Weekly Recap

Weekly Recap (October 14 – October 21)

October 21, 2016

The world of advertising & marketing changes on the daily so it can be hard to keep up with all of the biggest trends and innovations. Not to worry, we got you covered if you missed anything. Check out our weekly recap below.


SickKids Shows What it Means to Fight in New Campaign

D: For me, the new “SickKids vs. Undeniable” campaign truly hit home. I’ve been in the position of some of these children essentially fighting for their life, and this is the picture that the Toronto hospital has painted in their new ad. The two minute long video is an action packed and thrilling experience illustrating doctors and patients getting “ready for battle”. Now, you may be wondering why a hospital needs to advertise, which really isn’t a stupid question. Sick Kids is aiming this toward potential donors. This is for the people that may have been on the fence about donating money to a hospital before and aren’t sure how to proceed. The intent is to provide that shock factor and spark the conversation surrounding donating. The call to action at the end of the video is to visit FundTheFight.ca, which is a webpage dedicated to providing information about the Sick Kids Foundation. This may just end up as one of my favorite ads of the year, so you definitely have to check it out below!

Jeep “Free to Be”

D: Just in time for Wednesday’s presidential debate, Jeep has found a way to honor both sides while brilliantly showing off the features of their vehicles. These short ads uploaded to their YouTube account, and also aired during the debate. They feature a split-screen of two Jeep’s positioned together to look like the same vehicle in two different situations. These videos highlight the duality of the Jeep in a fun and creative way, while riding on the tails of the presidential debates. Check out a couple of the ads below!

Izod and Ken Bone Want to Make Sure that you Vote

D: Ken Bone has got to be the most self aware person to become a meme in 2016, and as usual it happened in such a ridiculous and unpredictable way. If you haven’t already heard, Ken Bone is a man that simply asked a question to the presidential candidates during the 2nd debate, and the internet decided he was funny enough to turn into a meme. Izod the clothing brand has Ken to thank because of the fact he was sporting one of their red sweaters during his shining moment.

In this new 2 minute ad “The 15th Minute”, Ken understands that his fame will fizzle out any minute, and before it does he wants to urge everyone to make sure their vote in the election. Now if you’re wondering where Izod comes in to play, they’ve latched on to Ken Bone and have made sure everyone knows where he got the big red sweater. Check out the video below.


That’s our weekly recap to keep you up to date on the best ads that we could find over the week. You can check out last week’s recap here. Think we missed something important? Let us know! Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook here. Happy Friday!

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