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Weekly Recap: November 25 – December 1

December 1, 2017

With the world of advertising and marketing moving so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with trends, ads, and more. Not to worry, we have you covered. This week, we recapped some of our favourite ads that happened throughout the week. Enjoy!

Written by Dakarai

Uber and MADD get together for emotional campaign

D: I think in today’s age it’s a reality that we’ve grown a bit desensitized to drunk driving commercials. We’ve all seen the messaging. They are intended to shock the audience into never even thinking of taking the wheels while under the influence. However, drunk driving is still a huge problem. MADD has launched “Motherhood”, a 60 second video that is actually aimed at those Canadians that are desensitized. The question is, what will it take for people to stop drinking and driving? Are these campaigns reaching them? Is the target their friends? There are a lot of questions to be asked but “Motherhood” is taking a step in the right direction with their PSA.

Spotify taps into their consumer data for a brilliant campaign

D: You might have remembered Spotify’s campaign last year, “Thank’s 2016” written by yours truly. Well this year they’re using the same approach in leveraging all of that hilarious consumer data and turning it into funny billboards. They’ve tapped into the amount of times embarrassing song has been streamed, or a weird playlist and more and have turned them into funny copy lines, such as “2018 Goals. Take a page from the 3,445 people who streamed the “Boozy Brunch” playlist on a Wednesday this year.”. It’s a fun play from the brand that also shows just how many active users they have. I mean all I know is if they referenced my playlist or a song I’m guilty of streaming a million times, they’ve just turned me into a lifetime member. Where do I sign up? See below for a few of my favourites.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (April 3th-April 9th)

April 8, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.


Apple Launches New Campaign Starring an Austic Teenager Named Dillan

“Dillan’s Voice” a new campaign from Apple that follow a 16 year old non-verbal autistic child, that was launched over the weekend just in time for World Autism Day. The series of videos demonstrates a short glimpse into the life of Dillan and the struggles he faces communicating with his loved ones. The Apple iPad is Dillan’s way of letting you know how he feels. On it, he writes the following that is used as a voiceover:

All my life I wanted so badly to connect with people But they couldn’t understand because I had no way to communicate.

I get to experience the world in a very unique way. I could see the wind, hear the flowers. I can see incredible emotions flowing from those I love.

So many people can’t understand that I have a mind. All they can see is a person who is not in control. But now you can hear me. The iPad helps me to see not only my words but to hold onto my thoughts.

Having a voice has changed everything in my life. No more isolation. I can finally speak with the people that love me. I can say what I think and let them know I love them too.


Coca-Cola Remasters Iconic Hilltop Ad from 1971

If you love advertising and you haven’t seen the famous “Hilltop” ad, I don’t know what to tell you. It used Coca Cola to bring the world together for a brief moment. It didn’t matter what race you were, or gender. A bottle of coke was something that everyone could share and enjoy. Am I reaching a bit? Maybe, but nonetheless the “Hilltop” ad from 1971 is seen by many in the industry as iconic. Coca Cola released the remastered version of the ad Monday afternoon. Check it out below.


Gap Has Apologized for This GapKids Ad, but Did It Need To?

What is wrong with this picture? This one is tricky. This ad from GapKids blew up on Twitter that had claims of what is deemed passive racism from some viewers. What caused so much controversy is that the black girl was viewed as less superior because she was under the white girl. Some viewers saw that as the black girl being used as an arm rest for the white girl. While this has been a concern for some, was it appropriate for the Gap to apologize for the act?



Taylor Swift Boosts Drake’s Sales in new Apple Music Ad

Last week on April Fool’s day, Apple Music released a 60-second hilarious ad on Instagram and Facebook. The 60-second spot features Taylor Swift listening to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman”, while running on a treadmill that she evidently falls off of. Picture that in your head and tell me that doesn’t already sound funny. Great thing about the ad is it shot up Drake’s iTune sales by 431% globally. Maybe it’s the fact that Taylor has 72.6 million followers on Instagram, maybe the song is just that good. You be the judge, and check out the ad below.



Domino’s Debuts Zero-Click Ordering in Latest Effort to Make Your Life Ridiculously Easy

Ridiculously Dangerous? Or Ridiculously convenient? Why not both? This week, the ever so popular Domino’s Pizza released their zero-click app. Basically how it works is that you download the app and link it to a specific Domino’s Pizza location where you have a pre-determined order saved. Once you open the app…boom, your order is in place. This poses a dangerous opportunity for someone to accidentally open the app and the next thing you know there is a delivery man at your door offering you a pizza you didn’t even know you ordered. However, Domino’s gives you a 10 second countdown in case you accidentally open it. If this isn’t the definition of selling convenience, I don’t know what is. Could this be the future of pizza delivery services? Time will tell.


Uber Launches UberPitch, a Service That Connects Entrepreneurs with Investors for the First Time in Toronto.

The new Uber extension UberPitch arrived in Toronto on April 7th. The service allows entrepreneurs to share a free 15-minute Uber ride with one of Canada’s top investors. The ride will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to get their big ideas out there in front of people that can take them to the next step. Dakarai wrote an article about UberPitch on Tuesday, that you can check out here.



Nike Just Made This Remarkable Farewell Ad to Kobe Bryant in China, Where He’s Revered

It’s no surprise that Kobe Bryant is a god amongst men in the Basketball community. Something that some may not know about the Los Angeles Laker’s superstar is that combined with Nike, he’s made a huge effort to reach out to Chinese fans over the past decade. With Kobe’s last few games coming up, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai have created a heartfelt one minute tribute commercial titled: “Don’t Love Me. Hate Me.” The commercial features a provocative style (it’s Kobe, how could you not?), with a philosophy surrounding pushing yourself towards reaching super star status. It’s going to be an emotional period in the NBA when Kobe leaves and this commercial definitely captured what he’s all about. Check it out below:

These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

Dakarai Turner

UberPitch – A Million Dollar Ride

April 5, 2016

If you’ve been following the articles we write, you have probably learned a few things about the guys at The M.A.D. Mix.

  1. We love making Drake references
  2. We love Snapchat
  3. We’re pretty handsome (had to throw that in there)
  4. We love Uber.

Ever since my first Uber experience (can be found here), I have become nothing short of an advocate for the transportation network, taking the world by storm, just ask my friends.Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.10.45 PM

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Uber notifying me about yet another extension that they are implementing…UberPitch. UberPitch is a dragons-den style interaction that takes place in an Uber ride, and lasts for 15 minutes. Crazy right?

Entrepreneurs will have the chance to share a 15-minute Uber ride with some of Canada’s top investors, and get this…the ride is 100% free. If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that people can just get a free ride and share a conversation with someone for 15 minutes. However, the Uber will essentially kill time driving for 15 minutes, only to bring you back to your original destination. UberPitch is literally bringing the investors to you.

The service will run from April 7th, from 11am-3pm in start-up communities using the self-respected promo codes, such as Toronto (PITCHTO), Montréal (PITCHMTL), and Ottawa (PITCHOTT). Entrepreneurs will have 15 minutes to pitch their big idea to investors with the capacity to make dreams come true. Whether your idea is ready for production, or still in the beginning stages, a free 15-minute session with a multi millionaire couldn’t hurt, right?

uber pitch ride tampa

UberPitch ride in Tampa


Want to find out who some of the investors are? Check out this page to learn more about each one of them.

It will be quite fascinating to hear some of the feedback from both the investors and entrepreneurs involved with UberPitch. If successful, this could attract quite a few investors that are searching for the next big start-up. Of course for this to take off, there would need to be an incentive for the investors. Perhaps in the form of a screening and selection process in which they can handpick the people that they would like to share a ride with. Entrepreneurs could create profiles that briefly explain their idea, and the investors could essentially select the ones that they are most interested in. Think of Tinder for investors…but I digress.

UberPitch is a fascinating idea that provides a collaborative opportunity, as well as a foot in the door for entrepreneurs to connect with investors. All while making Uber look amazing for facilitating the relationship.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Wow Dakarai, you should definitely pitch The M.A.D. Mix to an investor”. I’m three steps ahead of you, and I’ll give you on update after my million-dollar meeting on Thursday.

What do you think of UberPitch? I’d love to know!


Dakarai Turner is an ambitious professional with a passion for advertising and marketing. Armed with strategic thinking, people skills, and a cheeky smile, he is ready to get his career started in client relations for an advertising agency in Toronto. In his free time he will most likely be eating, browsing AdWeek, or studying Donald Draper. Dakarai, but you can call him Dak. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about him.

Malick Ba

Uber Ethics

January 6, 2016

“Don’t drink and drive”, “find a safe way home”, “plan your route in advance”, are just a few of the phrases that are brought up a multitude of times over the holidays, and I’m totally on board. This New Year’s Eve, I knew that the smartest and most efficient thing that I could do to plan a safe way home would be to do what myself and millions of others do: catch an Uber.  Long after the countdown, I decided to split the fare three ways with a couple of friends to reduce the cost and save some cash. When we arranged for us to get picked up, we were bombarded with messages saying that between 12am-4am were “surge” periods and prices would be heavily inflated from their usual, more affordable ones because so many people were using it. Without giving much notice to that, we bypassed that screen and were on our way home only to notice that what is a normally about a $15-20 ride was about $50. While you can bring up the argument that we consented to having these prices be higher due to their surging periods, Uber has received some hefty criticism about this from people all around North America.


An angry Uber user takes to Instagram to express his frustrations with surge pricing.

This is the first year that I’ve really become engaged using Uber and I’ve been nothing but a brand advocate. I love it and use it all the time. But In my opinion, this was not the most ethical thing that Uber could have done. After seeing so many Mothers Against Drunk Driving commercials on TV and Government PSAs about avoiding driving drunk on New Year’s Eve, in my opinion it doesn’t make sense to me that Uber would charge more during times when people need them the most. After doing some research, some users of the app have been charged up to 10x more than their normal fare that night. Is this not taking advantage of an inebriated target audience?


To me, this is the first real negative experience that I’ve had with the company, and I’m really not impressed. I get that New Years is a busy time and I understand that at the end of the day the company is trying to maximize profits. However, the company could have done a few things to avoid having such negative publicity in the last few days. Building a brand isn’t always about making money and capitalizing off of people’s fortune. It’s about creating positive experiences, meaningful interactions, and generating awareness so that people will want to keep coming back. Those are also three things that Uber has been put in the negative spotlight for. Ethics and marketing can be tricky, but to me this one was a no brainer. So would I fix this? These are three things that I would have done if I were the head of marketing for Uber before New Year’s Eve:

  1. Partnering with M.A.D.D.

Partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving would be a great idea. By building a connection with a recognized anti-drinking and driving organization, it shows that as a brand you care about people avoiding potential harmful collisions under the influence. The two brands could work together to try and find a “ridesharing” program for people leaving towards the same area of the city ultimately making the ride cheaper.



  1. Provide users with fare estimations before consenting surge prices.

The convenience of Uber is outstanding. It never seemed like an issue to me but after checking that my bill was 3x higher than it normally was on NYE, I was concerned. If the app showed an estimate (based on where my destination was) of how much my actual bill would be on the same page as the surge price consenting page, I may have reconsidered and avoided this situation entirely.


  1. Make rides free.

Hear me out. Uber has basically been built on positive brand awareness, so why stop when people need it the most? If Uber had made their rides free between let’s say between 12am-4am, I guarantee the same amount of people would have used it, if not more. Instead, the company actively chose to capitalize off of drunk people. If rides were free, they would have shown that they are serious about avoiding drunk driving and wanted to keep safety in society as their number one priority. This in turn would have further boosted their public image and most likely would have positioned them better against their competition. Of course they would lose out on a lot of extra cash in their pockets in the short term, but in the long term they may have seen more people using the app because of this good deed.


Agree? Disagree? What do you think Uber could have done to avoid this situation?

Malick Ba is currently an aspiring marketing professional living in Toronto, Canada. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with a minor in Sociology from the University of Ottawa. Currently, Malick is a senior at Humber College and is looking forward to what he can provide to the marketing world upon graduation. Follow him onTwitterInstagram, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Dakarai Turner

The Power is in the People

November 24, 2015
Uber Branding

A look into the Uber business model: Experiences, Branding, and Competition


After constant recommendations from friends, and buzz all over the Internet, I finally decided to give Uber a try (I know I’m late). It was a cold night in October…bored and hungry, I wanted to visit a friend.

Two options: take the bus and have an hour ride at night, or take a free Uber (got to love promo-codes) and have a 15 minute drive.

I went with the latter. It was not only my first Uber experience, but also my drivers, and we spoke about the Raptors, Hip-Hop, and childhood experiences. In the midst of all this great conversation, he let me know exactly why he decided to become an Uber driver that night. He strongly believed in the business model that provides people with the simple opportunity to operate their own business.

If you haven’t heard of Uber, you should consider leaving the rock you are hiding under, but essentially it is a transportation network company that connects drivers with riders.

Uber Branding App

To get back to the story, this is exactly what Uber is. It puts the power in the hands of the people. An ordinary person with a 21st century model car that’s in good shape, can make hundreds of extra dollars on the side per week simply by opening their car to riders and taking them where they need to go. Sounds great right? Taxi drivers couldn’t disagree more. With Uber giving power to the people, it goes without saying that Taxi and Limousine companies, which earn a living off providing transportation to the public, would have something to say.

In many large cities, there is resistance in allowing Uber to operate freely in the market. Most notably in June of 2015, “Taxi drivers blocked roads to airports and train stations in Paris, as part of a nationwide protest against Uber.” Also through the constant threats of violence Uber drivers and their passengers have received from Taxi drivers, similar to the situation in Ottawa this past September.

Taxi vs Uber BrandingWhether or not the Taxi Commission gives Uber the green light, the truth is that they simply don’t need it. They are providing a public service that simply outdoes the Taxi business model in every sense. There is healthy competition in the market that if dealt with the right way will force the Taxi Industry to make positive changes, for the first time in forever.


Everything from the logo, the website, and the app brings a sleek feeling. Upon using Uber for the first time, it is beyond user friendly: from tracking your drivers exact location, to choosing your destination.

Now from all of this you may start to think that Uber sponsors the MAD Mix. The reality is when you’ve had such an amazing touch point with a brand, you want to tell the world all about it. Uber does a great job providing users with an experience. An experience that wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the large network of drivers they provide that truly extend the brand and validate it’s identity.

There is simply a great feeling stepping out of your Uber ride, whether it’s an Uber Black Escalade, or an Uber X Honda Civic painted black. The hassle of payment is already taken care of and the public inability to distinguish you’re choice of transport is present.

Uber is a game changer, however you see it.

Check out Dakarai’s last article on the branding identity behind the iconic Chicago Bulls Logo


Dakarai Turner (Dak) is an ambitious professional approaching his final year of the Advertising & Marketing Communications program at Humber College. Over the course of the summer, Dakarai spent his time working as a Communications Intern for the digital and marketing agency thinkCOMPASS, as well as the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals as a Marketing Coordinator. Follow him on TwitterInstagram, and connect on LinkedIn to learn more about him.