Tinder vs. Smokeshow

March 25, 2016

Guest Article By: Brandon Sardelis

Tinder App

Tinder App

When Tinder famously first launched in September 2012, users went crazy for the simple yet effective ‘swipe right to accept and swipe left to deny’ phenomenon. Since it’s release, it is estimated that Tinder has over 100 million downloads, 50 million users, and 14 billion swipes (either left or right, who knows). The opportunity for revenue in the mobile app industry is and will continue to be truly epic. But with massively successful apps such as Tinder, Snapchat and Twitter, is it possible for new apps to penetrate the market?

With the over surplus of apps being developed daily the answer is unclear. However, with the right idea and proper execution any mobile app can be successful.

A new start-up app called Smokeshow is attempting to break boundaries and compete immediately within the industry. Smokeshow combines Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter to create an entertaining and fun profile voting engine. Similar to Tinder, the app is based off viewer preferences of physical appearance in a local geo radius. Set to release on March 31st, 2016, Smokeshow is ready to display its unique features that could possibly make it a big time contender.

smokeshow app

Smokeshow App

So… What is Smokeshow, and why is it different?

Smokeshow was created by two pro hockey players during a discussion over a team dinner back in April 2015. The consensus from the discussion was that many apps fall into the category of a ‘hook up’ app or a dating app. “We just felt that a lot of other apps come across as too personal with private messaging,” said Ray Kaunisto, Retired Pro Hockey Player and Smokeshow CEO. “Smokeshow is for building a greater social media network on multiple handles while promoting yourself both locally and globally with the added competitiveness of being compared to people in your local community.”

Unlike Tinder, the soon to be released app allows users to view two independent accounts and vote based off personal preferences. Voting is registered and applied to top 100 rankings. If a user receives enough votes they may appear on the local top 100 rankings or even the worldwide top 100 rankings. Smoke show has the unique feature that allows users to view other people’s Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook account, which in turn, generate significant traffic to user media platforms. As said by Daniel Altshuller, NHL Goalie and Smokeshow CFO, “Having a Smokeshow profile is designed to be a great way to get attention as well as market yourself in your city and worldwide.”

With its unique features and fun platforms, Smokeshow will likely be successful in today’s mobile app market. The question remains unknown whether it can grow to a size that can truly compete with the internationally recognized app, Tinder. However, with the right marketing strategy and appropriate use of advertisement, Smokeshow will certainly be an app to keep a look out for in 2016.


Brandon Sardelis is an entrepreneurial-minded professional living in Halifax, Canada. His academic background comprises of a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Dalhousie University and a High school diploma from Ashbury College. Brandon is currently establishing himself as a music business professional and is seeking to finance music production and other relevant entrepreneurial ventures.

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