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Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 7 – October 13)

October 13, 2017

In the world of advertising and marketing, a lot can happen in a week-not to worry, we have you covered. Check out some of the biggest trends, ads, and stories that have been happened this week in our recap below!

Written by: Dak, Malick & Kathleen


Burger King Beefs with Wendy’s

D: 2017 is going to be quite the year to explain. The current U.S. president, the social media challenges popping up every month, the natural disasters, and now amongst the list…Burger King is throwing shade at Wendy’s. After Wendy’s removed their popular spicy nuggets earlier this year, fans were outraged to say the least. They showed their frustration through tweets, and even an online petition to bring the nuggets back. Now that Burger King is introducing their own spicy nuggets, they are actually turning those negative Wendy’s tweets into promoted posts. They are essentially creating ads using people’s frustration with Wendy’s, and people are loving it. Due to the hilarious brand voice that Wendy possesses on Twitter, I don’t think it will be long until we have a response. Check out some of the promoted tweets below:



Volkswagen: Rain

M: Ever want to ride in one of those old school Volkswagen hippie vans? So do I. In their latest spot, Volkswagen takes a trip down memory lane.With the focus of the ad being their latest People First Warranty, Dutch executive creative director Todd Riddle explains that the spot is about putting people first, and it does just that. He explains that the goal of the commercial was to celebrate the emotional connection that people have to Volkswagen. He goes on to explain that this connection is the soul of the brand, it’s drivers, uniqueness, optimism, and kindness. And what better way to do that then with a throwback featuring their classic van, a trip to Woodstock (or what seems to be Woodstock), and a very 60’s vibe. Advertising is all about drawing emotion, and I think they knocked it out of the park with this one. Check out the spot below:

Quaker Offers Canadians a #WarmWelcome

D: In an effort to take the Quaker brand beyond food and into a more emotional realm, the brand will be donating $0.05 of every quaker oatmeal and granola bar purchased (specially marked) towards the purchase of a winter coat for new Canadians. Upon first glance, $0.05 doesn’t seem like much until you account for the billions in revenue each year and the fact that this deal will last up to $350,000. A number that they are sure to hit. The great part about this initiative is that it’s two-fold. Firstly it looks great on the Quaker brand from the perspective of Canadian citizens. It’s great to see a brand help others in need in any way. Secondly, what a way to create new loyal customers in the Canadian immigrants. Check out the 30 second spot below.

Pedigree Adoptable Mask

K: I’m sure most of us like using a Snapchat filter, even if it’s just once in a while. Since Snapchat became very popular other social media apps needed to improve too. We now have Instagram and Facebook stories and face filters, or like Facebook likes to call them “masks”. Pedigree decided to use Facebook’s masks feature to help shelter dogs find a home. It’s providing a fun user experience and using the latest technology. Users will go through different cartoon like filters of dog breeds that are usually found in U.S shelters. Check out the video below to see how it works.

That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here where we gave our thoughts on the latest Pepsi ad. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


The Effect of Misleading Consumers

March 10, 2017

Allegations, False and Misleading, Full Retractions…can it get any better than this?

Guest Article By: Warren Leslie


I habitually pick up the morning newspaper of the 24hrs Toronto edition on my daily commute to school. Perhaps my conscious was telling me that I would be in for a treat finding a good read and yet, immediately following that It just so happened that I came across the headline “Does Subway Contain 100% Real Chicken? And please, I urge you to re-read the quoted phrase, and let it sync in. So you have now read the headliner twice, tell me your initial thoughts?

According to “The Natural Resources DNA Profiling and Forensics Centre in Ontario, it’s been found that the genetic material in Subway’s sweet onion chicken teriyaki strips was only just over 40% chicken while its oven roasted chicken was only about 50% with the rest soy in both cases” reported by 24 hours Toronto.

It’s funny, because it seems like just yesterday that I was devouring a sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub.

As I get into the (meat) of my article I can guarantee you, as I write this I do not find it amusing as to what the reports indicate. The central theme analyzes brands misleading consumers, which is no stranger to the world we live in today; however if it’s that simple to falsely claim a stance on a product or service provided, then just imagine the backlash of the consumer. It won’t sit well I’ll tell you that.

Consumers are the lifeline of a brand, playing a major role in brand awareness, advocacy, and most importantly product sales. To attain longevity, brands must commit to these key criteria’s or you may just have yourself a brand that will ultimately die.

So, now comes the point, how important are consumers?

They are the ones that directly or indirectly affect the profit margin of the company. Customer feedback can lead you to create strategies for customer satisfaction and ultimately, drive your sales.

Brand Perception: Virality can change a brand in an instant, all because of the consumer. Something as simple as word of mouth can make companies be dependent on the consumer voice whether it is through social media or person to person. With incidences as such, brands negate the action of the customer journey process. In 2017, brand perception is everything. Just look at previous misleading representations and deceptive marketing with Naked Juice, and Volkswagen which I will touch on later.

Creative Advertisements: Can you imagine another OOH (Out Of Home) advertisement for a Subway campaign, with the chicken between the buns? It is human nature for people to remember the negative events more than positive ones, causing even more of a rift between consumer and brand.

The twitter hashtag “#Dieselgate” in reference to the Volkswagen emissions scandal which not only hurt the vehicles brand image in which the brand still is in progress to make amends, but on the other hand customers continue to be reluctant to purchase the product or the very least recommend their products.

In short, Customers are the most important people for any organization, complimentary to customer satisfaction which is important as a leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty. What prompts a consumer to purchase a particular product and what stops them from buying it; well, the effect of misleading consumers.


To press on a keyboard is one and the same of a stroke of a brush, the creation is what you believe to be a masterpiece”. – Warren. Hello readers, my name is Warren Leslie and I occasionally fiddle with my words, thus being the instrument to my ears. Warren is a Movie Buff, Conversationalist, and Millennial, the whole package if you must! Warren, is a current student at Humber College, studying Advertising and Marketing Communications, and intends to bring passion to the industry he so dearly loves. Let me leave you with this, I’m a man of many words, hopes, and dreams, connect with me on LinkedIn, the home of professionals, Cheers!