? Sorry. This one is too good not to share. Basel Tourismus (a Swiss Travel Agency) put together a Pokemon Go inspired video that went completely viral. While we all know that Pokemon are meant to be captured, what happens when they try and catch you? This viral video shows a bunch of people dressed up in Pikachu outfits running around Basel throwing giant pokeballs at tourists.  Personally I think this is not only a funny video, but a great way to combine a popular trend with your business. The video has obtained around 49 million views in the last few days…talk about viral…

Vroom VR Showroom

M: Virtual reality is soooo cool. Vroom-an online used car dealership-has adapted VR technology to bring a new perspective of buying cars. What they’ve done is basically eliminated the difficulties of moving from lot to lot trying to find the perfect car for you. They’ve adapted VR technology in a way in which users can step into a virtual show room in which they can view different models and costs at an almost video game like simulation. I think this is just the beginning of the way consumers can interact with different products of services. It’s crazy to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg for VR technology. It will be interesting to see how Vroom continues to further this technology. Anyone else feel like playing Need for Speed Underground 2?


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know! Check out last week’s special edition 2016 Olympic commercial recap , and be sure to like us on Facebook here.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 18 – June 24)

June 24, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.

Bentley uses NASA technology to take a 53-billion-pixel image

D: The luxury car brand took a seemingly normal photo of the Golden Gate Bridge for their site, encouraging users to zoom in. Once you zoom, you go from the once panoramic image of the bridge, all the way to the imprint of the Bentley logo on the seat of the new Bentley Mulsanne. Bentley used this image to show their “attention to detail”. The image uses 53 billion pixels which is 53,000 megapixels (the iPhone 6 takes 12 megapixel images). If printed out, a picture this big would be the same size as a football field, for comparison.

Panoramic image of the Golden State Bridge

Panoramic image of the Golden State Bridge


After zooming at 50%, you being to see the Bentley Mulsanne

After zooming at 50%, you being to see the Bentley Mulsanne


At 100% Zoom you hit the stitching on the passenger seat

At 100% Zoom you hit the stitching on the passenger seat

Instagram Reaches 500 Million Monthly Users

M: Instagram has easily become my favourite social media platform since I got it last year-and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so. It’s been confirmed that Instagram has gained over 100 million users in the last 9 months alone to bring the total above 500 million! To scale, it has gained about 200 million users in the last year and a half. This is amongst the various changes made to the platform this year, including a new logo, change in interface, and general algorithm. Keep the selfies and food pics coming!Bottle With Popping Cork on Apple


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.53.05 PM


Independence Day Uses Google Maps to Simulate an Alien Invasion

D: Now I’m not usually one to go too crazy over film promotion, but this really caught my eye. My friend shared a website with me that is an interactive tool to promote the new Independence Day 2 movie that releases in theatres today (June 24)! The website prompts you to enter your address in the given field, and after doing so it will show a simulation of an alien invasion in your neighbourhood. Personally, I didn’t even know there was an Independence Day 2 movie coming out, so this was a great way to put it on people’s radar in an exciting way. Check out the site here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.32.27 PM

Screengrab of the Home Page

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.41.42 PM

Screengrab using the White House

2016 NBA Finals is the Most Watched Finals of the Century


M: Back with the 2016 NBA finals. I can say that it was one of the best finals I’ve ever seen, but that has been solidified through the fact that according to Ad Week, it was one of the most watched games in NBA finals history SINCE the Michael Jordan era, surpassing the 30 million viewer mark. That’s huge. In this epic match up, it’s only appropriate that the man who was a part of this viewership spike, is also the same man who made a promise to bring the championship back to Cleveland: LeBron James. Just another comparison between him and MJ I guess…

Rhapsody Rebrands Itself as Napster

D: Rhapsody and Napster, two names you probably haven’t heard since grade school are making a comeback..sort of. In this world music streaming giants such as Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL, it looks as though Rhapsody wants a piece of the pie. The company recently announced that it will now take on the name of Napster, since they acquired Napster itself in 2011. The change of the name is clearly to appeal to those that once loved the platform..#Throwback. The question is, is it too late to be doing this? Check out a teaser of the change below.


Nike Salute’s the Cavaliers in “Worth the Wait”

M: This is the ad that I was waiting for. There’s no doubt that the NBA Finals was absolutely unreal, as mentioned earlier with the Finals hitting over 30 million viewers for the first time since the 90’s. In light of the celebration, Nike released a 60-second spot online that aired directly after the grand finale. The ad, “Worth the Wait” shows the deep emotion for new and longtime Cavs fans that finally get to witness their city winning the big championship. The ad features everything from a security guard watching the game while at work, a girl watching while riding the bus, and families watching together. Nike captures the nerves that the game brought to fans around the world (especially in Ohio) as it came right down to the final seconds. The Cleveland Cavaliers finally did it. Check it out below.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know! Check out our recap of last week’s best, and be sure to like us on Facebook here.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (June 11 – June 17)

June 17, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn

Earlier this week it was announced that Microsoft has acquired the professional network LinkedIn for a staggering $26.2 Billion. If you’re like me you had to read that number over, because it definitely doesn’t seem like LinkedIn is worth that much. Actually, with the deal being $196 per share, Microsoft is paying a 50% premium. They must have something truly special planned to integrate LinkedIn with their existing office platform. Let’s hope this erases the memory of  Microsoft buying Skype in 2011 for $8.5 Billion. Still waiting for that one to take off! Both Microsoft’s CEO and LinkedIn’s CEO discuss the deal in the video below, check it out.


Apple demo’s new features at WWDC

If you haven’t read my article about WWDC, I’ll give you sometime to do so and come back. Apple uses WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) every year to announce new changes to existing and completely new platforms/devices. Last year they announced Apple Music, and this year they announced 3x larger emoji’s. I’m sure you can tell what my feelings were towards this years event, but nonetheless a lot of new things will be touching Apple devices this fall. If you want to check out the full list of announcements, check out this article.



This Company Will Give You a Free Bike If You Turn into an Ad

A London company by the name of Buzzbike is giving people free bikes, in exchange for them essentially being a cycling billboard for brands. They are trying to create a buzz for the brands they work with, with bikes..hence the name. There are a few restrictions to be able to have this free bike. One of them being that the user must commit to cycling a minimum of 12 days a month, and park their bike on the street for maximum exposure. It is still in its early stages, but if it ever comes to Toronto, there will definitely be a MAD Mix one!


McDonald’s Brings the Peace with Anti-Violence Ad

It’s no secret that an event such as the Euro Cup inspires a lot of passion in people and pride. With this comes aggression in some cases, and things have been getting quite ugly between fans. The most recent example being the clash between England and Russian fans. McDonald’s France saw the opportunity to promote non-violence, and getting along with the other nations in the Euro Cup. The ads pair together two countries into one to show unity and “Come As You Are”. Check out a few examples below!

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.33.36 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.33.44 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.34.05 AM


Anti-Racism Campaign Hits Toronto

The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) and the City of Toronto partnered together to create an anti-racism campaign. This campaign comes as a response and in the wake of the backlash that Syrian refugees are still facing, since arriving in December. As well as the number of crimes against the Muslim community, earlier in the year. The campaign is intended to shine light on the ignorance behind various stereotypes. Check out an example of a bus shelter ad below.

Gatorade Releases New Olympic Spot

If you didn’t already know, the Olympics are amongst us, and they are kind of a big deal. Gatorade enlisted Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, and Paul George in their new ad “Never Lose the Love”. The ad shows a younger version of each athlete pushing and motivating them to reach their true potential. Whether it’s Serena not wanting to get out of bed for practice, or Paul George needing the motivation to hit his last set when working out. It’s a great spot that shows what Gatorade is all about. Check it out below.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Dakarai Turner

Sometimes It’s Not Worth The Wait – Why Apple’s WWDC Left Me Unsatisfied

June 14, 2016

With yesterday’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), it seems only fitting to talk about Apple. For those of you that don’t know, WWDC is an annual event where for the last 33 years Apple has been introducing new changes and products to the tech community. Previously an event that only interested the “geeks”, but now streamed by those such as myself that just want to stay updated with the latest. Whether you’re a die hard Apple lover or hater, there has to be some sort of respect for what they’ve been able to accomplish.

Now I am no tech genius (someone tell my mom this), but i’d love to share with you some of my favourite takeaways from watching this years event from the comfort of my desk at work.

You can now delete pre-installed apps

You know that “Stocks” app that you’ll never use, or that iBooks app you haven’t opened yet? Say no more, you can now deleteios-10-delete-apps-970-80 them all. This seems like such a basic function that should have been done a long time ago, but hey it’s Apple. The fact that I am even excited about this says a lot about Apple as a company, and the way they operate. It’s basically like they will give you an unfinished product, that they can just keep slightly updating with cooler things to keep you coming back. Apple understands how long they need to make people wait to truly “wow” them.


Siri will be available on Mac

siri on macI think I’ve used Siri maybe 3 times in my whole life. I don’t know what the numbers are for use, but I’m sure they will rise with this new addition. You’ll be able to ask Siri to open files on your desktop/laptop, do some quick math, and even switch between apps. Apple also announced that Siri will now be open to developers. Let’s just imagine ordering an Uber from Siri. I’m sold!

Voicemail transcription

It’s a busy world out there, sorting through voicemails just to get rid of the notification gets time consuming. With the newly added voicemail transcription, it will display on your device a text version of what’s in your voicemail. This is one of those ideas that sound great in theory, until you realize people record voicemails in the most unclear fashion, almost as if it’s on purpose. Reading these transcripts should provide quite the entertaining screenshots posted on Twitter.

For a 2-hour long conference, you would think it would provide a bigger list of excellent takeaways beyond deleting apps, and voicemail transcription, but in my opinion Apple truly missed the mark. Instead of interesting upgrades to iMessage, Apple announced bigger emoji’s, the ability to draw a message, and an emoji predictor. As if we needed anymore emoji related news in 2016. All I thought was just absolute clutter.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 11.09.16 AM

All in all it just felt like there was no real “wow” factor throughout WWDC. There were moments where they would introduce something, and all I would be thinking is “this should have been done 2 conferences ago”.

At the end of the day it seemed as though people were generally satisfied with the conference, as is usually the case with WWDC. It will be interesting to see any new developments and announcements from Apple in the coming months. If you’ve checked it out, let me know your thoughts. Overall, were you impressed with the conference?

To check out all of the features announced at WWDC, check out this article.


Dakarai Turner is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing. Armed with strategic thinking, people skills, and a cheeky smile, he is ready to get his career started in client relations for an advertising agency in Toronto. In his free time he will most likely be eating, browsing AdWeek, or studying Donald Draper. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about him.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (May 27th – June 3rd)

June 3, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


Shaq Goes Undercover for Lyft

M: Realistically, who wouldn’t love to get a Lyft from Shaq? Ride-sharing mobile app Lyft teams up with the big Artistotle to surprise riders in Atlanta. While he was disguised, I think it’s pretty obvious that riders knew right away that they were getting picked up by the ex-Laker superstar. Production company Alldayeveryday posted the sequence of videos on Youtube on Wednesday and already has over 1.6M views. Check it out below.


Instagram Announces More New Features

D: Instagram has been going through quite the amount of changes recently, and it’s pretty interesting to watch the once simply photo sharing platform turn into a whole other beast. Instagram anInstagram analyticsnounced that in the next few months they will be providing detailed analytics and promotional tools, that will aid businesses that use Instagram. As of now, essentially every account is the same, and that’s bound to change. Business profiles will be able to see further information than just how many likes, and comments their posts have received. Instagram starting to sound a little like Facebook now? Stay tuned.



Coors Light Uses 360 Degree Videos in a New Series of Ads

D: Virtual Reality..all the craze right now. Coors Light released a series of ads that put you in the outdoor sport action! From surfing, to Kayaking, to Mountain Biking, you can experience the thrill from home through the 360 degree videos on YouTube. The campaign lives off of providing an experience for the user, and it does a fantastic job tying it in with the brand in the end. After hitting a tough wave, there’s a cold beer waiting for you and your friends onshore. Check out one of the videos below:


Bud Light Partners with Ellen For New Spot Supporting Pride Month

M: First and foremost: Happy Pride month! In this ad, Budweiser teams up with talk-show superstar Ellen in a new ad in support of gay marriage. The ad features Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer, both of which who have been apart of the Bud Light Party campaign earlier this year. Starring two of the most relevant comedians, its hard not to see this advertisement do well-but having Ellen on board just takes it to another level. With over 60 million followers on Twitter, this is definitely a hit. Great cause, great celebrities, great marketing…what’s not to like? Check out the video below:

European Airline Seeking to Change the Way You Travel

D: In interesting tech news, we have the EasyJet #SneakAirs. If you’ve ever arrived in a new country, and got lost (everyone), this product is for you. European airline EasyJet is currently developing shoes that help you arrive to a chosen destination in a new city. Simply by buzzing twice for a wrong turn, buzzing on the left foot to turn left, the right foot to turn right and so on. The trainers work in connection with Google Maps. This is definitely a product to continue watching, and we will post any updates we find. Check out a video of the shoes below:


Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Users

M: Remember my article on how Twitter was getting phased out?Well maybe I was onto something. Snapchat has reportedly surpassed Twitter daily users reaching over 150 million. In an age of instant media transferring, I could see this coming. With all of the changes that Snapchat *link “how snapchat snapped back”* has gone through within the last year mixed with the combination of mobile application usage, its not hard to believe that Snapchat has become one of the largest social media platforms.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.42.02 PM


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (May 14th – May 20th)

May 20, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.


The First NBA Jersey to Feature a Sponsored Ad is Released

On April 15th, the NBA Board of Governors ruled in favour of ad placement on NBA jerseys. It was only a matter of time until each jersey and its associated brand would be released. Earlier this week, the Philadelphia 76ers announced that they would partner with StubHub, a website that connects ticket buyers and sellers, and they released images of the jerseys in all the different colourways. Even with the 76ers having a record of 10-72 (the worst in the NBA this season), clearly StubHub still found the partnership to be a great opportunity.

“Their current spot in the standings is largely irrelevant to us because we’re in this for the long term,” Scott Cutler, StubHub’s CEO said.

IKEA Sets Up Shop Downtown Toronto

IKEA-pop-up-21In partnership with ad agency Leo Burnett, IKEA launched their new “It Starts with Food” campaign, with a pop-up shop Downtown Toronto. The shop challenges consumers to #StartFooding and make every meal their own. The first room is dessert inspired, with a graphic on the wall that states “Start with dessert, because life’s too short”. Having actually been to this pop-up shop, I have to say that I was pretty impressed with how it was all put together. Each room serves it’s own purpose, and free food is always a plus. The only negative thing I could say was that for a campaign centred around food, there wasn’t nearly enough of it!


Ky-Rispy Kreme

As you can probably tell, we love basketball…and shoes as well. This ad features Cleveland Cavaliers all-star point guard Kyrie Irving promoting his new set of Nike kicks whilst also crushing some Krispy Kreme donuts. What we love about this ad is its hilarious word-play, and it does a great job of promoting the shoes, but without actually really mentioning them at all. As a part of this entire campaign, limited quantities of the  Ky-Rispy Kreme’s (see what we mean about wordplay) are being distributed in select cities in the U.S in a Krispy Kreme donut truck. In the end, it’s definitely a unique way to approaching the sneaker-head market and I doubt they’d have a hard time selling-because they do look sweet.

Raptors Rolling in Ratings

Living in Toronto, its impossible not to talk about the incredible playoff run the Raptors are having. While the Raptors haven’t always been the most popular team (being the only pro-ball team North of the border), this year is a year to break records. In fact, the Raptors were able to gain an approximate 1.5 million viewers during their winner-take-all series against the Miami Heat earlier this week. Why is this significant? It was the most watched program on Canadian Television, let alone the most watched basketball game on Bell Media’s specialty channel. Will they continue to break Canadian TV records? I guess we’ll have to see if they can keep up with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers long enough to find out.



Picture Perfect

Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO and Getty Images team up for one of the most visually unique advertisements we’ve seen yet. As a part of their “Endless Possibilities” campaign, Getty Images has created a way to put four images of four different people’s faces, and combine them to create a facial  image of famous icons around the world. Some of the big names that have been created in this campaign so far are Pope Francis, The Dali Lama, or even Prince Charles.  The technology, detail, and innovation that has gone into this advertisement is absolutely stunning. Check out the video below to see how they’ve put together some of the most iconic faces of our time.

The Salvation Army Uses An Open House To Communicate Their Message

If you want to feel something today, this one is for you. It’s very hard to get people to actually care about poverty enough to donate. However, The Salvation Army and Grey Canada used an “open house”, both online and a physical space where you could explore the home that represents that of a family living in poverty. The goal of the campaign is to change the perception that people have of those living in these conditions. From the outside it looks just like a regular house, and this shows that you may not be able to directly tell what someone may be going through. Check out the home digitally here. The campaign was also supported with a video that shows footage of unsuspecting people checking out the open house for themselves.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!


Will I get in Trouble for Texting? And Do You Have WIFI? – Millennials in the Workplace

March 18, 2016

Guest Article By: Linnea Franson

 Whether it comes to working part-time while you’re in school, or landing your first “real person” position, there is always an eclectic mix of age groups on the job. We are all pretty familiar with the Baby Boomer generation (1945-1960), and even Generation X (1961-1980). The children of the Baby Boomers known most popularly as “Millennials” consist of people born between 1980 to 2000 and are (brace yourself) the biggest generation is U.S. history to date. That’s right, not only are millennials different than those that have gone before us, but are also more numerous than any other generation.

According to Deloitte, millennials will make up three-quarters of the workforce by 2025. But hold on a second… aren’t millennials all lazy, selfish and entitled brats??? A notion exists that millennials are nothing more than the “victims of their parents’ success” as Jennifer Graham says in her millennial-bashing article in the Boston Globe. How is this tech-savvy, yet minimally employable bunch of Snapchatters going to fit the rigid corporate mold? Hang on to your iPads folks as I attempt to answer these questions, investigate these claims and discover if there is more to this millennial mystery.

TECH – (Tech)nically an issue or opportunity?:

Ah yes, Macbooks, iPhones, tablets and the internet. As millennials, we have certainly come of age during an interesting time consisting of technological change and globalization. We grew up with the internet, cell phones and social media being the norm. But what does this mean? According to Goldman Sachs, growing up during the millennial boom has provided us with a different set of behaviours and experiences than our parents. As a generation of digital natives, an affinity for all things tech related has helped shape how we receive information, shop and even how we work.

When I had to explain to my father what an IM was when I was 11, I knew not all generations were not always on the same page when it came to technology and social media. Here I am 12 years later showing him how to use an Apple Tv. It is clear that an affinity for technology sets us millennials apart from other generations. But is there more to this picture?

Its safe to say that technology has changed the way we do and think about work, and perhaps this is translated into a new attitude about the workplace. The millennial point of view says that there has to be a better path to making things fast, flexible and effective. According to Jay Gilbert’s article published in the Ivy Business Journal, millennials are generating a shift in how work gets done as they “work more in teams and use more technology.” Speaking as a millennial, I would claim that technology equates to flexibility, as we now have the ability to work anywhere at any time. Human interaction and information is always just one text, e-mail or Google search away. Cloud software allows us to collaborate with colleagues from anywhere with a wifi signal. Perhaps we millennials aren’t any more eager to escape the office than the next guy; we’ve simply have the means to do so.

Let’s put this together:

So are we lazy? Are we selfish? Do all millennials feel entitled? I’m not so sure this is an accurate generalization of my generation. We are all different. It would be unfair to claim that all baby boomers suck in the tech department. Yet, following this same logic, it would be unfair to claim that all millennials are lazy, selfish and entitled.

What if instead of being lazy, we were practical? – Why would we do something simply because that’s the way its always been done? Technology gives us the means to disrupt the traditional workplace and still be productive.

What if instead of being selfish we were self-giving and self-reflective? – Who doesn’t like having the freedom to work during the hours of the day when they are most productive? And who doesn’t like taking more time to do the things that they love? Technology allows us to work quickly, remotely and flexibly.

What if instead of us “feeling entitled” we felt empowered by technology? We can shake-up the workplace and make a difference with our skills.

Each generation brings different skills and perspectives to the workplace that we all need to be aware of. We all need to be open to and conscious of these differences to achieve progress in our workplaces. Millennials have gotten a bad rap about being entitled, lazy and too consumed with technology, but I would argue that this is not the whole story.

What one person may lack in the tech department, they may make up for in the experience department. To overcome our millennial stereotypes, we need to learn from those with more experience and allow technology to enhance our careers rather than distract us from having an impact. The key is to be open to generational differences, and embrace them, because the truth is that we all bring something unique and valuable to the boardroom table. We can’t always Netflix and chill, but we can always focus on our strengths.

Linnea Franson is a tech-savvy post-grad living in Toronto, Canada with a knack for writing and an interest in media. Equipped with her critical thinking skills and outgoing personality she is always up for a professional challenge. When she’s not in the office, you can find her enjoying nature, running marathons for fun or eating too much Nutella. Follow her on Instagram, and connect with her on LinkedIn.


Engaging Fans Through Innovations in Sports

January 22, 2016

Guest Article By: Stefan Kollenberg


Sports is the most marketable industry in the world. Its currency is strong emotions generated by a non-politically charged subject – emotions that can be as strong as or stronger than family ties. This emotional connection is gold for marketers and allows them to communicate with millions of consumers.

Last year’s Super Bowl peaked at 120.8 million viewers. The number of people watching is even higher, considering venues such as sports bars where one “viewer” may consist of 200 people. The marketing implications of this are phenomenal, translating to a $4.5 million price tag for a 30 second ad. Companies making this kind of investment are keen to get good value but in recent years people have stopped watching the ads. Instead they choose to engage with social media and sports applications during game breaks. One person’s problem is another’s opportunity. Many companies have seized this opportunity and created innovative products that help engage fans through a second screen.

An excellent example of this innovation is being created right here in Toronto at Ryerson University’s DMZ. The DigitaMedia Zone is home to some of the most innovative tech companies in North America, but the one I want to tell you about is Brizi.

Brizi connects fans to a camera and gives them control of the zoom, pan, and tilt in order to capture the perfect picture. The picture is then beamed directly to the fan’s smartphone and can be shared instantly to his or her social media networks. In the process, the sponsor’s name/message is added to the picture. The marketing implications of this are huge. It allows brands to attach themselves to the emotions of sport and be spread amongst the fanbase organically, as well as drastically increasing the reach of that event. Brizi is effectively killing two birds with one stone: they engage fans at the game, as well as spread sponsor’s brands to people at home through the second screen.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.19.34 PMWhile Brizi is an excellent example of current innovations, there is a lot more to come. Today’s society had a wide variety of entertainment options. In response to this, professional sports teams have been dedicating large amounts of time and resources to improving the entertainment value of their games. A major product of this has been more advanced or “smart” arenas. The Sacramento Kings have had mediocre teams for almost ten years and attendance was suffering. This has pushed them to enhance other aspects of the in game experience in order to build their brand. They are opening a new arena in 2016 and will have a mobile app for check-in, directions to the shortest line, seat upgrade options, cashless commerce, in-seat wireless charging, and much more. This is just one example of how a franchise is embracing the second screen in order to improve their brand.

All in all, sports innovation has been providing a solution to marketing problems and these two examples are just a small snapshot. Places like the DMZ and Silicon Valley are incubating companies that will change our interaction with the world of sports as we know it. They will continue to grow and as more teams adapt to the changing technology, sports will finally begin to realize its full marketing potential.


Stefan Kollenberg is in his third year at Ryerson University studying business management with a major in marketing. He is involved with the Ryerson Sports and Business Association and aspires to be a leader in the sports industry. He will soon be releasing his own blog, Big Red Sports Business. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.