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Unlimited Updates: How Facebook Continues to Grow Its Messenger Platform

October 4, 2016

Can we take a moment to just talk about the powerhouse of Facebook Messenger? Over the last couple weeks, it seems as though there’s been a new announcement of upcoming additions to the platform almost every few days. Sweet old Messenger, remember the platform that everyone hated in 2014? Just two years ago, Facebook announced that Messenger would be a separate app that needed to be installed in order to message friends, and the internet went crazy (as usual). Something about “So now I have two apps on my phone to do the work of the one old app? Wonderful. I’d like to leave zero stars but it won’t let me,” which was a review left on the App Store 2 years ago on top of the numerous low ratings that it initially received. This all sounds ridiculous now since no one cares anymore, and Messenger is extremely convenient. Now let’s talk about these updates in the last few weeks alone and the ways they are elevating the overall Facebook brand. Below is my top three.

Facebook Introduces ‘Marketplace’

According to Facebook, 450 MILLION people per month already use Messenger as a platform to buy and sell products, so creating an official marketplace built in seemed only natural. Marketplace will allow users to post items for sale as well as buy items in their general area. Photos will be listed after clicking the icon, and it will show all sorts of items that are being sold, along with the prices and ways to get in contact with the seller. One thing that isn’t available yet is payment through the app, which I’m guessing will be something introduced later down the road as an update. Think of Messenger as the introduction, what happens after that is between the buyer and the seller. Check out Facebook’s video debuting Marketplace here.


Facebook adds their spin on a ‘Stories’ feature

So after Instagram was criticized for copying Snapchat Stories, it looks like Facebook’s Messenger platform wants a piece of the pie as well. ‘Messenger Day’ will allow users to post photos and videos with fun filters that last only 24 hours…sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? The platform is being tested out in Poland and I’m sure it won’t be long before it rolls out to North America if successful. According to The Next Web, the feature is being tested out in Poland due to the fact that Snapchat isn’t nearly as big as Messenger for residents. The crazy thing is, more so than Instagram, I can see Stories on Messenger working. One of the flaws concerning Instagram Stories was that no one ever really uses the DM option with their friends. Commenting on someones story would occur in the DM’s, and Yo Gotti has forever stapled a stigma to it. What’s different with Messenger is that people are already using the platform to have conversations with friends. 

Facebook Messenger Stories

Facebook Messenger brings polls to your group chats

Imagine this, you want to go to a restaurant with your friends and start sending recommendations in the group chat. If you’ve been in this position you understand that barely anyone will answer. Now what if there was a way to instantly create a polling system with options that your friends could vote on? Say no more, introducing Messenger ‘Polls’. If you’re anywhere else than the U.S. you may have to wait a little bit of time for this feature.

Facebook Messenger polls

This was just three of the countless announcements that Facebook has been making for messenger over the past few weeks, and as always you can count on us to bring you the latest. Facebook understands its audience extremely well and I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone. They are literally figuring out what their users are already using Messenger for, and optimizing it to better serve them. Apple could learn a thing or two from Facebook…although Apple isn’t really hurting right now. 

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