Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (March 18 – March 24)

March 24, 2017

Written by Dakarai & Malick

TGIF! We made it through another crazy week in the speedy world of advertising & marketing, but as usual, The MAD Mix has you covered for the hottest ads in this weekly recap. Check out some of our favourite ads, trends, and more below.


Chevrolet: Real People, Not Actors…yeah right

M: Ever see those Chevrolet “Real People Not Actors” ads that pop up everywhere? Chances are if you’ve seen them, you probably think they are extremely corny and in fact, not real. Well Ali Shahriari and Dave Irwin under the YouTube channel “ZebraCorner” have decided to take a stand and recreate the ads…if they had real people. While these aren’t technically ads, they poke fun at Chevrolet by depicting what a real life scenario would look like with an actual grumpy, annoying person. In my opinion, I think these are hilarious. I think ZebraCorner does a good job at highlighting the lack of authenticity that clearly exists within the Chevy spots. Check out my favourite in the series below:


Book Appointments Through Instagram

D: Instagram is adding a new feature to its platform in the next few months, allowing users to book appointments through company profiles. I mean this just only makes sense. Social networks are shaping up to achieve everything a website can, and even more. When you want to learn about a new business, chances are you check their Facebook or Instagram page right? In fact, Instagram boasts that 80% of its users follow at least one company page. By including a feature to book appointments, you can now scroll through Instagram models, memes, cat videos, and book a haircut all on the same app.



Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch:

M: Despite being known for their exploding phones, Samsung stepped it up with this one. Tech-watches are definitely cool, but they don’t have the same style, appearance, or flair as a Rolex. This spot challenges that. Through a unique digital out of home transit shelter ad, they set up a live feed of a man who appears to be flexing his watch game to the max. As people sit down and wait for their bus, he interacts with them by reacting to their phone calls, playing music, and even having conversations with them-all while showing off that stylish watch that looks like something out of a Migos music video. The catch? The transit shelter ad is designed to look like its selling an expensive watch, but in reality the entire spot,through live interactions, is to show the diversity and style of the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch. It’s obvious that Samsung is trying to position their smartwatch to not only be technologically advanced, but it can be as stylish as a Rolex as well. Check out the spot below:

Facebook adds live feature to desktop

D: Facebook Live is now available on desktop. With this new feature finally arriving, it’s hard to not think that Facebook is taking a crack at the emerging live stream gaming market. With Twitch making a name for itself as a video streaming platform and subsidiary of Amazon, there is a clear defined market. Traditionally, mobile live-streaming is great because it provides access. You are able to move around and show others your current view, outside of your room or a static space. The opportunity desktop brings is instances that require stability. For example, an instance where a content creator wants to do a live Q&A without having to hold a camera to their face. It will be interesting to see where Facebook takes this feature, and whether or not they partner with content creators to really turn the platform into a broadcasting phenomenon.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads, trends, and more that we could find over the week. You can check out our last weekly recap here where we gave our top Super Bowl ad picks. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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