Why We Stop At Pop-Up Shops

January 30, 2016

Guest Article by: Danielle Nurse


Get it before it’s gone…?

As if people didn’t already have to deal with online stores and brands creating limited quantities of product, the idea of a Pop-Up shop would seem like a more ideal way to get your hands on some exclusive gear. These temporary retail venues can vary from one night to three months depending on the location, but promotes benefits not only for the consumers, but also for the brand itself. Whether it is marketing, product testing, location or brand awareness it is a low cost method of starting any business.

But how do they differ from Flagship stores? What draws people in to shop at a Pop-Up store? Firstly, the ideal plans for pop-up shops, if successful, their time frame are either extended or taken away. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get something first that no one else is going to be seen in? If you can find some unique goods at a store that isn’t going to be around for long, wouldn’t you be interested or even curious?

Consumers tend to respond more to the idea of something being offered for a limited time, if given a time limit, they tend to be more interested in buying. Which is one of the keys to success in Pop-Up shops. Good for the consumer, not so much for the employees since Pop-up shops tend to only be open for weeks at a time. Pop-Up shops in malls for example, are given a specific location, a budget and a chance to succeed. Depending on the revenue and traffic that attracts profit, and are either given the opportunity to become permanent or change locations.

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Yorkdale Shopping Centre is notorious for welcoming Pop-up shops into empty rental spaces. Their newest additions BRIKA and The Drake General Store (with no relation to “Drake”, I asked) are generating more traffic than expected. Considering brands that consumers aren’t necessarily familiar with would be typically difficult, in the competing market with not only flagship stores but ecommerce, but the unfamiliarity seems to be what drivers consumers to be interested and purchase from pop-up shops in the first place and prove why this it is an effective marketing strategy used by a lot of companies.

With the potential independent brands have to move into retail spaces from ecommerce is exactly why pop-up shops have drifted from being a seasonal occurrence in the retail industry, to a full blown marketing scheme to build consumer/brand awareness. And coming from an impulsive shopper, they are definitely worth a visit.


Danielle Nurse is a first year Advertising and Marketing Communications student at Centennial College interested in Public Relations, Men’s Wear and all things social media related. With a Certificate in Communications, she hopes to obtain her Bachelors in PR and one day owning her own PR Firm. Until then, you can catch her blogging about Men’s Clothes and recording her life on Snapchat.

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