Let’s talk about The Talk – A Look into P&C’s #MyBlackIsBeautiful Campaign

July 28, 2017

Guest Article By: Warren Leslie


The depiction is passionate, intensely personal and has left a testament to its campaign.

Repetition can almost be amusing to some extent. The idea of carrying a burden, and the weight of generations is permissible, but to whom. There is a certainty of knowing what will eventuate.


Behind the Creative

BBDO New York, Director Malik Vitthal created “The Talk” film for the Procter and Gamble #MyBlackIsBeautifulCampaign. The #MyBlackIsBeautiful community celebrates everything that makes them beautiful, from the inside out. The combination did not settle for less. The advertisements message was in the public interest with the initiative to raise awareness. The dialogue and the divisive issue of racism in America and bias worldwide delivered a sentiment. I perceived it as, yesterday it was unwarranted actions, today it is bailout solutions.

“The difference is”

Socially-conscious issues brands in the past have created advocacy campaigns for gender equality, cultural acceptance and so forth but who’s to that do they really stand by what they’re claiming. For short, Airbnb’s We accept campaign. Do you accept, and why do you accept at such a climax of time, why not 10 years prior? Just a thought.

Sustaining a Broad Dialogue

Everybody is a reporter and the world is observant of this. I couldn’t help but think the actions that can’t be undone. Minorities needing to have the talk with their sons and daughters about conflicts and barriers they’ll face at some point in their lives spells the truth regarding bias, and the campaign addressed this stigma.

“Remember that they will say”


Warren Leslie is an Account Coordinator for a digital & marketing agency in Woodbridge. Humber College is his alma mater and If you wish to connect with the man himself; LinkedIn and Instagram.

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