Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (April 30th – May 6th)

May 6, 2016

Want to stay up-to-date with the new trends, products, campaigns, announcements and more throughout this past week? Say no more, we got you covered with our first ever weekly recap.

Written by Malick, and Dakarai.



Microsoft released “The Edge”, and the U2 Comparisons Begin

If you’re one of the 3 loyal Internet Explorer users in 2016, you’ll be happy to hear that Microsoft has announced the name of their new browser, “Microsoft Edge”. Rumours of it’s release came last month, which went with the name “Project Spartan” at the time. Last week, at the Microsoft Build Conference, they announced “Microsoft Edge” to the public, and in typical public fashion, people took this opportunity to make funny comparisons to the new name with the guitarist for U2, also named “The Edge”. Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it? Check out some of the tweets below, and just know that this is why we can’t have nice things.



Apple Releases a New Ad Celebrating Mother’s Day

Seems like we have Apple in the mix (get it?) every week, but how could you not? On Sunday, they released a 30-second spot in support of the upcoming Mother’s Day. It’s a fun and cute way to not only provide a Mother’s Day spot, but display the clarity of the iPhone camera, in case we weren’t already aware. The spot features shots of mothers and their children all around the world, all shot from iPhone’s. Now don’t you want to just call your mom on your iPhone and tell her you love her right now? Check out the 30-second spot below, and keep tissues handy.



A NY Agency Uses Billboard Ads to Celebrate Mothers Day

mother-mothers-day-hed-a-2016Mother New York, a creative agency has launched an outdoor campaign around New York this week that reminds the public of the special day, in a quite funny way. “I didn’t go nine months without Chardonnay for you to hate your job. Love, Mother” appears on one of the billboards with an image of a mother, and this theme carries through for the other spots. Another sign appears in front of a pile of garbage bags with the tagline, “Don’t expect me to pick this up. Love, Mother”. It’s one of those heartwarming while still funny campaigns that will cause busy New Yorkers to just take a moment. Whether people know who the agency Mother is or not after this, this is something that they felt was right.



Sprint Gets Creative in Making a “Don’t Text and Drive Sculpture”

This past April was Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and in support of that, Sprint created a powerful sculpture using a wrecked car in Miami, Florida. “The Last Emoji” uses the parts from the wrecked car, and shapes it into an emoji with its tongue out, which fits the title perfectly, and is well executed. This could very well be someones last message before ultimately crashing their car, and is why the issues such as distracted driving need to be addressed. Currently, Florida does not list texting and driving as a primary offence, and this opportunity was used to make commuters aware. Floridians are encouraged to post a selfie with the emoji and post on social media, using the hashtag #SprintDriveSafe. Check out a picture of the sculpture below.




Hilary Clinton Releases Ad Against Donald Trump

Oh American politics…one of our best sources for entertainment (sad isn’t it?). With the election coming up in the fall, Democrat hopeful Hillary Clinton is doing her best to make sure American’s don’t vote for our favourite Republican opposition: Donald Trump. Her latest campaign advertisement features clips of republican party candidates blasting Donald Trump. This video cleverly captures uses members of the republican party’s own statements against themselves, which doesn’t help their case to win this election. Hillary Clinton is no saint herself, but this was a great way to expose the problems that the republicans are facing going into the election. Anything to get to the top right?



Snapchat Partners with Taco Bell for Cinco De Mayo

Daaaammmnnn Snapchat. Back at again with the filters. On Thursday, Taco Bell and snapchat teamed up together to add a “taco” filter because of Cinco de Mayo. The filter literally turns your head into a taco whilst pouring hot sauce over you. Great effort by Taco Bell as the snapchat filters have seen immense success since their emergence, but I don’t know about this one. While yes, it is an excellent way to gain brand exposure, this doesn’t seem like something that will necessarily stick within the consumers mind. Good for a laugh, but that’s about it for me.

snapchat taco



Intel Uses Drones to Light Up the Sky

See? Drones aren’t always bad. As a result of the Federal Aviation Administration’s loosening of aviation laws regarding drones, Intel thought of a cool way to take advantage of that. This advertisement features over 100 drones controlled by a single operator displaying an incredible light show in the Palm Springs desert. In our opinion, this was a cool way to show the lighter side of drones, and their ultimate capabilities for entertainment and innovation. This could be a breach into an entirely new entertainment channel in years to come.


These are some of the key moments we wanted to share with you so far from this week. Anything we missed? Let us know!

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